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  1. My great grandparents and their eight children lived at 22 Knotted Alley throughout the 1920's. They didn't have to move far when demolition began - their subsequent address was Beckford Road (off Colwick Road) in Sneinton.
  2. Hi, sorry for the delay in replying (only 4 years late...!) My grandad, Bill, lived on Ellerby Avenue and yes i am told he used to like to sing in the pubs of Clifton! Winning Post was his favourite i think. Dianne is my mum and Pete my uncle. What's your family name if you don't mind me asking?
  3. He lived at 8 Beckford Road in Sneinton. Slightly off topic, but a story relating to his father and Sneinton... To set the scene: He was originally from Jamaica. He moved to Germany. Met his wife there. They had four children before moving to Nottingham, England around the time of the First World War. There they had four more children (my grandad being one of them). (That in itself is pretty unique; I wonder how they were treated by others, especially the mother - a German with a coloured husband and kids living in Narrow Marsh during the outbreak of the First World War). Work was hard to co
  4. Thank you all for the comments. I will print the maps today, my grandad will love looking at them along with the list of business owners. He certainly has plenty of stories and has lived a very interesting life. He has loads of tales from growing up in Nottingham, initially Narrow Marsh, then Sneinton, Colwick and later on, Clifton estate. Not to mention the war years - he went off to Liverpool docks aged 17 to serve in the Merchant Navy. He claims to have a poor memory, but it's amazing how much he recalls when we get talking about his childhood! Thanks again, Mark
  5. Thank very much, just shared this with my grandad - his face lit up! He actually lived at 22 Knotted Alley (he was born there in 1921). He recalled many of the streets. The schools he attended were Leen side school. St John's, and St Mary's. I asked if it was as rough as the reputation suggests, and he said "well it was all I was used to", in other words, yes! He recalls lots of fighting. Men taking their shirts off to fight outside the pubs, of which he remembers that the Loggerheads was run by an old lady named Mrs O'Connor, while her son ran The Woodman pub.
  6. Hi All, I just chanced upon this forum after googling "Red Lion Street, Nottingham". Hope you don't mind me hijacking the thread! My grandad, William (Bill) Russell used to live in Red Lion Street in the 20s. He lived there with his Jamaican father, German mother and his numerous siblings He's 91 today and still going strong! He often speaks about what life was like back then and recounts (as best he can) stories from those days. Would the previous poster be able to see if there are any records of the Russell family having lived in Red Lion Street? Would be much obliged. Mark