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  1. I'd already saved the photo, Freckles, so it's safe and sis can have a look at it. Just remembered that the shop I referred to earlier was the same building that used to be, and possibly still is, the Mill Cafe.
  2. Thanks Freckles. Looks slightly before my time but clearly taken in the junior playground. I will send it to my sister who was born in 1950 and also attended Berridge as she may recognise some of the faces. if you can remember any names that would be helpful as it might jog her memory which is usually quite poor but you never know what she might be able to come up with.
  3. Would be interested to see that, Freckles. Peter doesn't appear on any of mine. May have been in a different class but he was my age.
  4. #13 I was at school with Peter Marshall who had a younger sister whose name escapes me. Also Berridge.
  5. This is fascinating. I grew up in this area but had never heard of Nut Yard. I did know that Cyril Avenue had formerly been Chapel Street as the name plate said so and I recall that my mother had a friend whose family had kept a shop there. She once showed me a photograph of it, taken around 1890. When I was at school the Marshall family lived in the Railway House.
  6. I remember a shop on Derby Road which had a red cross in the window and a sign that said Dolls' Hospital. It was near the site of the old Clement Pianos shop. Would that have been the original Sign of Four?
  7. I worked for some years at 24 Low Pavement in Nottingham which was then the offices of Warren and Allen Solicitors. The building itself was a Georgian town house built by the Gawthern family. By the time I worked there, the interior had been divided up into offices but it was still a very interesting place as the original fireplaces and friezes were still in situ. Up in the Attics were the Old servants quarters which were used for storage of files and I did once go down into the cellars. From there, it was quite easy to see caves running off in all directions, some of which must have gone unde
  8. DaveN, that was why versions varied. Some claim it was the Alfreton Road/Hartley Road junction and others claimed it was Ilkeston Road, where the same juxtaposition of buildings occurred.
  9. I seem to recall that there was a legend regarding this area. I may not have got this quite right and I believe versions varied but it was something to do with the buildings on each corner of the crossroads: a school (education), a church (salvation), a pawnbrokers shop (degradation) and a pub (inebriation??). that isn't entirely correct but it was something similar and I'm sure there will be someone on this site who knows more about it than I do.
  10. I can only just remember the original Black Boy Hotel. Guy Gibson and his cronies often spent their evenings there on trips to Nottingham from RAF Scampton and other Lincolnshire bases in the 1940s. It was said to be rat infested but, come on, what self-respecting rat would be seen dead in the concrete box that replaced it?
  11. I may be wrong but I seem to recall that, for a while, this was known as The Black Boy, after the original Black Boy Hotel (which site was later occupied by the Littlewoods store) was demolished. It has been a lot of other things too.
  12. What happened to The Sign Of Four on Goldsmith Street? Presumably (and erroneously) named after Conan-Doyle's story, The Sign of the Four? All my ballet shoes and practice wear came from there when I was a child. Sis, on the other hand, was often in there buying joke/trick items, including a very realistic looking turd which she placed behind the toilet door at home. I remember my mother walking in there and bellowing my name at the top of her voice from upstairs! I knew nothing about it! Got the blame yet again! There were also trick sugar cubes which floated in the coffee! The Sign of Fo
  13. Looks about right. 8 years before I was born. Such a shame to see well constructed buildings semi-derelict. The breeze block rubbish they throw up today won't stand the test of time in the same way. I wouldn't have a modern house as a gift, energy ratings notwithstanding!
  14. #117 Thanks TBI. Got it now. Its heartbreaking to see the area so run down. I, and I'm sure many others, remember it so differently.
  15. #113 that's how I read it. What's the date of this image? I don't recognise it. Is it next to the cemetery?
  16. #111 Could have been Brighter Homes, Catfan. I can't remember but it was there for many years!
  17. There was Farmer's on Exchange Walk. Wonderful fabric shop. Another Aladdin's cave. My sister bought fabric from there for a Peveril School needlework project in the 1960s. It was the end of a roll and she cut the pattern out at home. Sis thought she had a lot of scrap fabric left and she realised why when she looked again at the cutting out instructions. She was supposed to fold the material before pinning the templates on. Result, two of each piece. Sis had pinned the pieces on a single thickness only. Result, one of everything and a lot of scrap fabric which wasn't enough to repeat the exe
  18. If you're anything like me, Catfan, I'm sure you've found that moggies are absolutely useless at wallpaper hanging or painting! Putting their paws in the paint/paste, well that's a different matter entirely, as is ripping the the paper off with their claws when they're bored with it!
  19. Welcome to Nottstalgia Mikeho. It is indeed a great site and perfect for trips down memory lane. Have fun!
  20. As I am still involved in my mammoth gloss painting enterprise, it has brought to mind memories of the decorating shop which was right at the end of the row of shops on Gregory Boulevard, where the post office was in the middle and Crooks the bakers a little further down. Both my maternal uncles ran painting and decorating businesses but they always seemed to be too busy to do anything for us (or themselves) and so my father did the decorating although he freely admitted that he hated it. When required I remember going with my mother to this decorating shop whose name I can't remember, to ch
  21. Oddly enough, Catfan, that lift is still there and is notorious for getting stuck although, thankfully, it's never happened to me! It does feel a bit rickety at times though. The worst thing about that place is the sensors they've installed everywhere (even in the lift and loos!). The stairs have been enclosed with safety glass panelling and because some of the sensors don't respond to the smartcards we all have to wear, I've been trapped on the stairs between floors several times. Better than being trapped in the lift, I suppose!
  22. I remember Towlson's sweet shop on the corner of Alfreton Road and Newquay Avenue. Run by Eric Towlson and his wife. His elderly mother, who had some form of dementia, sometimes wandered into the shop. My sister often nipped in there as Mr and Mrs Towlson had a daughter the same age. I once asked sis to bring me a Funny Face (ice cream). Mr Towlson said he thought she'd already got one! She was so upset she didn't speak to me for ages! Towlson's, according to my mother, had originally occupied the shop on the corner of Alfreton Road and Bobbers Mill Road. She and her little friends spent many
  23. I visit the former Home Brewery building every so often in the course of my work. Interesting place which is costing a lot to maintain and repair. I prefer to go there in winter as it's always like a furnace inside. Old cast iron radiators belting out heat and too risky to open most of the windows which have decaying metal frames (possibly Crittalls) and secondary glazing which has seized up! In summer, it's worse than a bake oven! I recall in 1960 attending my uncle's wedding at the church nearby. Sis was a bridesmaid. Ended in divorce 10 years later!
  24. Another shop I visited regularly was Jeanette's in King Street. What happened to that? It was there for years. Then there was the Silver Bird Boutique on Alfreton Road. I bought some beautiful things from both these shops but unlike Brentford's bedding, no longer have them. Put on too much weight! Was a size 6 to 8 in those days. 18 inch waist which went the same way as all these vanished shops!
  25. Didn't Green Shield Stamps used to be on Maid Marion Way? Dad used to bring them home in reams from the petrol station and it was always my job to stick them in the book! They tasted awful and the tiny dots from the perforations stuck to your tongue! It was quite exciting going to choose your gift. Long before the days of places like Argos!