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  1. Thanks to those who managed to download it - hope you enjoy the read and recognise some of the locations! Mick2me - sorry, Amazon do this every so often: they never give me prior warning when it's going to be free so I can't let people know in advance (I think that usually it's one day out of every 4-6 weeks). Next time I spot that it's on a free promotion I will post again to let people know. Banjo48 - sorry it wouldn't let you download. It was also free on the (USA) site, so I'm not sure if you could have got it from there. I'm not that tech-savvy to put it in a format for kindle to send to you (it was set up by my literary agent so I don't have access to the amazon account for it) but again, I will let you know when it's free so you can have a go with the US site. Cheers!
  2. All you readers out there who like a mystery/thriller... My book is on a free promotion on Amazon today to download for Kindle (if you don't have a Kindle you can download a free app for iPads, laptops etc). It's a psychological tale of love, music and green living set around North Notts. Please feel free to share with anyone who might enjoy.
  3. Cliff Ton - the link is to my novel which is set in north Nottinghamshire. When I joined the forum and said that I was a local writer some people were interested in what I had written so I have since included the link. Stu - thank you for the suggestion about the bread riots, I will have a look into that.
  4. Hope someone can help me. I have been doing some family research, and found that one of my ancestors, a Thomas Pressley, farmer around the Worksop area was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment at Nottingham Spring Assizes, 1876, for 'rioting'. Were there any major riots in the county around that time? Would I be able to get access to further information to find out more? Thanks.
  5. Another vote for the Pogues' Fairytale in New York - great video too. (Though The Darkness' 'Don't Let the Bells End' came a very close second!) All time favourite: One Way by the Levellers. I'm just a bit of a hippy/punk at heart.
  6. Have you been to the Harley Gallery? There have been a few occasions when I have been in and they have had posters up about ticketed events in the underground ballroom (I know it's not the tunnels as such, but it would surely be a spectacular environment).
  7. Cider with Rosie is also one of my all-time favourites: the language is just so beautiful. I have enjoyed everything by Thomas Hardy, particularly 'Tess'. As far as modern-day writers, I have been particularly influenced by Ian McEwan, Lesley Glaister (a Sheffield writer) and Julie Myerson who was originally from Nottingham.
  8. Thanks for your tales, Beefsteak, sounds like quite a good task to be assigned to with the free hospitality! Makes me wonder how unbiased or objective the reviews turn out to be!
  9. I am doing some research for my new novel of which the main character will be a mystery shopper. Obviously, I want to make that character as realistic as possible, and although I have had a go at doing some mystery shopping myself (a couple of supermarket assignments) I would appreciate anyone getting in touch if they have had experiences of doing pubs, venues or hotels. Please feel free to PM me if you prefer. Thanks!
  10. Like the look of your website, Stu! It must have taken a lot of time and effort to get so much information on there. Will keep checking it out.
  11. Thanks for all your help. I will certainly take a look at the Notts Family History Society. I have previously considered approaching some of the travellers when the encampments spring up but the dogs have always looked a bit menacing!
  12. My published work includes a few short stories, poetry and articles on self-sufficiency. I currently have a novel which my agent has on submission to a list of publishers (fingers crossed) but the agency have also taken the step of releasing it as an ebook. So, if you fancy a cheap read you might like to take a look... It's a psychological tale of love, obsession, music and self-sufficiency set in north Nottinghamshire (yes, Worksop and others get quite a few mentions!) Would love some feedback from you locals, however critical.
  13. Hi everyone, just joined yesterday. I'm a writer and musician living near Worksop, interested in family history, self-sufficiency and lots of local stuff. Looking forward to chatting with you all.
  14. Hi Para-Hunter, welcome. I've just joined too, and I live near Worksop. Intrigued by what you do.
  15. I have also read 'The Underground Man' by Mick Jackson - it is very well researched and gives a good insight to the Duke and the tunnels. Would highly recommend it.