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  1. We’ve just had an early supper at Rick Stein’s in Sandbanks. We’ve been there a few times and it’s absolutely fantastic food and service in a great location, but you pay for it. It was busy, bustling and special so they’re doing something right, unless people just want to dine there because of the name.
  2. It was the end of our garden when I lived during my early years in Nevvo. So narrow I could leap over it as an 8 year old.
  3. Well done everyone who tried and succeeded and also failed, like me. I’ve always felt that I’ve recovered really well from my 2 surgeries but although I can walk miles I’m obviously not THAT fit.
  4. Having just read Margie’s post about hopping up the stairs has prompted me to ask if any of you can achieve a certain exercise. When I went to see my Colorectal Surgeon the other week I was on the couch and he asked me to put my ankles together and lift both legs (straight) at the same time. I hadn’t got a hope in hell of managing that, in fact I couldn’t even THINK about doing it. It’s an exercise used to check muscle strength in patients who’ve had abdominal surgery (like me). I saw my son a few days later and told him about it. He lay on the floor and lifted his legs without any effort at all, but then he’s about 30 years my junior. Go on, give it a go and make me feel very unfit
  5. It must be very painful Nonna, inconvenient and awkward too. I pray that I never have a problem with my right hand as I’m totally useless with my left, I can’t even cut my right hand finger nails.
  6. I had a pneumonia jab a couple of years ago apparently, I honestly can’t remember having it but the Practice Nurse said I’d had one when I had my Annual Health Check recently. I had the Shingles jab last year too. However I was under the impression that the pneumonia jab protects a person for life ....... maybe it depends how old you are as to how long ‘life’ is expected to be ......
  7. Well it’s Party Conference season so when are we having a Zoom Conference? I’m missing you all
  8. I’m sorry, I’ve been on the pop already this evening, just carry on and I’ll observe proceedings until I can offer constructive comments. When and where are we having the Party Conference btw?
  9. Ok, just seen Brew’s post, maybe Jonab could be Foreign Secretary?
  10. Can I suggest Nonna is given the Foreign Secretary post as she’s more qualified than I. I’d like to be Minister for International Trade please
  11. Was your swab test collected or did you post it to them PP? My letter is at home so can’t check but I have a feeling it said the swab would be collected from my home. If so ...... yet another ridiculous expense.
  12. Has anyone else been picked ‘randomly’ to take a Covid swab test? 2 or 3 weeks ago I received a letter from NHS/Imperial College/Dept of Health & Social Care/MORI inviting me to take the test. I agreed to be involved so they’ve apparently sent the test to me, however I’ve been away for the past 10 days and still am. I think they want my swabs back before I get home so I won’t be able to do it. The thing is, this test will only tell them if I’ve GOT Covid. To me it seems a complete waste of money on their part. Is it just another way of getting Covid case numbers up to frighten the hell out of us?
  13. Very interesting article LL, far too much for my little brain to take in though. Certainly in the beginning, 7 months ago, nobody knew what we were heading into and the World Governments and media have made everyone fearful. I’m following the guidelines and rules because it’s the law, the only reason I will wear a mask.
  14. My son has just told me that 97% of deaths from Covid in the UK are of people aged OVER 90. He says he got the info from the NHS website. I’ve not looked but I can believe that fact.
  15. I agree Phil. In the last couple of months we’ve test-driven a Tesla 3, a Tesla S and a Porsche Taycan. None of them have an acceptable range (for us) although they are all superb cars to drive with fantastic acceleration. A good friend of mine has had a Tesla S for several years, she loves it, but so does her husband ..... they fight over who uses it every day ..... his car is an Aston Martin.
  16. My word CT, there’s a lot to take in on that link. When I was at Carlton-Le-Willows in the 60s I never gave that building a second thought ...... nor Gedling Manor (which was right next to the Grammar School) I will need to read the article several times to get the history fixed in my head. The Smith banking family had Mapperley Hall built too I believe.
  17. No way do I feel old and vulnerable, even though the powers that be keep trying to persuade me I am in THAT age group. Just let me be, I’ll be careful and wear a mask when necessary but I refuse to be fearful. I’m more concerned for my family ...... my grandchildren having their education disrupted this year ...... my sons who are trying their best to keep 100+ employed worldwide with severe restrictions on air travel. This virus hasn’t affected us two a great deal, we don’t need to go out to work, so long as we can stock-pile enough toilet rolls we’ll be ok.
  18. Does the ‘half finger’ get sore Phil? Years ago an old neighbour, a retired farmer, had only half an index finger due to a farming accident. He ALWAYS wore a dirty little cover over the end as it became very tender.
  19. Nonna, hope you get your wrist pain sorted soon. Here our prescription service works really well. Both of us are on repeat prescriptions and all we need to do is phone the pharmacy (which we nominated to link with the doctor’s surgery) and the medications are ready to collect within 48 hours, but normally will be ready within 24 hours. We can only order repeat prescriptions every 2 months. For one-off prescriptions we need to go to the surgery to collect then go to the pharmacy to pick up the drugs. in other news, I mentioned the other week that I’d got nowhere with the GP when I asked for a scan to try to establish why I’d had a pain in my left side for literally months. She told me she wasn’t permitted to send patients for an NHS scan unless there was evidence of Cancer. I decided to contact my Private bowel consultant who operated on me a couple of times 3 AND 4 years ago. I had a face-to-face consultation, examination, extensive blood tests and a CT scan and yesterday he phoned me to give me the good news that there’s nothing dreadful to be concerned about, all my internal organs are in fine fettle and the aches and pains are likely to be due to the surgery I’ve had, where muscle tissue has now become scar tissue. He assured me that I’ve had ‘a good MOT’. It’s cost a couple of thousand but worth every penny to have peace of mind.
  20. Carni, it’s wonderful that after 50 odd years you two are still soulmates and the best of friends, it’s a fab photo of two teenage ‘lovebods’ at Skeggy!
  21. I read an article by Luke Johnson in today’s Sunday Times, it puts this ‘pandemic’ into perspective. How many of us actually remember the Hong Kong Flu Epidemic of 1968-69? I don’t ....... maybe it was because I was a teenager enjoying life to the full or maybe it wasn’t being reported on TV and radio, which was all we had in those days, apart from newspapers. No internet, social media etc. to stir up fear 50 years ago. Luke Johnson says that according to Encyclopaedia Britannica between one million and four million people died of Hong Kong flu worldwide. At that time the global population was only half of what it is today, 7.8 billion. Covid-19 is unlikely to kill one million people. Half a century ago the world took a pandemic in its stride, we all carried on going to work and socialising. This time almost a third of the country’s working population has been paid to be idle, sitting at home, enjoying a lovely summer of sunshine and warmth. Children have missed out on vital schooling and important exams. Businesses have gone bust, cancer and heart operations have been put on hold, the damage this pandemic has done is immeasurable.
  22. We both had our flu jabs on Thursday at our lovely local Pharmacy, same as last year. The surgery sent a text the other week to get appointments booked but apparently they haven’t got any vaccine yet anyway. A couple of months ago the surgery rang me to see if I wanted to go in for a Shingles jab. I asked if that was all I was being offered and they said yes as I’d had a Pneumonia jab a couple of years ago ....... I don’t remember that happening! I’d been hoping to get my Annual Health Check but they were only dealing with Shingles jabs. I’ve finally had my Health Check, 5 months late.
  23. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, we appreciate them very much. I’ve spent the day getting rid of a great box of unused insulin needles, dog food and flea treatment things. We have 4 dog beds (2 in Nottingham and 2 in Dorset) which I’m going to drop off at the lovely Doggie Daycare place in Bulwell that Jack went to occasionally. They loved him and he was happy to go to them, he’s stayed with them for 2 weeks when we’ve flown away on holiday. It’s been strangely quiet and empty in the house for the past two days but we’ll soon come to terms with living without him, hopefully.
  24. Thinking of you Col, hope you get sorted and out of there quickly.
  25. Yes friends, our little Jack is now resting peacefully 4 foot beneath one of our flower beds. I’ve just not felt like logging on here for a couple of days. Yesterday morning the very difficult decision was made to let him go. He’d not been interested in food (for only a couple of days though) but he was looking so sad and sorry for himself. This, together with the blindness, was terrible to witness, stumbling up and down steps and bumping into things. He’s continued to sleep in our bedroom or on the landing but In the early hours of yesterday morning he’d got downstairs and gave a little bark, a call for help it seemed. Roger came downstairs and discovered a big puddle and whilst mopping that up Jack did a poo, even though the door into the garden was open. He hadn’t eaten his meal from the night before and wasn’t interested in food. The decision was made, we rang the vet and a few hours later Roger drove him to the vet who put him to sleep in the back of the car. He remained there, wrapped in his own special red towel, until this morning when our gardener arrived to dig the hole. The three of us had a small whisky before the hole was filled in, this was before I’d even had any breakfast! Jack has been a great little dog and we’ve loved him for nearly 14 years. He’s wrecked the house, digging up carpets when he hasn’t wanted to be left home alone. He’s escaped from a dog-sitter in Broxtowe but amazingly found his way home to Mapperley Park, crossing major roads but sustaining a dislocated hip which couldn’t be fixed so he had major surgery, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, at great expense to the management. A few months later he was tearing around the garden, chasing cats, like nothing had ever been wrong. That little dog has walked with us hundreds and hundreds of miles, including the whole length of Hadrian’s Wall. He’s been with us on trips throughout the UK, down to the French Riviera and the Italian Tyrol, always just happy to be with us. He needed us, he felt safe. ........ and we cherished him. We’re devastated to lose him but it was the kindest thing we could do.