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  1. I found an old postcard of Bulwell Hall. My Grandparents and parents came from Bulwell and we regularly visited. I don't remember the hall though - when was it demolished? I know there was a steam locomotive named Bulwell Hall as well.
  2. How fascinating! I remember now, some people said the name was pronounced Aitch. I used to love going on the swings and slides in the little park. The slide was really high, and had a wooden "house" on the top of it. When I was old enough to go there on my own, my friends and I used to dare each other to stand on the top of the house! No soft landing in those days, just asphalt!
  3. Getting back on topic, I remember the Eaches shop (I don't think it was spelt like that - it was something like AITCH but pronounced Each.) It always reminded me of my favourite comedian, Mr Pastry as I could see the potential of the mountain of cans falling down and other disasters in such tiny shop. Do you remember that Mr Each used to run the tennis courts in the little park in the village? He was a kind of caretaker for the park, and was very strict. (I also went to BHGS, 1971 to 77 - and I now live in Sussex too!)
  4. Does anyone remember this studio? They were quite a big company, with branches in Manchester, Liverpool and Bolton as well as Nottingham. I have a large portrait photo of my Dad taken in about 1941 in his RAF uniform. Its signed in pencil at the bottom by Van Ralty. Would this be the man himself? Does anyone else have any photos from this studio?
  5. Hey, thanks, that's really helpful. Now I have a date and a proper name (my Mum always called him Uncle Arnold though). I can't get to the Notts archives cos I live in Bognor Regis! Does anyone remember his cricketing prowess? According to there is still an Arnott Ashley living in Bulwell!
  6. OK, maybe Arnold was later than that. How can I find out, please?
  7. The Nottstalgia section features a pic of the Three Crowns in Bulwell. My Great Uncle, Arnold Ashley, used to run this pub during the 1930s, I think. He was also well known as a cricketer. He had a son, also called Arnold. Does anyone remember him? I am researching my family history and would love to get some info or stories.