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  1. And not one of them worth a tuppeny damn !!
  2. I cannot believe the closed minds and biased views on here. As with the political thread, will the mods please make this thread only available when logged in so that those of us with a more questioning mind and sense of reason no longer are subjected to such offensive material.
  3. But this is not migration as we have always understood it, it is invasion. The Kalergi Plan in full flood.
  4. I hope and pray for the sake of the three thousand poor people imprisoned and terrified in those tower blocks in Melbourne that the administration and bureaucracy of the authorities there is a darn sight better than it would be here. Feeding and caring for those prisoners is a mammoth task and I have little faith in the ability of the authorities so to do. Regarding mass gatherings, we can obviously expect a "surge" in London following the mob gatherings there over the last few weeks.
  5. Doesn't that make you wonder why and question what is happening?
  6. You are correct Ben, this thread is becoming political, unless the whole thing is of course to achieve a political agenda, so could you please put your political opinions on the "Anything Political" thread please so that those of us who do not want to read your political views can avoid them.
  7. Very occasionally in the FiftiesI would go with Mum and Gran and buy potted beef cobs from Judges then sit in the entry of the Newcastle Arms (?) with a drink before having a walk through the Arba.
  8. It seems that anyone politically slightly to the right of Stalin or Mao Zedong is a moron. Who knows, before long some folk may even start reading The Guardian and actually believe what's written.
  9. Just one more nail in the coffin of our civilised, democratic society. So sad.
  10. An endorsement for Dyson vacuum cleaners. Had ours for over five years and it is still as efficient and effective as it was when new. My daughter has a Shark upright which is very good, but seems somewhat more aggressive on carpet pile than the Dyson!
  11. Don't think it will be long before we can enjoy ourselves in self imposed house arrest for a few more months when the second wave engulfs us. Oh for something less dangerous like a bubonic plague. Does anyone else remember the Asian 'flu pandemic in 1968? I don't recall any panic then and if you caught it, as my wife and I did, you stayed off work and took great quantities of Beechams Powders until you got over it.
  12. Commo

    5G or not 5G ?

    To put it mildly Dave.!!!
  13. Commo

    5G or not 5G ?

    Not on your Nellie!!!
  14. Boris, The Wimpy was on Hunto between the corner of Beck St(?) and the Central Tavern. No idea what's on the site now I'm afraid, last time I was down there was around 1970.
  15. In the mid Sixties couldn't afford clubs and pubs so used to have a weekly coffee in the Wimpy at the bottom of Huntingdon Street, just down from the Central Tavern. Seems as though Ian has been deplatformed, the way of the World it would seem nowadays.
  16. Predominantly malt vinegar in England and Wales, white vinegar North of the Border. Traditionally vinegar was a by product of the brewing and distilling process, so from beer brewed in the South and white from the distillation of whisky up North.
  17. Precisely Jill, and I am led to believe that if we now say that we are not racist then that just proves that we are !!! Newthink, doublethink etc etc!
  18. Jill, it is for the "R" word, the same crime for which the statue of Sir Winston has been defaced along with the graffiti on the Cenotaph.
  19. I would urge any of you who are concerned about the situation that we are in to watch this video. It is an hour long but it is a must watch and is of such importance.
  20. The ruling Elites understand the power of invoking fear in people as a means of social control. "No passion so effectively robs the mind of all it's power of acting and reasoning as fear." - Edmund Burke
  21. 1963, a time before Sandwich shops. The first Sandwich shop I came across was on Bridlesmith Gate around 1967/8 and I remember thinking that it was a good idea but would never catch on because folk just couldn't afford to pay that much just for a sandwich, let alone a shilling for just one apple!!
  22. If I remember correctly there were three sets of steps, so a pretty painful tumble! The cut through was Princess Terrace and on the left hand side at the bottom of the steps was a Tenants pub, The Princess Royal.
  23. I believe the analogy to the Spanish gallon was not about Hattie Jacques per se but was a line by the inimitable and wonderful Joyce Grenfell in her song "Old Tyme Dancing"
  24. I often get mistaken for our Scottish exi!ed mate Phil !
  25. Thanks Phil, now I can make the comment !