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  1. Welcome Stuart to our mad house just adding to Big Ears post Was lt true that people would kept moving around and they would always flit at night so the 9 o'clock horses didn't get them ?
  2. !!!!"" You wish OZ"""!!!!! sorry OZ will join you a the funny farm. I hear a train a coming Johnny cash
  3. A big welcome Stuart 1964 I'm glad that you have joined us because being one of the mature people, tec things are passing me by, so instead of me keep asking out leader cliffton about (how do I do this/that) I can perhaps ask you. Please don't let this message put you off our site, to be honest half of us on the site are just ???? Any way keep posting looking forward to reading your comments.
  4. Hi to Stuart 1964 use to go up to The Royal Penthouse bar Friday nights SOOOOO!!!! Thanks Stuart You have made my day.
  5. Send him to play on Nottingham castle
  6. Living in South Africa during the partite they had a lot of different races. 1/ South African White english speaking carried a card for proof 2/ Afrikaner Dutch person who came up with the Afrikane's Language 3/ India's who lived mostley in Durban. 4/ Coloured mixed race who live in the Cape 5/ Bantu Black race ps/ used to have a beauty therapist worked for me and I ask her what should i say and she told me black because I am. Just like you are white. Never Ever say kaffa to a black person it is very bad word. When having a drink in the Hotel
  7. Up at 2 26 am have problems sleeping so go around our site. Came across this posting and read all comments. Now I have never smoked, and I don't condone any one who doe's. To me its like a first class drug, once hooked its hard to break the habit. Can members remember when you came out of school there was always some one trying to offer you some kind of drug, go on just try it they would say!!! this was untill the police were involed then no longer were any one standing out side the school gate. I once worked at a doctors surgery, and we had a new GP start
  8. Due to an hospital addmission I had to have a covid test, last appointment for going into hospital was canceled. The first covid test came though the post, compleated it and sent back, as opp been canceld had to wait to be contacted for another opp date. One came though and the young lady told me that she would order transport, when text came though regarding transport it seemed that this time i had to go to the city hospital for my covid test. Told the girl that it said not to use taxi's but she said it was ok as they had arranged it. Now I must live about 5/7 miles from the city hospital w
  9. Just looked at pics which CliffTon has put on and where the Subway is that is where I thought the Gingham Kitchen used to be. Can any member correct me please if i'm wrong. ps just put it down to an age thing,
  10. Hi Jill must addmit can not remember Fords being near or around Clumber St. The only fords that i can remeber was on Broad St Nottm. The Dance school did it go on to be The Hippo night club. Going back to Gingham Kit, to-day going down Clumber St and were HSBC Bank is , was the Gingham kit along that road and facing it was a shoe shop at the time i remember it was JJ 's am i right.
  11. A big welcom Mrs B from us all, I'm sorry can not help all i remember is a dance school some where on Clumber St and shoe shops; shoe shops and more shoe shops. One more shop i remember is "MAYS" the jewellery shop. History (my mum had her engagement ring from there) things go around don't they as I also brought my engagement ring from there. I will rephase that (it was master who brought the ring) plus when mum had her ring year 1935 they gave you a china tea service with it. When i had my ring (a few years later) 1965 you were allso given a china tea service. I have mums but what hap
  12. Hi nonnaB nice to speak to you again yes your right all the Audrey's salon belonged to Alan and Audrey Simms. They had a daughter whom they allso called Audery staff used to say little Aurd and big Aurd. Racking my brains just can remember some young girl winning a comp, not sure which one? Could have been Goldwell cup or Hairdressing Guild cup, (which Allen ended uo being chairman of Nottm branch) or L'oreal colour Trophy, It could be a test for us to find out? only if we have time. Friday nights out all the staff stylist and juniors used to go to the Sal up staires remember they had half
  13. Sorry BK I almost forgot you don't need a Halo as you say your King of the Road. So members watch this space?
  14. Knighthood for Beeka 1.When invading East Sussex you should hve had army with you so Failed. 2/ You did not pick the right profession not butchers boy but? you should have been an Hovis boy so Failed. 3/ Suspension Bridge you did not dive of this at the right place. In the middle is best why? its only 3ft deep. (or was) Failed 4/A TIN OPENER FAILED It should have been a Combine Harvester 5/ Nottingham Spasticity society For being on the Executive committee Well Done . PASSED ARISE SIR BARRIE
  15. Thanks DJ BEST WISHER TO ALL FOR 2022
  16. Well up to now The Red Men are losing to Huddesfield. They could do with a manger shake up.
  17. Photo page 60 1977 Radford rd Hyson Green. If you make photo larger you can see a salon "Michael Allen" this was one salon that I worked at. Just a bit of info Micheal was married to Aurdrey and all his 8 salon's which he owned was named Aurdrey's but at 32 she had a brain tumor and she did not survive. He then changed the name to Micheal Allen. Still one salon is being used it is in Wollaton. The wholesalers called Rendezous allso belonged to the Allen family. If I remember correctly the salon on Radford Rd/Berkin Ave was his first salon and he went on from there.
  18. Just to add to radfordred picture!!!! just taken from ordnance survey map of 1901 second edition Old Narrow Marsh and Broad Marsh from Lister Gate/ Drury Hill/ Leen Side / Canal Street/ Station Street/Carrington Street in between were New Bridge St/ Harrington St / Canaan St / Castle St /Clifton St / Grove St / Taylor St / Manton St / albert St Alban St / Elgin S t / just to name a few Maybe its the car park that is the start of the Marsh's ps don't forget the 9 00 clock hos'ores , (HORSE's)
  19. Gone are the days my friend, we thought that they would never end Mary Hopkins
  20. Sat here thinking ????? Now Now you lot my upstairs doe's work. some times. Ita my Brithday soon wouldn't it be nice to have big "PARTY" with a real live group playing music, free booze, lots of nibbles OH! NO!!! said wrong word again, I mean food nibbles. and lets be our age. SOME PARTY GAMES. Of cause all members would be invited one can only dream.