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  1. Some memories in that place over the late years of the 1980's. Wonderful place and some great characters in there too along with the odd' ruffian lol
  2. Wednesday's were know as 'grab a granny night' in the late 80's. Was well rough in there too and smoke hung down all over the place like pea soup, had to chop your way through it with a knife to get to the bar or toilets.
  3. Still ticking on eh, that's good, pension soon that's better ;-) Went back to Alfreton a few months back after a several years just for a nostalgic look around. Wish I'd not bothered all my childhood/growing up memories shattered. What a dump now and how things change eh? Best regards A
  4. There was one in Alfreton where I grew up. I remember behind the counter a wall full of drawers where all the children's (me) vests and pants/underwear was kept. (Liberty bodices for the girls) Long gone now but I am talking about the early 1960's as I am very very old...
  5. You know Cliff Ton, I never thought I'd live long enough to ever read the sad words: 'Where the Flying Horse was'
  6. Cattle market. He came back with 16 years later :-)
  7. The youth of today wouldn't last 5 minutes if transported back to WW1/2. They'd all be crying out loud on Facebook complaining about their human rights before they even got on the boat never mind off it; Twitter would go into complete meltdown with support for them. Shameful what we've become as a nation now, utterly shameful. National service would help but they'd all fall out about the nasty way they might be spoken to by the sergeants or the lack of availability of gender neutral toilets.
  8. I once returned a bad pint to the bar once asked the landlord if he'd paid 30 odd quid for a gallon petrol and his car wouldn't start would he kick off at the garage attendant! He got my drift..and changed my draught ....boom boom!!
  9. Tony Blackburn radio 2 Sounds of the 60's. I'm more of a 70's boy though TBH (born late '56) so this is a bit before me but still great. Love the show and dance around the kitchen with an old friend (in my mind) Victoria who's now sadly passed every Saturday morning to it. I loved her very dearly and so we always have a great jig and a laugh!
  10. And how extraordinarily (even more extraordinarily) expensive drinking in pubs has become. Especially after all these months of supping at home.
  11. A very dear friend of mine was the manager/licensee (or whatever club managers are called) at the Liberal Club in the 1980's: John Moore. Sadly no longer with us, a great, generous guy with a wry smile, always had a tale to tell and an extraordinarily dry sense of humour; could have you doubled up and on the floor at a close relative's funeral! Always wore buttoned up camel coat with a black velvet collar - held his cigarette in the air like an Italian God bless him. One of what you might call 'Nottingham characters' of which there are so few remaining these days.
  12. Used to work in the Provident office on Upper Parliament St in the late 70's - we often used to go to the Black Boy on a Friday lunch treat for an Irish coffee which we thought very posh! Was always busy with shoppers having snacks in the bar area - the restaurant, I seem to remember, was at the rear to the left of the bar. Can see the girl pouring the cream over the back of a spoon onto our coffees even as I type. It was all red velvet curtains and guilt furniture, along with the statutory red flock wallpaper that was so popular in places like this back in the 1970's. Loved and lost eh?
  13. The Rag Trade where the shop steward woman Miriam Karlin used to blow the whistle and shout 'Everybody out', Also stared Sheila Hancock, Peter Jones and Reg Varney? No never erd of it! Ha ha. Yes I remember it from my youth, my mother was a seamstress, used to work in Griffin's (and Spalding) alterations department for many years so had a great interest in the program I suppose. She can, and still does, tell a tale or two about those days with all the posh Nottingham shoppers in what was known as 'The expensive department'. Says her knees used to tremble whenever she was called down to t