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  1. Indeed, many thanks to all involved. It is greatly appreciated by all of us I have no doubt!
  2. Felicitations and many congratulations Chulla on hitting 40 yet again! Nice feeling, isn't it? Have an enjoyable day!
  3. #4 For some, evolution hasn't happened yet!
  4. #1 Perhaps yourself and Chulla lived in adjacent caves down in Broad Marsh in the days when it was called Tiguocobauc!
  5. I remember Jack the cobbler who had his shop on the corner of one of these streets at its junction with Churchfield Lane. He was there for years and was a friend of my father's. I cannot recall Jack's surname but I remember the Cherry Blossom boot polish advertisement outside his shop which portrayed a cute kitten sitting in a boot! He repaired all my family's shoes.
  6. #11 and 12 Small world, Catfan. I think I read you also,lived in Birkin Avenue at some point. My great grandparents, William and Lucy Saunt lived at 120 Birkin Avenue, long before my time. Cliff Ton, I also remember Harold Wealthall and his wife. Always got our Colwick cheese from there and veg and fruit. He was never without his brown bowler hat...nor his sarcasm!
  7. My great aunt Rose (nee Saunt) lived on Glentworth Road after the Great War. She had previously lived at number 5 Hazelwood Road around 1905 and by 1913 was living at 520 Berridge Road. Her first husband was Harry Bradley, a letter carrier, who was killed in the war. She later married George M Bowles, who worked as a bricklayer, and moved to Glentworth Road. Rose and George were next door neighbours in 1911, when their respective first spouses were alive. They lived at 94 and 92 Hazelwood Road, respectively.
  8. #23 & 24 Must be the statue of Bast, the cat goddess, on the mantelpiece! Mind you, all the moggies in this house think they're gods!
  9. #26 Terry Pratchett did very nicely out of it!
  10. #21 My little thing turns red!
  11. #17 It must be nice to be universally loved! How do you do it?
  12. I had a look at Google street view of this area and the shop that sold baby clothes is still there but now offers laptop repairs etc. Why does everywhere look such a blessed mess these days? The earlier photo shows clean, neat and tidy buildings and streets. Today, everywhere you go looks like an explosion in a upvc plastics factory! Must be me getting old. I prefer life in black and white...yikes...am I still allowed to say that?
  13. Looking for your recycle bin when it's been emptied every fortnight is an occupation in itself round here. if my neighbour is around, he will normally bring the bins back into my garden for me but if not, you can bet your bottom dollar when I get home from work at least one of them will be missing. I have lost count of the occasions when I simply could not find my glass, tin, plastics, etc recycling bin even though the house number is clearly displayed on the front of it. A few months ago, I made enquiries at neighbouring houses and no one knew anything about it. There are occasions when the
  14. I believe the Divine has a sense of humour! Otherwise we wouldn't have one!
  15. #35 Can you bring some kunzle cakes please? Yummy!
  16. #32 As long as my cats are there! Otherwise, I'm not going!
  17. Ah! Cliff Ton! you've done it again! I've just been reliving walks from my house to Garden Street when I was a very little girl. After I had run up and down the steps in front of Players factory and had a look up at the clock, we would cross the road and instead of turning the corner on to the main Hartley Road, I would always insist on walking up the little alley way that you can see just at the back of that row of shops on the right. We would emerge at the corner with the children's clothes shop which you can clearly see in your photograph. I remember it particularly because they had some ba
  18. No religion or belief can ever justify harming anyone else. I always find great inspiration and wisdom in the words of Gibran: "Say not 'I have found the truth.' Say, rather, 'I have found a truth.' Say not ' I have found the soul that walks upon the path.' Say, rather, 'I have found the soul that walks upon my path.' For the soul walks upon all paths." Belief is a personal issue and, as another wise and much admired person, the Dalai Llama, says, in the end it really doesn't matter which religion you subscribe to, if any at all. It is who you are inside that really matters. I don't think
  19. Thinking of coal distributors, I remember the office of Amos Coal Suppliers and Haulage Merchants which was on the corner of Bobbers Mill Road and Fretwell Street when I was a child. It was run by Ronald Amos and prior to that by his father. Ron and his family lived just round the corner from us on Alfreton Road and his father lived at the top of Bobbers Mill Road. Their haulage yard was on Plantation Side. As my sister went to school with Ron's daughter Jill Amos, we often went round to the yard where we sat and made tea in an old caravan in the school holidays. Ron eventually gave up the b
  20. Welcome to Nottstalgia sirguy. What they don't know on this site isn't worth knowing and they've never let me down. I reckon Cliff Ton's got a magic wand when it comes to obscure Nottingham photographs. He produces em like rabbits out of a hat!
  21. If we were all alike, what would be the use of fancy waistcoats! I'd not heard that one before but rather like it! A friend's grandmother quoted it regularly, apparently.
  22. #151 Indeed! As children, my sister and I were given strict instructions not to wake our parents on Christmas morning before 8 o'clock and we were assured that Santa Claus would leave one present each on the landing that we were quite welcome to open at any time before 8 o'clock in the morning. Of course, we were always scrabbling around to see what Santa had left by about 5 a.m. and we would always find two books wrapped in Christmas paper on the landing with our names on which we took back into our bedroom, unwrapped and then read until it was time to get up. These were sometimes annuals su
  23. It was a good area for shopping and a real community. Last time I was in that area, it looked very different and not in a good way either!
  24. #103 Yes, Carni, it's a terrible shame. On occasions, Emily would impart information, such as the time she told me about my Grandmother's twin boys who were born in 1917. I would imagine Emily was there at the time of the birth because the boys only lived for a few hours but she described them lying in two separate clothes baskets by the fire in my great grandparents house at number 24 Suez Street in Old Basford. Emily said they were so weak they could hardly cry but she remembered them making whimpering noises like little puppies. This was during the Great War of course and my grandfather w