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  1. I know this thread is quite old now but I saw this yesterday and it made me think about the vans that these guys used. Does anyone remember the colour of the Covelli van and the tune they played? I seem to think it was painted cream with some orange on it. The other one I remember was the El Dorado van and again I can't remember the colour or the tune they played. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks to everyone who has looked at this. It is definitely a fob for a pocket watch though the initials NAI don't match with any known relative. I suspect as some of you have said that it is commemorative but of what I shall probably never know. Nottingham or National Archery Institute? Nottingham Association of Insurers. Who knows but thanks for the help.
  3. Hello folks, this badge/medal has been in the family for years but I don't know anything about it. The initials on it appear to be NAI but I don't think they are a person's initials. I wonder if it stands for Nottingham something, something? It has the date 1905 on it. Anyway, if anyone can help please let me know. Cheers
  4. Bit late in the day but, if you still have those Mikado phots, could I have them?  I was at FFGS 67-72 so both sites. I have created a facebook page for the school - https://www.facebook.com/groups/16949509780/

    and I could scan them onto there, well remember John Slack in the title role!

  5. Thanks for everyone's ideas on this. I'm convinced it was cockles. If you look at a photo of cockles out of the shell they do look a bit naughty...........
  6. Could have been cockles though what is naughty about them I do not know. Does it ring bells with anyone else?
  7. I thought one or two of you might go down an alternative route on this one and who knows? - perhaps my mother was up to no good at the fair. I do think she was talking about food though and I thought it was possible shellfish? It could be 'cocks on sticks' - I hadn't thought about that.
  8. My mother used to say that when she went to the Goose Fair that she always had naughty bits. I was never really sure what she meant but I gather it was a reference to food. Does this ring any bells with anyone?
  9. Thanks for that. everyone. I am sure I remember the bare boards but it was a long time ago. I kept the bike until a few years ago by which time it was a poor old rusty thing. It went to the ump in the end which is a shame. My wife's still got her Raleigh Riviera from when she was 12. They don't make 'em like they used to.
  10. When I passed my 11+ in 1965 or so, my Dad took me to a bike shop on the corner of Radford Road and Wilkinson Street and bought me a Triumph Palm Beach bike. It was two tone blue. It seemed a big shop at the time but then I was quite small. Needless to say it isn't there now and I think even that corner has been redeveloped. Does anyone recall the name of that shop?
  11. I'm talking about the 1960s so probably 1965 or thereabouts
  12. Does anyone remember a shop on Denman Street that sold second hand comics? It was on the left hand side going down towards the Players factory end. I also think he had a shelf outside the shop held up by chains that he kept books etc on. I seem to recall he used to stand in the doorway a lot and watch the world go by. He always wore a dark grey protective coat - a bit like lab coat only grey not white . Does anyone else remember this and what his name or the name of the shop was? or does anyone have a photo?
  13. I have over 30 black and white photos of the Forest Fields Grammar school production 'The Mikado' from 1968 which one of the school's teachers gave to me many years ago. There are pictures of people taken during the rehearsals and during the play itself. I went to the school myself but I was not involved in the play. I don't want to throw them away so if anyone wants them they are most welcome to them.
  14. These are fantastic photos - a bit early for me as these were different owners by the time I was there in the 1960s. They are nonetheless really nice to see. Thanks for showing me these. It's a pity there isn't one of the Co op as well.
  15. Hi I discovered this site purely by accident but it does make interesting reading. I used to live in Holbeck Road but had friends on the estate. I used to spend a lot of time hanging round the shops on Grassington Road - there was a large Co-op, a ewsagent (owned by an ex Forest Player?) and a grocers I think. Was the grocers called Bradbury's. I also remember the beer off. I don't suppose anyone has any photos of that area from its heyday that they could post on here do they?