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  1. my dad had one of those radios, he used to listen to the Goon show on it.
  2. I was too late to answer this! I recognise it as Church Street, Lenton, I grew up on Midland Avenue, which is just down to the right of the photo. There was also a little twitchell went through from Church Street down onto Midland Avenue.
  3. I would dispute the notion that community spirit is gone form the Meadows. 30 years after leaving Mundella school, I am now working in the meadows childrens centre, and have often been struck by the vibrant community feeling which is still very strong, and have seen how people support each other. The diversity of race, culture, language, and class is huge, and often transient, but the meadows spirit is still as strong as it ever was. I dont live in the meadows but I know the area well.
  4. my husband has the dubious honour of having been barred from most pubs in Beeston and Stabbo, about 30 - 35 years ago, if anyone remembers two biker brothers by the name of Patterson, I ended up with the eldest. Has anything changed? well they are still bikers.. but nowadays they prefer to stay in the pubs, rather than be chucked out.....
  5. spangles. Ice breaker bar. Jubbly's - those big triangular suckers.(not a dudoo, really, but I used to like them) Lucky bags. chocolate limes from the corner shop.
  6. found him...
  7. he had a rock &roll band called the flash cats, and he used to go to the same clubs as me. Quite a nice guy, I seem to recall.
  8. I only knew it as Uriah's, we always used to sit downstairs. At closing time they always used to play Frank Sinatra's "new york, new york" and everyone would stand on the tables and sing along.
  9. my dad used to say rammel. if I was late home from a night out, my mum would say "yes, ya bu99er, where've ya bin till this time". There was a steep little alleyway at the top of our street which everyone called the "twitchell". But the funniest thing I remember, was when an Asian family moved into a house on our street. I was about 5. My dad told me they were indians - I thought he meant cowboys and indians, so I asked where they kept the bows and arrows. From that day on he called them the "navajo brown" family.
  10. whatever happened to Wayne Kennedy?
  11. Can anyone remember one summer on the Victoria Embankment, there was an outdoor rock concert featuring local bands, which led to the release of an album called "Castle Rock". I was about 13 and it was the first live gig I ever went to. I remember a song "first teenager on the moon" or some such.
  12. I used to go to Isabellas, Annabels, Camelot, Madison.. can remember Tiffany's, Scamps.. and one place where I always used to hang out was Uriah Heeps, a wine bar next to the cross keys. And then there was the Asylum, and the Final Solution.