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  1. Currently offshore in the Niger Delta - West Africa..!!!

  2. Hi mate, the name of that bar was 'GERSHWINS' hence the piano key staircase...!!! at bl@@dy last.
  3. was it just called 'The David Nixon Show'? about 1973-ish. was Anita Harris his assistant? I'm sure he did the original British version of candid camera and had some connection with Basil Brush (not 100% on that one though?).
  4. is this of any use...? www.proweb.co.uk/~roymat/floods/floods.html
  5. was anyone ever forced to eat 'brawn'...? i used to love the narna and sugar sarnies, washed down with Apollo lemonade...!!!
  6. what was the 'orrible creosote based liquid your mam used to give when yer 'ad a kow'ed...!??! it used to feel like you'd swallowed a fire ball...!!! !sickly!
  7. apparently it's brummie speak..!??! found this: www.virtualbrum.co.uk/slang
  8. cracking link that one bamber...!!!
  9. mmmm... ice breaker, wasn't that the choclate that had glassy, minty bits in it...?
  10. actually i could be wrong about that, it might have been virgin records when it was on clumber street? (memory's fading a bit).
  11. Wow selectadisc..... one of the very last record shops with character and staff who were actually interested in their jobs 'n actually knew what they were talking about. Was it not selectadisc that was one of the only record shops to defy the government ban and sell 'Never Mind The B######s, Here's The Sex Pistols'? Well when i say sell, i mean advertise it in the window aswell...! My sister's boyfriend had to buy my copy as i was too young at the time lol.
  12. Dixon & Parker.... Now known as D&P and located on Maid Marian Way.. Bloody expensive - as ever! Cheers Robt P. That's the one, cheers rob...! !cheers!
  13. ooh... I can vaguely remember watmough's...? If I were a good little lad, me mam would take me there, which probably explains why i can vaguely remember it...!!! !hungry!