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  1. I thought you might be including a couple of days at The Open? You’ve had awful weather, even worse than down in Notts. but I see you’re getting around visiting lots of interesting places that I’ve never heard of.
  2. That would be an interesting journey, wonder how much the trip costs? It’s probably a lot cheaper to fly! OK if you haven’t got unruly kids in the carriage with you. We were on a train from Wimbledon into St Pancras last week and about 30 seven year olds got on with their teachers, you couldn’t hear yourself think!
  3. My Audi S3 had a full service today, including air-con re-gas and new rear brake pads for £425. We always go to a local garage rather than Audi dealership, where it would probably have been closer to £1000 for today’s work! But must remember to not talk to ‘Farouk’ about cricket, it’s difficult to get out of there!
  4. No neither of them Ben, I’ve just remembered it was Paul Allott
  5. We’ve just had a few days away and let the train take the strain to London. Our son booked a Wimbledon Hospitality package for yesterday and we had a great time. We had to be there for 10.30am with copious amounts of ‘welcoming fizz’, fabulous lunch and afternoon tea prepared by Michel Roux, complimentary drinks throughout the day and great seats on Court No. 1. Our lad had invited some interesting and important (for his business) Formula 1 guests who were really lovely to be with. Despite the inclement weather we didn’t get wet at all, there were golf buggies to take us from the Hos
  6. Been away for a couple of days and catching up on all the Nottstalgia orthopaedic operations. I hope PP has got a new knee by now and pleased to hear @IAN FINNis getting active with his zimmer!
  7. In the past couple of years quite a few badgers have been spotted in Mapperley Park, nobody has volunteered that their sett is in their garden but they’ve been seen at both end of the Park during the night. We had a very active Badger family in our wood at our previous house and often saw them romping around in the garden during darkness, the little devils digging up the lawn quite often too. There used to be a lot of foxes wandering about too around here but their numbers seem to have diminished, I think the most surprising sighting was in a Gatwick Airport car park though.
  8. It’s a pity the Nottingham City electorate are so gullible, I can’t make any other comment.
  9. @IAN FINNwishing you a successful Hip replacement on Monday. We’re sure you’ll be fine and running around again soon
  10. Wishing you a successful operation on Saturday PP, you’ve got Le Tour to watch when you get home, take things easy.
  11. On Thursday we’re going to drive 200 miles to vote even though our 2 votes won’t make a blind bit of difference to the result of the Nottingham East constituency election, sadly. Just like our votes have never made a difference to the outcome of the Nottingham City Council elections but we stick to our convictions, because we can. We’ve never had the need to arrange a postal or proxy vote (until this time, when we didn’t realise we’d be away from home til it was too late) and we actually quite enjoy walking to the Polling Station and doing our bit. In May 1979 I walked to our local polling
  12. It was funny tonight watching the game. We were on a family Zoom meeting and using a Firestick while others were watching on terrestrial TV. Even the family in Victoria British Columbia were a whole minute ahead of us and cheering when England scored and we had to wait to witness it! At least tonight’s family get-together was more animated than the usual sessions when we discuss ailments and operations!
  13. It’s a shame they’re closing, we’ve had a few celebratory meals there and never been disappointed. Unfortunately it’s a high-end restaurant and not cheap, but it’s easy to spend a lot for a meal in a ‘nothing special’ place these days when you add a cheap bottle of wine at £30! Sorry you didn’t enjoy the food Den.
  14. @MsrB, get an appointment with a private Orthopaedic Surgeon and then transfer to NHS for treatment, you’ve waited long enough. Try to get an appointment with Peter James, he’s the best.
  15. When I watched them hairing towards town on Sunday I wondered if the Police were even aware of the danger they were causing. They take no notice of red lights. I’d love to be in charge of one of those ‘stinger’ things, burst all their tyres and see them in a massive pile-up, like the poor lads in big cycle road races.
  16. We were driving through Daybrook this lunchtime when a nutter on an electric bike, wearing a balaclava, came zig-zagging round moving cars, then did the same around cars travelling in the opposite direction, then onto the pavement and shot up a footpath that runs between the retail park and BP garage. At the same time we could hear a police car with siren blaring heading towards us, obviously following the youth, with the cyclist looking behind him all the time. The police had no chance of catching him and I don’t think they even realised he’d disappeared up the alleyway but they carried o
  17. @Stuart.Chow terrifying for them and so worrying for you, I do hope the fires can be put out before everything is lost. Hope @katyjayis not in that area too, with her son being a fireman it’s a concern for her family.
  18. Ah, Chris Gibson’s son Steve was a boyfriend of mine around 1967-8. He used to take me out in his Dad’s Jag! The first colour TV I ever saw was at their house in Widmerpool. It was also the first time I’d ever seen gambling chips, they were piled high on the sideboard. It was like another world for this young Arnold girl, they had a full-time live-in groom and from their grounds you could see half a dozen power stations in the distance! I haven’t seen Steve for 50 years but I’ve been told he owns that big area of land between M1 and EMA, think it’s called East Midlands Gateway and full of
  19. Yes I remember being a little girl living on a hill in Arnold and seeing the Vulcan bomber for the first time, it was amazing and equally quite frightening to see from our garden as it was flying quite low too.
  20. One of our best friends was very close to Herbert. Our friend is now 94 years old and I think Herbert took him under his wing when he was a boy, growing up with 4 brothers and a father who was already in his 50s when he was born. They lived next door to Herbert up Sherwood Rise in those days. Our friend Jeff really loved Herbert and used to visit him and his wife in the South West until Herbert passed away.
  21. It’s a coincidence that this has come up because today my husband lifted a plastic cover which covers an outdoor electrical connection and disturbed hundreds (possibly thousands) of ants. I’ve always poured boiling water on ant nests but we couldn’t do that due to the electrics in there so put the lid back on to think about the plan of action. A few minutes later we had another inspection and saw every little ant escaping the nest carrying a white egg. We’ve just left them to their task and used extension cables to get power from the house. We found a massive old wasp nest in the loft r
  22. This morning my husband had an appointment for MRI and CT scans at QMC, requested by a consultant 2 or 3 weeks ago. We left home at 9.30 to catch the bus into town, walked across to the tram and got into X Ray department 10 mins early, at 10.10, feeling really pleased that the great public transport we have here in the City really works well. My husband was called through at spot on time and I sat in the main waiting room. Around 90 minutes late he reappeared ready to go home. Problem was that he’d sat in the next area and eventually they told him he couldn’t have the scans because the
  23. I know that other Rex Harvey a little and been with him at a couple of charity events in the past year. A very nice man. I knew his wife years ago, she sadly passed away at a very young age when their children were still young.
  24. Pity you plan on getting rid of your Fergie, you’ll regret it. When we moved up here 20 years ago we sold our 1947 Fergie that my husband and son had completely overhauled and used in our fields. We also had a vintage steam roller which sadly also went off on a low-loader. It had to be done because there’s not much need for them in Nottingham City and we had no room here for them. Boys will always need toys to tinker with ……. we’ve since acquired a 1937 Morris 8 which hardly ever moves out of the garage, just a quick trip around the block and occasionally visit to the Petrol station, t