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  1. sad to report that my old school mate who was very active on here Michael Booth has just lost his bride of 56 years,Jean his wife was having treatment a few years ago you may recall, I know no more other than the funeral details he posted on facebook........I will send the condolences via facebook..
  2. Hi long time no write.Its a no brainer in Australia we had a 1.5kw system for9 years and with the rebate for power in the grid it paid for its self in 3 years (costs $3000 with 3 year interest free loan) . Now have a 6.6kw system which produced 20000kw in the last 2 years and so paid for its self as they have gone cheaper and only cost $3700 fitted and i sold the old system for $400. But that was not the reason I came on here,sad to report that my old school mate who was very active on here Michael Booth has just lost his bride of 56 years,Jean his wife was having treatment a few years ago
  3. O NO don't do this to me! I now have another story I have to tell. My dad had a old 3 wheel Reliant( the square one with the big m/cycle wheel sticking out the front) there was one left on that rec(before Bunbury St) my dad wanted it for spares so asked around the streets about it and was told it was abandoned so he decided to take it.Days later knock on the door,the Police, short story hauled to court and fined. Years later I was living in Alexandra Park 65/66 in a flat with my bride,there was a robbery from another flat and i was questioned by detectives because my name is T .E. sa
  4. Hello again,just back after a spell,thanks for the photo's, memories for me there,mam use to leave me with a woman on Bell Terrace and go to work would have been before i was 5 so would have been 48/49 happened a lot in those days. And there not 50 yards away as the crow flies is St Saviours church where i was married in 1965. Another little story i told on the site about Arkwright St shops how Mr "Kever" was very kind to me buying a scalextric for my brother,well i was able by the magic of Facebook to tell his daughter the story when she was on Mel's site i think. She cried
  5. Love that picture on the bottom right end corner you can see the alley which went thru from Kirkewhite St to Arkwright used to play football sometimes in the yard out of shot,and on the left side bottom cnr is the Sir Richard Arkwright the pub I met my wife in and the pub I had "dutch courage" drinks in before a 3.00pm event at St Saviours on the 30th Oct 1965. So here we are Sunday noon my wife cooking Sunday dinner in a sunny Bunbury(not street} Western Australia,thanks for the memories.
  6. People think there was only four cinemas in the meadows and most have forgotten the Queens so that leaves the Imp,Globe and the Grove,but there was another one though not really a cinema but that popular they had to have two sittings to watch the films every week and you had to have your card to get in and it was full every week.It was of course the Bridgeway Hall corner of Arkwright and Kirkewhite St a building used by local schools for nav plays and speech nights, I can sometimes still smell the lunch time dinners served there during the war and well into the fifties for the local workers,
  7. The Gas board building caught fire in the mid 60s the fire went up the lift shaft, the fire brigade had a job putting the fire out but did manage to save the building,however the cellars near the toilets at the rear of the yard were upto 4 feet in water and the stock of stoves,hot water units,and space heaters which were kept there had to be rescued.........
  8. When we got married 1965 we move into a flat in Alexandra park replaclng a couple who then moved into a nice new house up the road on the old brickworks,we were invited there for tea.I remember saying to them I was a bit concerned about the garden situation or lack of it because of the mud on the slope,I was right heavy rain the next day and mud went in the front door and out the back,well i did warn them......
  9. I believe Max Miller was banned on T V for his joke about crossing a bridge and meeting a young lady half way across....Sorry this is off subject R.IP. Ken one of England's greatest comedy acts and a mean singer to boot...
  10. I was on boilers my van (mini) was JRC 541D and my call sign was Hotel 1 also remember Lol Hennessey had a Ford Thames 5cwt OCH 5 smelled terrible from the water from the gas meters,used to have to sit on engine cover when Alan Rodgers used to cadge lifts to jobs for half the day.Hope it brings back memories...
  11. The Totem pole was there in the early 60s as I remember and I think the owner was a Canadian it was in the front garden stood around 9/10 feet tall,looked for it around 2010 on a return visit to check out the hill again,one time had to drag myself up the ave along the edges due to ice and snow. Hill still the same but alas no Totem pole,so sad...... Sorry this is re Freda Ave did not pick up quote........
  12. Having carried the tools around Nottm,this is my pick ,anyone else remember the Totem pole in a garden on Freda Ave.......
  13. Well there you go,I like to think I have a good memory(did I get it right sir?) and you have just made it a full circle as the thread started about Mrs Parry,thank you....
  14. Working also as a gas fitter I too remember the hidden cellars,tell you I was taught to do when lifting floor boards before going down throw a pebble or something first,why, because you could be dropping into water because of the layers of dust on the top of the water looks like solid ground...
  15. Anyone remember C.O.DAY sold houses for a fixed price of 32 pounds ,sold mine in West Bridgford in 1970. Last house I sold 2003 cost me $7000........