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  1. #359 Great news! That's a repeat prescription for the Hobgoblin for you and an enormous cuddle for the ginger bundle of joy from me!
  2. I suspect it wouldn't be tea and cakes on offer now down Mount Hooton Road!!
  3. Once we reached the fourth form at the Manning school we were allowed to go out at lunchtime and like the Brincliffe girls, one of the places we headed for was the arboretum. We'd have a wander around the Bell Gardens and sometimes look at the few birds that remained in cages, although I never liked that because I hate to see any creature caged up. My most vivid memory of a visit to the arboretum would have been in the very early 1960s because we often went with my parents for a walk on a Sunday and the Arboretum was one of the places we'd go to. This particular Sunday, my father was wearing
  4. I believe it was Cicero who said, "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." I'd like to amend that to a garden, a library, some cats and Bach. That's everything I need!
  5. I too remember with great fondness the Central Library in Nottingham. Library visits started when I was a baby at the Hyson Green Library on Gregory Boulevard, of which I also have very fond memories. Children's tickets were blue and adult tickets were buff-coloured. When I was a pupil at the Manning School, I often went into Nottingham on a Saturday and the first place I headed for was the Central Library. It had a very special atmosphere and hunting for books in there was far superior to anything offered by its successor on Angel Row, which I never liked at all. Many years later, I worked
  6. #27 Can't go anywhere yet Paulus because I have 5 cats to support!
  7. My great grandfather Samuel Ward looked after the Shipstones horses in his later years of employment and he lived with his wife and family first of all in Liddington Street and finally on Suez Street in Basford. As a young man, he had worked on his father in Law's farm in Lambley and was said to be a dab hand at ploughing with a Shire Horse team. He loved those horses!
  8. #25 If you meet a tribe of moggies who are looking for me when you get there, Loppy, tell them I'm on my way!
  9. #182 When I can't sleep at night, which isn't very often, I play the alphabet game. This means I have to find 10 boys' names beginning with each letter of the alphabet and if I manage to get from A to Z I then have to find ten girls' names beginning with each letter of the alphabet. If I manage to do all that and have still not gone to sleep, it's usually time to get up and go to work! It could also be 10 villages or towns in the UK or 10 street names in Nottingham beginning with each letter of the alphabet. It works a treat... but then so does red wine!
  10. My paternal great grandmother died in Bagthorpe, which I think was on the site of Highbury hospital, in 1930, suffering from dementia. Great grandma gave birth to 12 children, 6 of whom died as babies. Of the other six children, one died of a brain tumour as a 14 year old and the youngest was blown to pieces by a shell on the battlefields of the First World War. Is it any wonder she was a bit deranged?
  11. #16 Give it time, Benj! You're only young yet! Like to list the 11 relevant categories? I'm sure we'd all love to know!
  12. #289 Nothing ever bites me so I don't know what that says about my blood but I do know that nothing ever bit my father, nor his father. Dad spent most of the war in the tropics and was never bitten by anything and his father spent most of the Great War in the trenches and was the only soldier there who was never bitten by anything although his clothes were just as full of fleas and lice as everybody else's! Dad, who didn't get on very well with his own father, always said that his father was too mean to part with the blood but I reckon that us Sparrows are just toxic!
  13. Silence. my cats Bach candle light plainchant books my own company sleep the Roaring fire my independence good health the absence of any worries. Just a few things I appreciate at the end of a long day. There are many others. I was brought up to count my blessings and not my problems.
  14. Good heavens Cliff ton, I had no idea it was so close to the place I was talking about the other day. Presumably, when my mother was taking me to the Nottingham Theatre club or the little theatre as we called it, the house where my grandfather was born was still standing. It was not until a few years later that I first saw his birth certificate and discovered that he had been born at 19 Alison Rise!
  15. In ancient China, were not the doctors only paid when their patients were well and not when they fell ill? I believe this was a reflection on the doctor's ability to keep illness and sickness at bay. Such a system would never catch on nowadays. The drug companies wouldn't like it for a start!
  16. #76 Anyone know where Alison Rise was in St Ann's? Or when it was demolished. My grandfather was born there and later lived in Marple Square.
  17. I haven't been near the quack for around 20 years! Last time, they chased me down the corridor wanting a blood sample! They didn't catch me, didn't get one and I haven't been back since!
  18. #242 The quack probably wants to know where to get the best deals on HG, Catfan! Don't tell him. There'll be less for you!
  19. Bailey is a true gentleman by the sound of it and you can bet he'll be thanking his lucky stars he's found such a good billet!
  20. #3573 I probably ate your share as well, Loppy! They were too good to miss!
  21. Remember the trolls too. Ugly things with livid pink or green woolly hair. Didn't like them either. My good luck exam mascot was a Rosebud teddy bear. Given to me when I was born, he's quite rare as not many were made. Rosebud were better known for dolls, which I also never liked. Rosebud teddy accompanied me to exams all the way through school, all the way through University and afterwards. He still has a place of honour among my bear collection and considering that he is now as old as I am, is treated with very great respect.
  22. With a flat head and moronic facial expression...in fact, the image of my erstwhile nosey, village idiot-type neighbour! Bailey would treat one with respect. He just looks that sort of dog!
  23. I remember gonks but never owned one. They didn't appeal to me. I've always collected teddy bears and still have them. I've even been known to liberate bears from children who weren't treating them properly! I'm unrepentant!
  24. #80 Looks just like everywhere else, doesn't it? No character. No atmosphere. No Montague Tigg and Chevy Slyme hiding round the corner!
  25. As I said, I spent a lot of time as a child and teenager at the Co-operative arts theatre, studying dance and as part of the Junior and senior Theatre groups. The Nottingham Theatre club building which Cliff Ton has kindly posted for everyone to see, seemed very basic compared with the Co-operative arts theatre and I realise now the reason why. It had been adapted from a building that had previously had a very different use and would have been much smaller than the Co-operative arts theatre which was itself adapted from a building that had been a Particular Baptist church and was Georgian in o