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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-52128883 There's always one!
  2. Never seen one with a list! Can't think of any organised, rational female who would send a male out to do the shopping. I certainly wouldn't. He wouldn't do it properly.
  3. It reminds me very much of the medals we were awarded in dancing competitions in the 1960s: gold, silver and bronze (although not those actual metals!) The date may refer to the year the competition was held. It had occurred to me that N might indicate National and A might indicate Award(s) What I stands for is anyone's guess. Ice skating, perhaps?
  4. Don't agree. Takes me five minutes or less to get what I want in any shop. What irritates the hell out of me are males with trollies, buggering about, blocking my way, dithering and generally holding everyone up. It wouldn't occur to me to do my shopping online. I have two legs which are in good working order and I use them.
  5. A female immune to your charm and charisma, Ben? What's the world coming to? I'm sure the canine population has quadrupled at the very least in my neck of the woods. Never seen so many people out with their hounds. Perhaps these doggies don't normally go out, in which case, the current situation has done them a favour. Tarquin has spent the morning in the garden. I'm decorating and every time I go up the ladder, he follows me. He's so nosy! Looks hilarious but it's too dangerous for both of us, so out he went!
  6. I have a photo of Canon Barber and Ruth Barber's grandson has always been struck by the resemblance to his grandmother in old age. Precisely what the family connection is, we don't know but she always said she was related to the Lamb Close Barbers. Her father, Dr Robert David Barber, died young. Too much of a fondness for the demon drink! Good luck with your research.
  7. Welcome, YvonneP. Are you related to Canon Barber? As mentioned earlier in the thread, I have the papers and family photographic archive of Ruth Barber 1899 to 1995 (later Haslam) daughter of Dr Barber of Ivy Cottage, Church Street, Eastwood and his wife, Alice Georgiana Strelley. Ruth is related to Canon Barber in some way I have never managed to work out.
  8. He was indeed, RR. Four legs good. Two legs bad!
  9. I'm sure Bailey would never dream of doing anything like that. He's a good boy. I'm so glad you adopted him. Bet he is, too!
  10. Sergei loves loo and kitchen rolls, as do many of the other Moggies but you wouldn't find the rolls of much use when their claws had finished with them!
  11. I saw Sergei this morning. He was breaking into a packet of Fox's Glacier Fruits! He'd stolen them from somewhere or someone. He won't attempt to eat them. He just likes opening packets! Bless him!
  12. One of them isn't called McCavity, is he PP? The criminal mastermind. We have a cat named Sergei down at cat rescue. He will nick anything! Very intelligent moggie and always manages to look totally innocent!
  13. Dear old Dalai Chulla! I do miss pulling his leg. The saffron-robed one will no doubt be observing the antics of Bulwellians and others, shaking his head, smiling and thinking how fortunate he is to be somewhere a bit more sensible. Enjoy your Tibetan tonic water, Chulla. Don't forget to spin a few prayer wheels for those of us in this crazy plane of existence!
  14. Made me feel much better. We need more like this lady. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-51947299
  15. There is a hand tinted photo of my sister, taken in 1951. I believe there was a company known as Silver Mirror, based in Nottingham. They went from door to door and if you wanted a photo, they'd make an appointment and come to your home. My mum booked an appointment to have my sister's photo taken and a date was duly booked. Julie was washed, brushed, beribboned and dressed in her best frock but...the photographer didn't turn up! Didn't want to risk cracking the camera lens, maybe! Mum was annoyed but resigned herself to not getting the photo taken. The following day, sis had been grubbing about in the garden, playing. Her favourite pastime was collecting worms which she kept in a shoebox. Knock at the door. Very apologetic photographer. Mum was not pleased and had to tidy sis up for the camera. It's a very nice picture and even her eyelashes are drawn on and tinted!
  16. Are you sure he's NOT a cat?
  17. He was a lovely dog, Loppy. Only young. He was clearly looking for some fuss from those in the queue and no one was taking any notice of him so, to begin with, he started winding himself and his lead round people's legs! Each time I walked past, I could see the naughtiness increasing in his expression. It's the same with cats, when you know them well, you can almost mind read what sort of mischief they're planning. I'm sure Jake would never pee on anyone's leg. I was so amused by the little lad this morning that I almost bought him a string of sausages as a reward for bad behaviour!
  18. Thought about our Loppy this morning. Went into the village to get a few odds and sods. There's a little market, of sorts, on Fridays: fresh fruit and vegetables and fish and meat stalls. The queue at the meat van was terrific, not that I'm interested being a vegetarian, but I spotted a young beagle on a lead with its owner quite near the end of the queue. As I went in and out of various shops, I noticed the Beagle edging nearer the front, painfully slowly. He was getting bored. As I returned to the car after my final shop, the Beagle was peeing up the trouser leg of the chap in front. Owner too busy gassing to notice. Funniest thing I've seen since a desperate wirehaired terrier peed in the open handbag of the woman his owner was talking to in the vet's waiting room years ago!
  19. But there's nowt wrong with his legs and he can still chase the ladies...so remember girls, run slowly!
  20. I've been so busy decorating and spring cleaning that I haven't really noticed what's going on outside. Took my coffee into the garden yesterday and listened to the birdsong. Very wonderful to hear it again after the winter. Mrs Blackbird was very busy and I watched both her and Jenny Wren who was busy hopping about in the trachycarpus. They are oblivious to the coronavirus or, if they aren't, they are possibly cogitating on the havoc homo sapiens has wrought on the natural world and that what goes round comes round. They'd be laughing up their sleeves, if they had any.
  21. Izal! Why don't they print newspapers on it?
  22. Many congratulations to you both! 70 years is a milestone very few achieve. Well done!
  23. I'm obviously outmoded. It seems the latest must have fashion accessory is a large pack of bog rolls. The bigger the better. Everyone has one, except yours truly. I'm not expecting an, ahem, outpouring of the squittical kind so I don't see the point. I'm told there was a punch up in our local Tesco yesterday. Bog roll related, possibly. My fridge, freezer and cupboards contain the usual. I won't starve. I refuse to panic. In the meantime, it's decorating time, folks. Bach on the CD player, paint tins at the ready. Might as well do something useful!
  24. I use a small, local supermarket. No problems at all. Well stocked, sensible people just buying what they need.
  25. You're a bit of a disappointment, Phil. If that was benjamin1945, he'd have chased every female staff member in the hospital up and down the stairs by now!