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  1. All done last week, I spent today down at Trent lock today.
  2. I'm thinking it's the chemist that was opposite Ebers Road.
  3. Hi, I was told nine pubs by an old boy (he was old, he knew my great grandfather) that used to live on Roe Hill. It was always a bit vague as to where they were, as most of them were just someone's frontroom serving a sort of home (made) brew. The one on Shelt Hill was surposed to be next to the old dairy. As most of the fields around woodborough have now disappeared, you may not have noticed the colour of the soil. If you go over Roe Hill towards the Lido or over the field towards Lambley, the ground is more clay. Back in the days before sewerage and septic tanks, people used outside loos
  4. I managed to find a few pictures worth scanning. 1976 was the last time I took a picture there. Woodborough 1973 Small's Croft 1976 Woodborough Post Office - 1976 Woodborough - 1970s
  5. I have fond memories of Woodborough and I think it's got charm. I know exactly what your sister means about descending Bank Hill. I remember it as a working village, people that lived there worked there or nearby. From the mid to late '60s it slowly became a dormantory village. The link is very interesting.
  6. It was an amazing place, I went to the '74 concert second row from the front and in front of Jon Lord. He yelled to the sounds guys that he wanted everything louder than everything else, I believe the balcony actually rocked and swayed that night. I went to see Black Sabbeth there the same year. Deep Purple cost £2 and Black Sabbeth cost £1.80.
  7. An interesting read from a town planner, Nottingham - A Reluctant City
  8. I went to see them at the Glasgow Apollo as well. I was working for BP in Grangemouth and lived in Bo'ness for a few years.
  9. I thought there was one on George Street. I just cannot remember the name, just remember it being double fronted.
  10. It used to be a beautiful village, it has been ruined by new uinsightly estates and new builds. My grandmother lived there so, I've known the village since the fifties. it always flooded, the houses on the south side of main street used to get the water. Somewhere, I have a load of pictures of the village that I took in the 1970's.
  11. I've only ever seen one of these. My dad was in royal navy, we went down the Portsmouth to see him off. On Portsmouth and Southsea station was an old lady driving one, that would have been around 1957 -59
  12. :laugh: Thinking changing wheels for floats.
  13. The 82 mph light blue Invacar. Production of these disability cars actually ceased in 1977, but they remained in use until the 31st March 2003. The government deemed the car to be no longer road worthy and ordered them to be scrapped. However, you can still pick up a "Barn" find like this one.
  14. Hi, lived in the Notts area most of my life, first school was Clifton Village School back in the late fifties. Family on Mothers side is Derbyshire on Farthers side Nottinghamshire and south Yorks.