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  1. The "Bamboo" was the first Coffee Bar I ever went to. Lots of good music and frothy coffee. The girlfriend at the time was so posh but gorgeous with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name was .......... (Old age again)
  2.  I was born Stewart James Chattings but was adopted and renamed Derek Maddock when I was 9 months old. I lived at 16 Lily St, Nr Sycamore Rd and moved to 140 Sycamore Rd about 1960. I live in Llangynwyd, near Bridgend in South Wales.

    My interests are Computing, Family History and polishing my Rover 75.

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      Malcolm, Pianoman is the expert on old Rovers. 

  3. There were only a few places to meet girls when I was growing up. For me growing up near Sycamore Rd the only girls you had a choice of you already went to school with them, so didn't want to know. Goose fair attracted all of the single girls from places you had never heard of. And they were so randy all for the cost of a ride (no pun intended). You were naïve at 18. Did you never go to the Lacarno at the age of 12?
  4. Hi everyone I was born in Nottingham July 1948 and lived in Lily St between Dane Agnes St and Sycamore Rd. I later moved to Sycamore Rd before the house was compulsary purchased and had to move to Wigman Rd, Billbough.

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      i lived in rose street

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      i lived in rose street