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  1. When we lived in Anderby we had cess-pits and they were emptied by Cess-Pit -Sid. Just berfore we left 2003 they were going to put most of the village onto the main sewer, just thinking of Cess-Pit -Sid going to sign on and the interviewer asked well Mr Sid what job did you do. ?? The Nottinghamshire 10'o'clock Horses were used in Narrow Marsh and Broad Marsh; they had outside tiolet bin's. These had to be emptid they woud come at 10'o'clock with a horse and cart, to empty them. I was told this as when I met the master my father in law used to live in Narrow marsh,
  2. Morning to all even , big ears. Well update on me? just before I update, glad your a lot better DJ360 now back to subject me I was dianosed with Parkinson's 2010 I was given my nuses details whom I see every 6 months. Last visit i told her that i was having pins needles in both hands, Could not pick up small things if dropped ect ect, A lot of things seemed to relate to Parkie!! but i told my nuse on last visit, Jenny (nurse) who said go to see your GP. (Thats the easy bit ha ha) any way after sitting with master having a drink in a very nice pub, my glass just fell out of my hand, master
  3. Will you lot stop picking on my friend Big Ears you won't want to know us when you have to call him SIR Barrie Big Ears all the best Noddy
  5. Not important Rog just telling you some memories about Scampton, mary
  6. just sat for a while to writing a PM to Rog only to find out that i can;t send it. I am sorry but can not post on site
  7. Spent many a happy night with master in sargent's mess. My brother was stationed at Scampton, when you went to Scampton plantfit did you see (niggers grave) the dog who was in the flim The Dambuster's? The 617 Squadron was formed at Scampton with Wing Commander Guy Gibson they did 8 weeks of intensive low-level training nobody in the squadron was aware of the targets except for the most senior members. the targets were selected the Mohne the Elder and the Sorpe dams the new weapon was, the bouncing bomb; If scampton is sold off what will happen to the dogs grave.?
  8. Lets face it this is not the central market we know amd loved, It should never have moved planner;s/council's again messed up.
  9. Sorry radford had to look back at my post to see about the 5 min rule. Bliue sugar bags ?? you don't see any more maybe my mum and dad used them all up, Dad brought a all night burner (fire that use wood or coal) and to keep it going all night the Blue Sugar bags that you speak of were filled with slack and yes the fire did stay in all night. but hay!!! we got though a hell of a lot of blue sugar bags.
  10. We had 2 Doctors at our surgery on Robin Hood Chase, The waitings rooms were freezing there used to be an electric fire with 1 element on, each time some one had been in to see the doctor they would knock on th waiting room door and say Dr's free the next person would ask is it Dr Davidson or Dr Gomaz if it was Davidson it was a bit like seeing the police sargent, I came home from school one day and my brother and wife (he was in the RAF) wanted to return to camp, but there little boy had come out coverd in spots, Dr Davidson was called well he said it's Measals, my sister-in-law ask if it wa
  11. Maybe our English Mens Football team need to take Lessons from the ENGLISH LIONESSES????
  12. Jill is this Robert Barber who was also a solicitor in Hucknall maybe he wanted 2 jobs?
  13. Belive it or not when I was taken on as a apprentice hairdresser we also had to learn Latin. Here's just a few I can remember. Fragilitas crinium ---- Fragile hair which is dry/brittle and will break easily lacks elasicity. Pediculus capitis Head Louse Pityriasis capitis A Scaly condition of the scalp better know as dradruff Trichonodosis Kotted hair Trichorrhexis inproverished condition of hair. we had to learn these and more for City & Guilds exam and then people says were losing it. Not at the age we are if we can remember
  14. When we were little my mum would send us down to the Hebilist on Hungerhill Rd this was if you bad a cild/flu we used to ask him for 1oz of fever drops cost 6d, when we took it home mum would mix it with a teaspoon boling water and a little sugar, belive or not your cold just went,
  15. I was looking forward to our meetup but had a phone-call this morning fro QMC Spineal unit and they want to see me asap so I am very sorry master and myself just can not get. I WOULD LIKE TO WISH ALL MEMBERS A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A PLESASENT NEW YEAR . PS Message from Brew he hopes you are all keeping well he will not come back to nottstalgia book he wishers you all a very Merry Christmas
  16. Master wanted to live by the sea, so after looking around for a couple of months we found a beautiful 2 bed bungalow. It was at Anderby not Anderby Creek but the Village. I was still at workable age so looked around for work, Master had been semi retired for a while so he easily slipped into retirement. Well New Years Eve came and the high light of that, was up to the village Hall where there was a movie camera which went onto a white sheet to show the movie, you allso had to take your own drink and sarnies. This was not the end of it yes walks!! along the beach were nice except in summer when
  17. If my memory serve's me well the first cheap holidays to Spain were by "Freddie Laker"
  18. Condolences to our ENGLAND TEAM they played well and they should have won!!
  19. Had a good day Friday. Ask my friend what kind of present she would like of me for Christmas, she wanted to see the TR panto. so there we were to 70s+ going of to the panto, when we arrived went over to wish Merry Christmas to the manager who is a freind of mine, he asked what seats we were in and gave us a choice to move as we were in between to schools, Well to hear all the children shouting and laughing was a joy, in front of us was a little girl about 3/4 years old and she was singing and dancing it was a plesure to just watch her, What was a change was the saying "He's behind you"" has
  20. Just a little bit about this new singer that I have found yes she sings county but even master likes her voice so she must be good. Name Lisa Mc Hugh she was born in Scotland but both her parents are Irish so her music is a little bit of Folk mixed with county. Looking around and trying to find a DV of Lisa and music only found one ? why because this is the first one she has made, So if you like music like above give her a trial you won't be dissapointed.
  21. When i brought this it was from his flim GI BLUES the best record for me was "Love me Tender"
  22. MY self and Master were having a slight differance of opinion the other day. It started off by Master seeing Cliff Richards being interviewed on tv. Cliff sorry sir Cliff said Rock n' Roll first came in roung late 50s then it went on from there!!!!! What was Elvis Presley first Hit record well I said Heartbreak Hotel on his masters voice lable? looked it up on inter net and on the site it said Elvis's first big Hit was ""Can't Help Falling In Love" now you and I know this is not right. Can any member confirm EP hit records please?
  23. No , no, Big Ears date is one word then ENGLAND with score then Sen score sorry this is only 3 words to me. NODDY NODDY NODDY