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  1. I have to say I'm already very impressed with this forum and I'm only just starting to explore :D everyone seems really helpful it's really nice to get a good ol' 'fix' of Nottingham
  2. I have tried a little, but I have unfortunately lost touch with the vast majority of my family in recent years so getting definitive answers has proved... Difficult. I was hoping more to find if anyone remembered my grandad as its more recent history though I can't seem to find anything regarding him on the old interweb
  3. That's amazing thank you
  4. My Granddad used to box, Im not sure if he was pro, but I think he may have been back in the day, and there was always a tenuous family link to Bendigo that no one ever got to the bottom of.... My granddads name was James Thompson, better known as Jimmy 'the tiger' Thompson, sadly he is no longer with us, but does the name ring any bells? (pun not intended)
  5. Greetings, I used to live on Ainsley Estate, on Vale Crescent North between 1986-2001, I was actually hoping someone could maybe point me to some internet based info on the history of the estate itself? (I live in Wales now, so popping down to the Nottingham central library is a bit of a challenge) Does anyone know when the estate was first built? who the principle architect was? and what was on the site before?