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    grandchildren,foreign.holidays,reading,walking,good wine,

    my family,and not forgetting my pussycat! my garden and I love LIFE ! AND laughter
  1. !clapping! yummy colwick cheese that was arel treat wish Iknew how to get hold of some and not forgetting delicious MUSHY PEAS.My dad always had whelks and cockles on a saturday,mum used to cook tripe and onions couldnt stomach that now (excuse the pun )
  2. hello T revor welcome I used to go to ST Saviors to Sunday School in the 50s, and my sister was married there and her and her family went to to Aus as a ten pound pom where did you live in the medders
  3. hi Jackson dont know that place,I to hang about Strelley had a good mate there Gill Hobbs and there was some lovely countryside round Strelley I am sure it has all changed for the worse now.Its like Lindfield Rd used to be quite posh most people kept the gardens really nice,but I think it has cnow.hanged a lot
  4. yea i lived in lindfield rd it was nice round there then ,went to players school who were in rivalry with william crane used to court a lad from that school melvyn archer. used to knock around with my mates lynda and cousin sue round hyson green basford and radford
  5. Hi Deeps Cant remember those names it was a long time ago,as Ive said Bbefore i lived off waterway st. shaftesbury terrace,do you recall the beer off on waterway st, I used to fetch my grandma her jug of ale even though i was a child! and also Hildas chippy and we used to have lunch occasionly in Bridgeway Hall.
  6. I remember someone called Bill Tatt used the cocked hat he was a friend of my mum and dads Fred and Sally Foster there .were some right characters down there . Does any one remember horace (used to wear his trousers up to his chest) and his wife Nell.
  7. hi everybody ill tell you a bit about myself,1 went to london rd primary school off waterway street between 52/58 and lived in shaftesbury terrace i remember the rag and bone man who lived on waterway street he was called Fat and his wife May he lived next door to my aunty.We move toliv broxtowe where I startwed senior school at john player secondary modern,I remember a couple of teachers there a Mr Pratt and cookery was with Miss Parsons.i the late 5Iived on Lindfield rd in the late 50s and 60s i w as a sewing machinist. and used to hang around basford and radford with my mates and loved the locarno i my dad used to frequent the cocked hat pub
  8. is this the primary junior school on london rd just off waterway street if i went toi this between 1952 to 1958
  9. hya as you gathered im new to this,but am interested in all th nostalgia regarding Nottingham.I lived there till about 1966 then moved to where I am at the momnent.I did my couting round there especially the pubs and locarno.waent to john player secondary moderan when I lived with my family in Broxtowe,does anyone remember Miss Parsons the cookery teacher there she used to scare us.I was born in The Meadows off Waterway Street