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  1. Headline: Ben in a stew over female! Nowt new there, then!
  2. Pleased to hear you've recovered from the scourge, siddha. Meditation and yoga are brilliant for deep breathing and relaxation. So easy to do!
  3. Apparently, lots of little boys are born with weaknesses that will potentially become hernias as they grow older. Anyone old enough to be on this forum would have been left to take their chance but now they're fixed while still a baby to prevent it happening. Whatever next? Brain implants!?
  4. Odd that. Someone I know had a hernia op at around the same time, privately. May have been the same hospital. He ended up back in there...twice! It was a double hernia and the first stage was done on the NHS with no problems, pre virus. He has a house in Cyprus as well as one here and needed to get the op done as his wife has MS and relies on him to a great extent. The friend who had stage 2 of an inguinal last December at Kings Mill has experienced no problems at all.
  5. Beggars belief! Don't even like to think of what he was intending to do.
  6. Don't give up hope, Nonna. My 90 year old auntie has the virus and on top of her other underlying health conditions, was really struggling for breath last Wednesday. I spoke to her this morning and she seemed improved, despite having fallen out of bed last week and being carted off to hospital for the fourth time in a couple of weeks, for x rays. Nothing broken. We're a tough lot, us Sparrows. Sadly, her daughter, my cousin, also has the virus and is much worse than her mum, despite being only my age.
  7. I was quite surprised to read about the attempted arson charges. Looks like this has been festering for a very long time. It's so sad that a career has gone down the drain over it. I suppose, if you're not actually working in the environment, one tends not to realise that professional rivalry and jealousy are alive and well in the medical profession. Friends of mine who worked in hospitals have often recounted tales of prima donna behaviour and tantrums amongst consultants. I've witnessed it myself in the teaching profession, usually from those who have never worked in any other
  8. Poor Kai! I'm sorry to hear he's not well. It must be a tremendous worry for you. Tablets are such fun, aren't they? I remember taking a cat to the vet years ago and complaining that I couldn't persuade him to swallow his pills. The vet, with a rather smug expression, said she would show me how it was done. Mr Puss thought otherwise and got her right in the mouth with his claws out! Vets' blood is red, too, in case you've ever wondered! Hope Kai is soon his bouncy self again.
  9. I'm surprised he didn't show her who was boss in the household. Like his dad!
  10. It would have set the cat among the pigeons if they'd let you into Manning, Ben! Some of the female teachers were more masculine than those boxers you used to know! As to the Rorschach Test, you just tell the psychiatrist what they make you think of. "That one looks like, Trina! This one reminds me of Katrina! Ah, there's Sharon...and that's Margaret. Who could forget her?" Conclusion? Patient is obsessed with women! . I could have told them that!
  11. Ben likes symmetry so I think we should give him a Rorschach Test. Could be interesting!
  12. Some words have more than one syllable! That won't sell papers.
  13. My father loved Dad's Army. We went to see the film at The Futurist in the early 70s or thereabouts. Somehow, it didn't translate well to the big screen.
  14. Re the stabbing, it's tragic not only for the victim but will surely mean an inglorious end to someone's career, if true. I suppose when someone has become obsessed with what they see as injustice and have lost all perspective, they are on a very dangerous slope. It wouldn't be the first time, nor the last.
  15. The Go Between, 1971, would have to be in there somewhere. Harold Pinter's brilliant screenplay of Hartley's novel.
  16. Ah, she takes the tin opener to bed!
  17. That truly is reprehensible, for a member of the medical profession to have done such a thing. From the brief news coverage, it looked as though he had apprehended a burglar or something similar.
  18. Yet more terrible news from a place where you don't expect it https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-55663038
  19. Although it sounds quite fantastic, the research from this lady's extraordinary ability might make diagnosis much more scientific and put an end to those who don't actually have the condition suffering the horrendous side effects of the powerful levadopa drugs at medium to high dosage.
  20. Blows to the head can be a trigger for Parkinson's and I would imagine that a fair number of boxers end up with it if they persist for long enough. Ali, or Cassius, certainly did.
  21. Such people are not fit to have dogs....or any animal! Personally, I'd pen the owners up all day and when they complained, I'd gag them. As to what I'd do to people who harm animals or threaten to harm them, I wouldn't like to tell you but I think the owner of the steel bar would be walking rather gingerly, if at all, after I'd stuffed it in a certain orifice! It is NOT the dog's fault.
  22. She was Emily Mary Edge. Born 1891. Died in 1978. Since the sale my friends attended at Strelley Hall took place in the early 70s, she may have become ill or entered a nursing home before her demise.
  23. Names, in no particular order: Javid Khan, Khurshid Ayoub, Elaine Hollington, Mick Hollington, Della Shipston, Elaine Clements, Chris Holbrook, Ian Walker, Gayle Shaw and Peter Kurylec. The small black and white group posted earlier of the Hollington twins will be contemporaneous with this image. Della Shipston (possibly related to Mark Shipston who was with us on the Berridge visit in 2019) and Elaine Chapman. The teacher is after my time.
  24. Found my old school report today. There it was, on the bookshelf, winking at me in a lurid fashion from its yellow (St David's) cover, as if to challenge, 'Go on I dare you!" As I had been discussing the innovations relating to domestic science with another member, in the years after I escaped, I had a look at the remarks about my prowess (!) in the fields of needlework and cookery. I'd have said, if asked, that we didn't do either after the second year but I'd have been wrong. The two classes were organised into 6 months of cookery, followed by 6 months, ro