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  1. Welcome to Nottstalgia, lost_the_plots...I look forward to sharing your memories...
  2. Welcome to Nottstalgia, Heather...I look forward to sharing yours and your fil's memories...
  3. Welcome to Nottstalgia, Rob J...I look forward to sharing your memories...
  4. Welcome to Nottstalgia, Angelus_Ricardus...I look forward to sharing your memories...
  5. Welcome to Nottstalgia, BrianL51.. It was me and my memory that must have got your Mum's name wrong. It was Hazel Luff and I knew her for the 4 years that I rode the Roy's coach back and forth to Radcliffe. A great lady, very fair but would take no nonsense. Remember the time that someone let a stinkbomb off downstairs when we were on the bypass going to RoT. She stopped the bus and her and the driver demanded to know who did it. Never did find out but she was one angry lady. Still, she let us smoke on the bus and that was great back then. Seem to remember that your Mum told us about yo
  6. Welcome to Nottstalgia, dale64...I look forward to sharing your memories...
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    Welcome to Nottstalgia, Walter. I look forward to sharing your memories..Lived in WB (Holme Road) as a nipper..
  8. Welcome to Nottstalgia, Blocco. I look forward to sharing your memories.. Thoroughly enjoyed watching ROT Parts 1 & 2. Took me back to my childhood and youth as I watched the ROT that I remember. Recognised most of the places and few others I did not. Hazard's was on the corner of Lorne Grove and you can see the old chemist on the other corner. But as you say, demolition is widespread and the ROT of old looks like a war zone! Thanks again.......................
  9. Welcome to Nottstalgia, Guru65.. I look forward to sharing your memories..
  10. Welcome to Nottstalgia, Pat.. I look forward to sharing your memories..
  11. Australia’s hottest day?.....1828 at a blistering 53.9 °C Back before man-made climate change was frying Australia, when CO2 was around 300ppm, the continent savoured an ideal pre-industrial climate…….. RIGHT? This is the kind of climate we are spending $10bn per annum to get back too….. Right again? We are told today’s climate has more records and more extremes than times gone by, but the few records we have from the early 1800’s are eye-popping. Things were not just hotter, but so wildly hot it burst thermometers. The earliest temperature records we have show that Australia was a land o
  12. Trevor S

    Glenn Frey

    R. I. P. Glen Frey.................
  13. Welcome to Nottstalgia, PATTYCAKE...I look forward to sharing your memories...
  14. My Dad loved his mushrooms and had his special places around Radcliffe that we used to go early in the mornings. He got his bluebuttons from a spot he knew in a field off Shelford Road, across the road from Newton Airfield. 'We will go mushrooming in the morning' meant an early morning wake-up and out in the cold, walking across fields and then back home where Mum would cook them and we would have Mushrooms on toast for breakfast. Made the early start worthwhile.
  15. R. I. P. Dan Haggerty....Thoroughly enjoyed watching Grizzly Adams and you're right, FLY2 - I checked Google and was surprised to see what he had done - Easy Riders, CHIPS, an EP Movie and lots more.
  16. That is one priceless photograph, Davep5491...Thanks for sharing it..
  17. And talking of the old pantry, what about the old 'meat safe'......size of a small tea chest, wooden construction, on short legs and open wire mesh on all sides with door on one side. Usually on the floor at the back of the pantry and used to keep perishables in prior to the advent of refrigerators - kept them cool and dry.
  18. R. I. P. Conrad Phillips
  19. Trevor S

    Alan Rickman

    R. I. P. Alan Rickman
  20. (#12) Don't worry, OrphanAnnie....most people on this site knew what you meant and accepted it in the manner intended.
  21. Courtesy of the Oxford Dictionary.............. Act in a dreamily infatuated manner: ‘Timothy’s mooning over her like a schoolboy’
  22. I do not know if it is Morley House but....could the original posters have been wrong with their assumption that the building was the YMCA on Shakespeare Street?......see below courtesy of PTP in 1958: The photograph at #1 is probably late 1800s - early 1900s so I suppose it could have been demolished to make way for tram tracks?????;EQUALS;NTGM002184&pos=7&action=zoom&id=53632