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  1. Are you taking lessons from young Trogg, AG?
  2. That ought to put some fizz in you, then, Beekay!
  3. I've got the frock...and I can still do the high kicks! Get yer tux on Ben and we'll dance the night away!
  4. Red medicine tastes better than anything made by Pfizer, katyjay!
  5. Just cancelled my jab. Now where's the corkscrew?
  6. It's booked for the weekend, Lizzie!
  7. I had my letter yesterday, Nonna, and I'm 63. Several friends of the same age received their letters yesterday, too.
  8. @Grundy The Davys family were very well known to us. Doris and her children, John, Barry, Christine, Trevor, Marilyn and Andrew. I'm still in touch with Christine and Trevor. John died some years back and Barry fairly recently. Sadly, Trevor is not in the best of health these days either. A lovely family. I'm sorry to hear of Jean's problems but glad she has recovered. Please give Su my regards. Julie is currently living in Spain but will be returning to the UK next month, restrictions permitting. Hilda must have died fairly recently. I last noticed her na
  9. @Grundy Su and Julie became involved with the Arts Theatre through Mary Salivansky, their English teacher at Peveril. Coincidentally, Miss Salivansky passed on a few days ago, aged 97. She won many choral verse speaking competitions with her Peveril group, which included Julie and Su. I told Julie about your memories of the roller skates and she remembered you. I knew that Don had passed on, just after my own father, but I didn't know about Hilda. How is Jean? She was always somewhat in the shadow of her older sister, very quiet and unassuming.
  10. My mum sometimes displayed the symptoms of Raynauld's. Supposedly down to poor circulation. I don't have it but I do get pains in my fingers, caused by a dodgy thyroid, even though I'm on medication. It comes and goes but has been particularly annoying these last few days.
  11. @Alpha The only two sisters Glennys can remember who lived approximately where you indicated were the Sheeran sisters Kathleen, born 1948 and Christine (whose name was actually Carole) born 1946. She cannot remember them having a dog. The names are not known to me but I would be very young at the time.
  12. @Alpha I am in touch with lady whose maiden name was Glennys Wells, born 1945 and lived on Grundy Street. Patsy was her best friend and she knew many of the other girls in the area. If anyone knows the identity of the person in question, she will. I'll ask her. Watch this space!
  13. Alpha, the only dog I can think of fitting that description was Tammy who belonged to Jenny and Eric Smith. The Smith family lived at 184 Bobbers Mill Road and had two children: Susan, born around 1948 and Philip, born around 1950. I was very young when Tammy was around but I remember the dog quite well. Susan Smith didn't have a sister but, I suppose, the other girl could have been a friend.
  14. Yes, Alpha. The Taylors lived almost opposite us. Patsy's father, I think, was Frank Taylor. Many years earlier, my mum's older sister, Edna, caused a few problems with Frank. Edna was extremely good looking and had a string of admirers and would-be suitors of whom Frank Taylor was one. He begged her for a date and she finally agreed to meet him but then stood him up. She did this numerous times until Frank's mother came steaming across the road to tell my grandmother what she thought of her daughter's heartless behaviour! The two who lived further up I may remember. Wh
  15. I remember it, too, CT. Jack the cobbler was on the other corner, I think?
  16. Those are the ones, CT. My mum tended to use a Grocer's on the other side, opposite the fish and chip shop. He delivered...a bit like our Ben but groceries only! Wealthall's was patronised by most people in the area as their produce was good.
  17. My family lived on Bobbers Mill Road and, in those days, people tended to do their shopping on a daily basis rather than buy everything at the same time. Supermarkets were unknown or in their infancy. The shops at the bottom of Bobbers Mill Road offered everything one needed for most days and Hyson Green was, generally, a place visited on Saturdays for Woolworth, Boot's, etc. A trip into Nottingham was rare, although I went every Saturday morning for ballet lessons from an early age.
  18. It's just fashion. X celebrity, Y celebrity and Z celebrity decide they aren't getting enough attention and start complaining that they aren't really either male or female but somewhere in between. The idea isn't new. It was known to the Victorians as a Freak Show. Joe/Josephine Bloggs, who would not know what to do with a brain cell if he/she/it/they were fortunate enough to find one, has to jump on the bandwagon because it's what the herd does. They have no identity of their own. They have to copy someone else...as long as they're getting lots of attention that's all that matters
  19. I didn't know the chap in question but there is also an Alan Holmes listed in the cast. Brother, perhaps? I do know they swept the board with Return Journey. They may have performed an extract from Under Milk Wood in earlier years, minus Polly Garter! They must have been good as they were up against the Cooperative Arts Theatre Senior Group and there were some highly talented people in that, including Su Pollard who was and is a brilliant serious actress. I was in Under Milk Wood myself, as one of the children, when it was performed by Max Bromley's group. It's still a
  20. His mental health is all (S)mashed up
  21. Tried all of them. Doesn't work on any! I can live with it!