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  1. trogg if you go on to stannspredemolition site you can see lots of photos. You can also take a walk along St Anns Well Road. There is lots of good infomation on this site. Yes It might not have been fit for human habitation but it was a community like no other. Just like Hucnknall Was before "Robin Hood Line" /Tesco'/and Tram
  2. to be honest i'm not sure my self i just thought members were dicussion about this area. Where the railway line was. Never mind I blame the virus,
  3. If the virus was not here, then I would be booking to go over to Ireland for ""Tradfest" week end of Jan, if you like Irish Folk, reble songs. good music, good food, and made very welcome, this is the place to go. Don't mind not going but I feel as though this Virus has cheaied me out of 2 years of my life, and is life not for living not catching b----- virus's. I find myself again behind closed doors, stuck here for 4 weeks or more, Now Netflix is just wonderful, I like a gusty thriller, I'm swooning over idols or some random sexy killer, so lets a
  4. Was the miniture railway near or in the grounds of Valley rd Tennis courts?
  5. Beekay hope this info helps when we were rehoused from St Ann's we were given a house on Longdale Road which is in Daybrook but postal address is Arnold. I'm sure most of you have seen the white wooded clad houses just up from the City Hospital just before Arnold Rd , well these houses go right though to Daybrook Square and they have been built on the old railway line. The first one's built were Dakbrook end , if I remeber you go down Shirebrook Rd on to Edwards Lane then first turning left and thats Longdale Rd just remember I think its Longmead Drive not Edwards Lane. It was a
  6. Hope your OK Brew, Should hate to see you with one arm, if you have it happern again bag of frozen peas doe's the trick. I have a friend who, when having any jab, when the nurse come's over he's usally on the floor out cold.
  7. They say PD doe's not run in familys but last year my bother was dianosed with the condition. At the begining of the year I lost my taste which to be honest is worse than losing your smell (thts only my opinion) I can reconise textures of food but if I close my eyes i could not tell what I'm eating, They have been saying for quite a while that you can smell People with PD but some times I think they just don't no what to say, it still seem's up in the aiir to me. They know what the cause is, but have not any test to prove it, each time you get say ache/pain loss of taste/smell, dizzyness, and
  8. Cricket Sri Lanka 135 all out England 127 trail Sri Laka by 8 runs with 8 wickets remaining .
  9. Sorry OZ but i must just post a little more on PD. "Parkinson's is when your dopamine cells start dying ot have died. This is the chemical messenger in your brain, that controlls movement. When you first see your nurse she will start you on a very low dose of medication, increasing them when needed. drugs for pd act as a subsititue for dopamine by simulating parts of the brain where dopamine is lost. these dtugs do have side effects (which I will tak about later) as not every one gets them. There is not a real test for Parkinson's as yet there is no cure just
  10. That little bridsmaid looks so sweet and innocent are you sure it's you Lizzy?
  11. P_______off and just got out of bed
  12. nonnaB On going a walk with my Rotti I saw two men who were training a Pitbull they were hitting him with a leather piece of strap while the dog hung on to some tree branch. I only knew that this dog was being trained to be a fighter because at the time I was doing working dog trials, and we had seen a dvd on how they train Pitbulls. First phone call RSPCA.
  13. Just a little more to members who wish to know Parkinson's UK they are our life line you can get in touch with them any time day or night you can always speak to a nurse if you are really worried no matter what they will help. If interested see there web site. A few more facts. I may have a Tremor. I may suddenly be unable to move. (its called Frezzing) I may be slow or unsteady on my feet. I have difficulty speaking or writing. I can hear and understand you. Please give me time. Parkinsons UK do a lot of Fundraising which is spent on tr
  14. OZ you say suffering from PD not sure what you mean, as most of us that have PD take each day as it comes. I do not wish it on others the hardest thing is when you get pains, can't move and you speak to your GP asking is it PD? all they most times say is well it could be. What most of us do is keep moving any way any how but keep moving, seeing as you have sent back a post I will contiue with just a little more about PD. OZ I started this post just so people might see that PD is not just a tremor, but more. I play indoor bowls with a gent who has PD really bad, it takes him about
  15. Cant argue with you boy's but i worked at a large doctors surgery for about 3/4 years as a receptionist and of cause there are some nice receptioist out there. The reson they ask so many questions is that the doctor's want all info so they don't have to look/read what it says on their screen. Our's was a very big practice we had approx 15 doctors 30/40 addmin staff site manager staff manager and 4 social workers 4 speacial Nurse's 2 midwifes but not all at one surgery. Main Surgery Churchills plus 3 more small one's. We had one doctor who name i won't tell, but he was always rude to all the re
  16. I hear what you are saying about giving your dog a bath, you can imagen when I had my Rotti. I put on plastic apron, found lots of old towels, had nice warm water ready, shower paused. Right pick up Rotti and place in the bath. it was easy no, no, no, Belive it or not Pip hated water, that is water of any kind, if you took her for a walk after it had been raining she would walk around a puddle yes !! A big mad wild Rotti who hated water. At the time where we lived I could walk down to Bulwell Hall, going on the path to the hall was a small, well the only way I could get her t
  17. It Was a member on the forum suggested that i put it on as a topic, because not much is known about the condition. Sorry if I have affeneded you OZ but its life so to speak. So I will not write any more about the condititon just one last word though More men get PD than women. Subject closed SMD1947
  18. Stavertongirl AH poor Kai you are a spoilsport but i did have a laugh , where is your sense of Adventure? just think what you have missed, given Kai bath or shower when arriving home, let him/her shake all the mud and suds around the bathroom , then after Kai has ran into the living room jumped on the sofa trying to dry its coat on you carpet or rug, not forgetting if you have wooden floor the dogs love to skate on them. Been there done it with a Rotti advice get you wellobs on and jump in the mud then mabe Kai might /just/ might see what a fool you look and maybe yes maybe won
  19. Hi Ben when i was a hairdresser and worked at Hair Progress in Buwell my first ever client named Mrs Monk and she had this condition where her head would not stop shaking, the only problem was she used to have her hair tinted/coloured and guess what ? yes the colour she had on her hair was BLACK you can imagan cleaning the salon after Mrs Monk had left oh forgot it was also sets with rollers no blowdrying. How many rollers i picked up from the floor I have lost count.
  20. Jill if you are sitting resting and your leg/hand tremor then get your GP to look into it. If it's just a tremor when you are drinking you wine or beerthen don't spill any.
  21. Missed you Brew Glad you'r back.
  22. Parkinson's a better understanding. Most of us with PD manage it well wilth help from our PD nurse. When you have being dianosed with PD you are allocated a Nurse who specialise in PD. Depending what PD you have (as there are quite a lot ) see with see you in 1month 6 months or when she feels that you need her. My nurse is Jenny and she is more lik a friend and has a way of explaining every thing that is going on with your PD. in simple terms. Symptons People with Parkinson's notice that their movements become slowe, muscles feel stiffer and less flexible and/or they m
  23. My mum was in a home of the last few years of her life she was 99 when she passed away wirh Dementia. The thing is by the time the illness has got hold nothing works any more, My real mum passed away long before. This person in the home was a stanger to me she was in the home for about 3 years When we went to see her she would aways give you a big smile. Even if she did not know who you were. One day I took the photo album to show her, all of a sudden she said that's my dad what time is he comming home from work? So there was still a little bit of mum in there.