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  1. The sleet and rain delayed my trip into town yesterday (Friday) but will try to come and say hello today Mr Engineer
  2. When Cods Scallops opened a branch in Carrington we were quite excited as we’d heard and read that the Wollaton branch was winning awards. I would order on line and nip down to pick up our meal without having to queue. A couple of years ago the meal I collected was really not up to scratch, there was a dried out piece of fish in the batter, chips and mushy peas were just acceptable. I sent them an email to complain, I didn’t want to make a fuss by going in there but decided they needed to know we’d not been happy. I received a quick response offering us a free meal next time. A few week
  3. My Dad, born 1921 and living in Lenton, passed the exam to go to High Pavement but refused to go because he wanted to play football and not rugby. He went to Cottesmore Boys, captained the school football team and also Nottingham Boys. His parents were struggling financially in the 30s, with Grandad’s timber business collapsing, so I doubt they had an issue about their football-loving son deciding which school HE wanted to attend!
  4. This discussion is really interesting. I passed the 11+ and went to Grammar School, although I was never in the A stream and left after ‘O’ Levels for the only reason that I wanted money in my pocket and didn’t fancy 2 more years of school and maybe 3 years of University. In fact at C-Le-W GS all the kids who went on to Uni appeared to study Medicine or went to Teacher Training College, neither appealed to me. Moving on about 15 years and our eldest son went to the local primary school in Bedfordshire. He was doing ok but he was a shy little lad. The school sent a letter home announcing t
  5. But it’s like riding around in a biscuit tin!
  6. Insured Little Mo recently for just over £100 for the year. Not bad but she hardly ever goes onto the road!
  7. Our neighbour, a very fit early 40s young man, had a really nasty accident on his bike 3 weeks ago whilst out on a club run. He lost control of his bike and hit a car. He was taken by ambulance to QMC with multiple broken bones …….. jaw, shoulder blade, several ribs, several fingers, broken leg and a smashed ankle. He underwent a couple of operations and was home after 2 weeks. The fact that he was so fit before the accident has evidently helped his recovery, but it will be a long time before he can get on a bike again.
  8. Just found this post I made about a year ago, when our motor insurances were last due. At that time we got a more ‘acceptable’ quote of £1381 for our S8, but still ridiculously expensive. We’ve just had a renewal quote from the same provider (M&S Insurance) and this time it’s £3502! As the car has hardly been driven in the past 7 months due to my husband’s mini-stroke and he was advised not to drive, we’d already discussed getting rid of both of our cars and buying one that we’re both happy with. We really don’t need 2 cars anymore, although until recently I was dead against losing
  9. @Trogg I’m so pleased and happy for your wife that she’s back home under the care of you Nurse Gladys. Take good care of yourselves and don’t overdo things.
  10. About 30 years ago we nearly bought a house that had a room fitted out with those narrow drawers used for seeds etc. it was a lovely house built in the Queen Anne Revival style for the Head Gardener of Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire. We decided that the property was too big for us and Mentmore, being a hamlet, was too small for this ‘city girl’ Mentmore Towers is almost an exact copy of Wollaton Hall, but built about 300 years later for the Rothschilds.
  11. So sorry to hear your news @nonnaB, how devastating for your family.
  12. @troggI’m so sorry your wife is still struggling with her health and hope that now she’s home being cared for by you she’ll make a speedy recovery.
  13. Yes CT, I saw that odd post about Palestine (and Bit Coins) yesterday and was hoping you’d log on to get rid quickly.
  14. @IAN FINNthe Horse & Groom Linby has had troubling times recently and was closed for a while in the past few months but I think it’s open again now. I think I’ve mentioned on here before but the pub was in my family for getting on for 100 years until my Uncle Charlie retired around 40 years ago. Before Charlie my Great Uncle (George Jennison) ran the pub and before him his father Isaac had it.
  15. We’ve got a 1937 Morris 8 cluttering up our garage, she’s called Little Mo and it’s like sitting in a biscuit tin when I’m persuaded to go for a ride in her.
  16. LizzieM

    Steve Wright

    Yes, I expected to log on and find lots of tributes to one of the best DJs ever. A true professional with a fantastic ‘radio voice’. I could never understand why the hierarchy at the Beeb kicked him off the afternoon show.
  17. Several years ago we bought some paintings from the gallery in the Arcade. They were delivered to us by one of the ‘art consultants’ who said they took them from the gallery down to the car park (behind that green door) so as not to be carting them through the middle of town.
  18. Courses to study ‘Taylor Swift’ are now being offered in the US. Our neighbour’s daughter left NGHS with excellent A level results and went off to study ‘History of Art’ in London. Last I heard she was working in a pub. Unless a kid is exceptionally arty I would think an art related degree is a waste of 3 years and a lot of money.
  19. Never heard of the Dorchester in Nottingham, was it as posh as the Park Lane Dorchester?!! The Sagaar was TERRIBLE when we last frequented the place, then during Covid we ordered a takeaway which was awful, the food was swimming in oil. It looks closed now, maybe they still do takeaways though. I certainly haven’t seen the man with the dodgy wig in the supermarkets buying a trolly full of iceberg lettuces lately.
  20. World Service is good @philmayfield, ‘though we’ve not been there since before Covid. Not surprised Harts closed down, whenever we dined there the restaurant was quite empty so there wasn’t much atmosphere. We’ll certainly give the Forest venture a try, if it happens.
  21. Definitely Gold Hill, Shaftesbury. We walked down and up it last summer. I took a few pics but have forgotten how to put photos on here
  22. My husband went there last week to play snooker. He used to go there regularly but got out of the habit. We had a snooker room at our previous house which was brilliant for parties and to keep our teenage boys and their friends entertained.
  23. So sad, even though I’ve not set foot in the place for more than 50 years it was part of my growing up and holds good memories. It will be a pity if it’s demolished however it does look very tired and scruffy now.
  24. Fantastic red sky right now.