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  1. Thanks for the comments. The street view picture that Cliff Ton posted is the exact house that I was talking about. And thanks for letting me know that it looks new. Your comments on the house numbers and how they worked back then are interesting. I think I have confused the schedule number with the house number. So thanks for giving me that information. It is so nice to have this forum to ask questions!
  2. Hi, I was wondering if the house at 97 Main St in Burton Joyce is the original house that was there in 1891?My daughter and I visited last year and found this address where my grandparents used to lived before moving to Nottingham. Their names were John Thomas and Annie Elizabeth Coy. My grandpa would have been 4 at the time Just wondering if it is the original or a new one that has been built more recently. Thanks. Tannis
  3. Thanks for letting me know that they are still standing and that the house numbers have changed. The one at the far end at the corner of Holby is where my dad and his family lived until they moved to Canada in 1926. It is so nice to see where he lived when he was 4 years old before coming over to Canada on the Montroyal boat departing from Liverpool.
  4. Thanks for all the posts. I follow this regularity. Please confirm if I am correct....the place where my dad lived at 12 Victoria Villa is no longer standing but there are some houses still there, just not the row of houses shown in the first picture from picture the past photos. When were they demolished and why? Why did some of the stay ( the ones closest to Granby Villas) ?What was build there instead? How many rooms were there inside the houses? Thanks in advance. I look forward to any replies. Tannis
  5. YES....we are related. My paternal grandfather, Thomas Coy married Ada Denham and had 4 children. My dad (Ronald Thomas) and three sisters (Dororthy, Irene and Joyce) all who are deceased. They lived in Nottingham until they came over to Canada in 1926. They came over on the Montroyal boat leaving from Liverpool and came to Montreal. They then moved to Winnipeg. So your grandparents were in Winnipeg when my grandparents came. I always wondered why they chose Winnipeg when they came to Canada but now I know why. Hope we can share more information.
  6. My dad (Ronald Thomas Coy) was born April 16, 1922 in Nottingham at 12 Victoria Villas Sneinton Dale. His parents were Thomas Edward Coy and Ada Denham. My dad had two siblings at the time.... Dororthy and Irene. If the above information is correct, his family was living with William Henry Denham. This information was taken from his birth certificate that I have. They left Nottingham in 1926 and immigrated to Canada.
  7. Thanks for looking into this for me. If you figure anything out, please post.
  8. William Henry Denham was my grandma's dad...my great grandpa(Ada Denham's dad). Who else was at this address? I am not familar with Kelly's Directory. Can I get access to this information? Thanks.
  9. I am trying to get information about where my dad lived when he was born. His bc said 12 Victoria Villas Sneinton Dale Nottingham. I am looking for pictures as it is not shown on google maps. Were they demolished? He was born in 1926. His name was Ronald Thomas Coy. Parents were Thomas Edward Coy and Ada Denham. Thanks.