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  1. That's it!!!! Gosh it's amazing what people can find on this site! Brings back memories! It did seem very much like stepping back into the world of Dickens. The area was not known to me but I've never forgotten the place. Wonder what's there now? Thanks everyone!
  2. I do recall he was something of a snappy dresser! Looked very out of place in that area!
  3. It's a long time ago, Ian. The covered-in footbridge definitely ran at the side of the Victoria station. There were a number of members of the Bromley family, including a Philip Bromley but I don't recall a Janet. I had far more to do with the cooperative arts theatre. This was just a one-off experience.
  4. I think that's the Lace Market Theatre, malc45. The place I went to all those years ago was demolished not long afterwards.
  5. Perhaps Nottstalgians can help me with this memory I have from my childhood. As a child,I attended a ballet class at the Nottingham co-operative arts theatre which was run by Patricia James. It would have been around 1966 or 67 that we had a visit from Max and Joyce Bromley who were movers and shakers in The Little Theatre which was well known in Nottingham. They were staging a performance of Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood and wanted to borrow two or three young children go play the parts of young Welsh children who appear in a couple of the scenes in the play. They were simply walk on parts
  6. I have read elsewhere that Boogaloo was on both Goldsmith Street and Bridlesmith Gate at various times. I do remember Bus Stop which was there for years and The Birdcage which was more my older sister's era. Both stocked unusual designs. Who wants to look like everybody else?...a la Primark?!
  7. The name Boogaloo rings a bell. There was a shop in Hockley where I bought one or two outfits round about 1975 or 76. I couldn't say for certain what it was called but I seem to remember that if you are standing at the side of the George Hotel and walking down towards Woolworths, this shop was on the left and it was on the corner. It wasn't a terribly large shop but it appealed to me because some of the clothes they sold were quite unusual and I still have a black crepe trouser suit that I bought from there in 1975. Haven't tried it on for years and probably couldn't even get into it now as in
  8. Many thanks, Enigma! Recognised it immediately. Remember the stable door at the front. Wonderful!
  9. Odd subject for a vegetarian but I was at school with a girl whose parents ran a butcher's shop on Coventry Road in Bulwell. The name was Chambers, not to be confused with another Chambers butchers shop that was near the marketplace in Bulwell. I visited the shop on a number of occasions and, if memory serves me correctly, it was very old property indeed. The family lived at the back of the shop and also in the accommodation on the first floor. There was a large yard at the rear of the property with quite a number of spacious out buildings. This would be in the very early 1970s but I believe
  10. Just remembered The Lucaya, above the shops on Parliament Street. It was one of my sister's favourite haunts in the 1960s when she worked at Horizon Travel further down the road. I remember going to The Lucaya on a couple of occasions but it must have closed years ago. No idea what is there now.
  11. If people insist on bothering me on a Friday evening at mealtimes when I've been at work all week , they merit all they get so far as I'm concerned. I know they're only doing their job but I do mine too and that entities me to be left alone to relax!
  12. #31 Entirely my own fault, Loppy! Shouldn't have been pinching dad's sauces without his permission!
  13. I usually go up to my partner's house for dinner on a Friday evening. His culinary skills are far superior to mine and I like to have at least one decent meal a week. Just as we sat down to eat,there was invariably a phone call which would be somebody from the Indian subcontinent wanting to sell something or trying to engage me in a questionnaire. I got so fed up with it that one evening I told the caller that I had just murdered my husband in the kitchen because I was fed up with him and I was in the middle of cutting up the body so I didn't have time to speak to him right then but he could r
  14. Had no idea they still made it Terence 12. It was one of my father's favourites and I believe it contained chicory. He was also a fan of evaporated milk in tins! Lea and Perrins sauce, celery salt and various other spices he used to purchase from Burton's under the council house Arcade. I remember as a child finding a large jar of horseradish sauce on the shelf in the pantry. I removed the lid, stuck my finger in the jar and removed a large scoop which I put in my mouth. Never tasted anything so awful in my life and I think my tongue sustained third degree burns! Never been anywhere near it s
  15. Got it now! Site of the old Jersey Kapwood Building?
  16. Remember that as though it was yesterday! Brown's cake shop! Mmmm!
  17. Wonderful photo Cliff Ton! Never seen it before but i'm struggling to place where it is. The only Tesco Express I can find on Alfreton Road is on the site of the former filling station, facing Bobbers Mill Road. Is there another one?
  18. Hound of the Baskervilles, Loppy? Better not. Might give Bailey ideas!
  19. You don't know what you missed, Katyjay! But I enjoyed your share!
  20. www.blackcountrybugle.co.uk>story has a recipe for kunzle cakes.
  21. They were delicious, nonna! Crisp chocolate shell and squidgy fillings! Mmmm! Perhaps they sold them at Marsdens! Benjamin will know!
  22. #3552 Didn't we all? Remember platform shoes? Nearly broke my neck! They didn't last long!
  23. #158 Mervyn Johns of Dead of Night fame, if I'm not wrong and his daughter Glynis. Saw this on TV years ago. Dead of Night is also still very creepy. I also recall House of Mystery with a young Ronald Hines and Nanette Newman. Interesting electrical concepts!
  24. #151 The TV film Goodnight Mr Tom is loved by many people and is well made but it is by no means a true relection of the book which is far grittier and more graphic about the abuse that William Beech has suffered at the hands of his mentally ill mother. Some years ago when I was still teaching, this book was a required read for Year 6 children and I felt that perhaps some of them would have found it rather upsetting. Tom Oakley in the novel is a far less prickly and morose person than the character played by John Thaw in the film and many people who have read the book also complain that the