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  1. It feels more surreal that anything Mick. I only met them a couple of times and I've seen hundreds of clients since then but she stuck in my mind because she was a really nice and friendly lady.
  2. I did some work for this family 3 or 4 years ago when they were living in Nuthall. I was shocked when I heard about Jacquies murder and even more shocked reading about the case. You hear stories like this all the time but this one has certainly touch a nerve with me.
  3. OK..small world time again. You can see a picture of Jeff outside his shop in this article. Jeff is my wife's Dad and Dave(Slim to you lot!) is her uncle. Applebees has been in the family for over 90 years and Jeff has had it since the late 80s. My wife ran it with him up until 4 years ago.
  4. Indeed I am! Small world eh?
  5. Thanks for the welcomes people Fynger....Now there is a name from the past. Banjo's, Tattoos and a striking resemblance to Billy? Do I win £5?
  6. Hi everyone, Google brought me to this fine site a few months ago when I was looking for some old pictures and I've been lurking ever since. I though I'd best say hi rather than just staring In my almost 40 years of existence I've lived in Stapleford, Wollaton, Giltbrook, Eastwood and back to Stapleford again. Unfortunately I'm not £45million better off.
  7. Hi, I've been lurking these forums for a while and just spotted this post. That bridge is on Radford Bridge Road in Wollaton. I lived on there for about 5 years when I was a kid and recognised it instantly!