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  1. Thank You for the replies folks. I don't know where I got NCT from. So basically the weekends entertainment went from Disco, Live Act, something else, (usually Bingo) to organ and drummer duo. I guess we played on a Monday night then.. Gentlemens Evenings, where your mates heckle and then point at you... Got the T-Shirt
  2. Hi, This is how I remember it. In my early teens, in the late 70's, I played the keyboard with a drummer as a duo on a Sunday or Monday night (He was a fantastic drummer BTW) on the top floor of Sandfield House in a social club, which I remember as being the Nottingham City Transport Social Club. It was situated on the corner of Mansfield Road and Peachey Street. I can find no information on Google about Sandfield House (except the one that used to be in Lenton). The Sandfield House on Mansfield Road, as I remember It, is now a the 'Nottingham Community and Voluntary Centre'. Does anyone