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  1. Terry the kit man has retired.
  2. I saw Ronnie Dukes and Rickie Lee. When he came on he sat at the front of the stage and helped himself to customers beer. I believe their sons were also part of the group.
  3. I worked as a guard at Nottingham from 1977 to 1983. I worked with a lot of ex Colwick and Annesley men. I worked a lot of coal trains to Gedling Cotgrave and the Leen Valley. Now all gone. I graduated to passenger jobs working to Crewe and Birmingham. London Lincoln and Grantham.
  4. I started at Arno Vale primary school in September 1959.
  5. There was one level crossing on the line at Beighton near Sheffield. This is still there on the back line from Chesterfield to Sheffield via Barrow Hill. It used to have a station and my gt granddad was a porter there when it was the Manchester Sheffield Lincs railway. Hope this helps.
  6. I have that CD and my grandkids aged 6 and 4 like quite a few of them.
  7. When I was a guard at Nottingham in the late 70's early 80's I worked the Saturday passenger train up to London and the newspaper guys were sitting in the coaches sorting all the labels out for the return trip. I worked the newspaper train back on the Saturday night arriving in Nottingham on Sunday morning. The train reversed into London Road low level where all the distributer were waiting to offload. I took some of the Sunday papers home which were spare but realised later that all the supplements came up on a Wednesday. happy memories.
  8. There has been one in Donny for a couple of years.
  9. The author was Terry Lambley. Retired policeman.
  10. I have still got mine when I started Henry Mellish Grammar in 1964.
  11. Family lives in Hatfield but still go to Nottingham to see Forest as I am now retired. Got married in Nottingham and left in 1983.
  12. I remember the Belle Vue for loads of reasons. The landlord played the stripper music for last orders and Iam not a pheasant plucker for Time gentlemen please. If you couldn't sing it properly you didn't drive home. When the city had opening time till 10.30 and the county till 11.00 loads of people used to shoot across Porchester road to the Plainsman for last orders. I also remember going into the Arrow. Is it still there?
  13. My dad joined the CWS in 1958 as a rep for butter,margarine etc, He had a company car and he went to all the smaller CoOp tores from kegness in the east to stafford in the west theYorkshire border in the north and Leicester in the south. When he retired in 1980 he was replaced by 3 reps. He always had a soft spot for the Coop but he stated that when they bought a chief executive in from Fine Fare the rot had set in. His divi number was 33567.