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  1. To the person who sent me a personal message a few minutes ago, I am unable to access it due to change in the format of this forum. I'm not ignoring you, I simply can't read your message. Please feel free to reply to this post.

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    2. susannahanorak


      I wasn't about/and I wouldn't imagine for one moment you would remember me, and although I remember your name, I can't properly remember you, it was just about some shared connections and me digging around in my past, looking for more than I can remember.


    3. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow





      More memories of the dreaded Manning above, if you haven't already found them. 


      We did have a member, EileenB, who was a Brincliffe girl. She hasn't posted for a long time but if you go onto her profile, you may find Brincliffe related info.

    4. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      For @susannahanorak


      There follows a fairly exhaustive list of Manning staff (not all there at the same time...and some simply 'not all there') with whom I was, unfortunately, acquainted:

      Mrs Wheeler - head mistress.


      Miss Alderson, Miss Pearl A Burnham, Mrs Robbins.


      Mrs M Davy!!!, Mr Hammond,  Miss Scott


      Miss Greig, Miss Ramsden, Miss Steele, Mrs P C Day, Mrs Dance! 


      Dr Smaridge, Mrs Hadwen, Mrs Scofield, Mr D Edgeley, Mr Rundle, Mr Williams


      Mrs D Christie, Mrs Glass, Miss Baines, Mr A Langley, Senor Diaz

      Art: Mrs A Barnes

      Domestic Science:  Mrs Clarke,  Mrs Darroch, Mrs  Bibby

      Music: Mr R Abbey


      Miss Colthorpe, Mr R Wells, Mrs Lowe


      Miss Raine, Mrs Hobson, Miss Fewkes, Miss A Garner


      Mrs Vernon, Miss Fewkes

      Others who must have fitted in somewhere but never had the dubious delights of teaching me:

      Mrs Butters, Miss Newlyn, Mrs Hibbert, Mrs Hall...if I think of any others, I'll let you know.