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  1. Corner Pin, Fountain, Dog and Bear and my very favourite the Flying Horse (of course) ;-)
  2. Freddie Slack's Thurland Hall, oh yes indeed a pub and landlord of the old school. Old Slackie had his enemies (like all good pub landlords used to have most of them folk who had been justifiably barred) but he was a great friend to me and to many others I could mention too. He was at the Thurland the same time I had the Coach and Horses on Upper Parliament Street. Fred passed away several years ago bless him; a great guy, a great friend and very sorely missed.
  3. Well sorted Brian. The best man won mate! Have a great day. :-)
  4. Wednesdays were known as Grab a Granny night. Possibly a bit offensive to today's more sensitive member's ears but that's what it was called at the time. Had some great nights in there over the years; back in the day when Nottingham catered for all tastes and not just the student/youth population.
  5. There used to be a Ford's shop in Alfreton where I was born and spent my first few years. I always remember they had a 'wall full of drawers' behind the counter where they kept all the child's vests, pants, pyjamas, socks etc' I remember like yesterday (and I must have been very young too) being in there with my mam one day and the lady behind the counter getting some vests out of one of the glass fronted drawers for me behind her. Funny how little things like that stick in your mind isn't it?
  6. Beer at home means Davenports, thats the beer full of cheer, finest hops and malt and yeast turn a snack into a feast, straight from brewery to your home, why collect we'll deliver, then you hear the folks all say "Beer at home means Davenports" Or summert like that anyway :-0
  7. You make your own luck. Yeah right of course you do
  8. Not a road name but this might count. Back in the 70's we used to drink in the Lord Clyde at Kimberley where there were two separate bakelite signs on the back door of the pub one over the other, the signs read; Way out Gent's toilets Which always did raise a smile :-)