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  1. Thanks a lot one of the family said they were on Chard st so we are close with this,
  2. I am assisting the family of Mantons to find out more info on the company, but cannot see the map clear.
  3. Just to say we have some long running threads that do stay longer that a few hours for instance the Greater Nottingham Co-operative photo when closed down this has been running for weeks hence not a problem, I do enjoy your site and enjoy a good read,
  4. Hi All My Good mate Paul and I set up Nottingham Way Back When two years ago on the Facebook site....our Hobby is Nottingham history, we both work full time and the group is actioned in our spare time......We enjoy finding old past photographs do not sell any photo's just share with our members, we now have 24,000 members, it is not an ego trip we enjoy sharing and do thank where we know our images are from, do not infringe copyright, all is open to all on the internet if you take the time to share, on NWBW people have found long lost family and we have so many members who enjoy the site, ex pats from around the globe, we have also had 3 meetings next 14th October ....... Just wanted to say where we are at not a moan we run a nice site Paul and Me..........Thanks......