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  1. Hi Trevor, so sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier! I’ve been off the site for a long time but caught up with it again yesterday! It was a club on Greyhound Street that I went to in the 60’s... if you went in from the side of the Kardomah it was on the left in the bend? We used to go up a couple of flights of stairs, just cannot remember what it was called. If you can help that would be great, thank you
  2. Hi hippo girl, hence the name!! I used to go to the Hippo Club and had some great nights in there. Thanks for all the useful info. My place was the Dungeon, saw some great groups there, and the Belvedere, sitting on the stairs listening to jazz and eating mushy peas! I used to go to the White Hart downstairs as a mod and we never had any trouble with the Rockers upstairs. even joined them on occasions. Also went to the Brit & Boat clubs, Intercon and The L Shaped Room. Our scooters were parked outside the Council House with no bother and the Lyon was always a good place to meet, and o
  3. Hi and thanks everyone for your kind welcome greetings! Thanks Hippo Girl for telling me where the Ad Lib/Beachcomber was - I need a trip down memory lane next time I go into town to see where it was! At least I know where I'm looking now! Was the Ad Lib & Beachcomber the same place? Did it change names? Thanks mick2me, was that the club on Greyhound Street you're talking about?
  4. Hiya, I've just joined your forum after reading loads of articles that brought back happy memories of cafes and clubs I used to visit in my mod days of the 60's! I used to go to the Ad Lib but can't for the life of me think where on St. Mary's Gate it was... can anyone help please? Also I used to go to a club on Greyhound Street in Nottingham in the 60's. I believe it became the Cuba Libra in the 80's from what I've read but can't go any further back. Thanks