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  1. I was going to ask that, AG, but didn't like to....you know!
  2. I've been chatting for a couple of hours this evening with one of my teachers from Berridge! I haven't seen him for over 33 years. My word, what a lot of information!
  3. I remember Mrs Gentry very well. She was always baking cakes for raffles! While we were having our lesson, Mrs Gentry would chat to the other mums, including mine. I remember mum saying that Mrs G had experienced a very hard time and extreme poverty in the USA, struggling to find food to eat. I had no idea about the horrific demise of her husband. Janice never spoke of her father to my knowledge. Janice was rather olive skinned with very dark hair and I often wondered if her father had been descended from native Americans. I suspect Mrs Gentry has been deceased for som
  4. I was never any use at badminton. It wasn't me: I'm dark haired (before I went white!!!!) and dark eyed. The drama festivals were good fun. I was a member of the Cooperative Arts Theatre Youth Group. We were all up against the excellent Meadows Boys Club drama group run by the highly talented John Shooter. He did wonders with those lads. Happy days!
  5. Geoff, Janice Gentry? Palin Street? Janice was a fellow pupil with me at ballet lessons in the 60s. Her mum, so she said, had married a GI during the war and had gone over to the USA. Things didn't work out and she came back again. I wasn't aware that Janice had any siblings. I assumed she was an only child. It must be the same family.
  6. It's a pity he didn't tell me he was a gynaecologist. I'd have engaged him to redecorate my hall, staircase and landings through the letterbox! Less mess
  7. Go on then...I dare you! Only bear in mind that His Holiness, The Dalai Chulla will be after you if it doesn't rhyme!
  8. Prefer my version... His name was Ben! O! He was a grocer....
  9. Fancy being kissed on your lunch hour! What's a lunch hour?
  10. Well done Margie fur telling the difference!
  11. Yes, we're all in awe of Benjamin1945
  12. As they say, better the devil you know....
  13. Only if you're being facetious, Mary!
  14. You knew some characters, Geoff. As to Rodney Fogg, he married a girl named Pam and had 2 children. Lived somewhere in Basford. Nice chap but after circa 1984 I've no idea what became of him. Do you remember a Trevor Davys? Grundy Street? Berridge boy who went on to qualify as a teacher. I'm still in touch with him. I knew the whole family. His sister was a Manning girl, before my time. Very nice people. Trevor also sang tenor in the choir.
  15. I did, Geoff. In the last year of Berridge, 1968/9, I went there with a friend and we used to play badminton. I know there were a number of Searcys in the area. Not sure where the chap who owned Searcy Electrical fits in. Re Hyson Green Boys' Club, they were involved in the Nottingham Youth Drama Festival in 1969 under the direction of Cyril Potts. By 1970, they aren't listed according to my programmes.
  16. He'll be going through his book of chat up lines! Watch out women of north Nottinghamshire...and everywhere else!
  17. I wouldn't say I was a Monarchist, although some of them do their share and I wouldn't want their lives. They didn't ask to be born into the media spotlight and I wouldn't want someone with a telephoto lens watching my every move. That said, complaining that the press won't stop hounding you when you're just trying to live your lives as private citizens and then using them to disseminate news of your forthcoming sproglet, complete with nauseating baby bump photos, or spilling the beans on some tawdry, tacky chat show is something quite different. There's a word for it: hypocrisy!
  18. I'm wondering...and letsavagoo will be wondering too, no doubt...whether Dave Searcy was related to the Searcy who ran an electrical shop on Alfreton Road, more or less opposite Grundy Street? He was a bit of a miserable s*d, old Searcy but he was there for many years.
  19. I knew Rodney Fogg later in life. He sang tenor in St Stephen's choir when I was organist there. Nice chap. Woodworking lessons brings to mind peverilperil's bread board! Carry on, Geoff C. We're all ears.
  20. Just don't ask Jill what she did yesterday! You know you're getting old when your memory of 60 years ago is sharper than the present! In mitigation of my not remembering the stage, major alterations took place on that floor during the period after the senior boys departed. We were even moved into the wooden huts in the playground while these were in progress. The stage was probably removed during a period when I didn't go into the upper hall but letsavagoo is correct, I don't remember it.
  21. We're interested, Geoff! Hazelwood Road housed many of my peers at Berridge. Most of the houses had no bathrooms and the loo was outside. No gardens, either. However, the houses were clean, tidy and well cared for with doorsteps scrubbed and donkey stoned to immaculate condition. I walked down there for the first time in many years in March 2019. Appalling! It was never an affluent area but I was really upset by what I saw.
  22. Not difficult to find Ben. Those cheekbones give him away every time!