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  1. I miss him too, and his wonderful sarcastic comments.
  2. We had 4 trees felled last Autumn, two were dead but two were very much alive but annoying! The tree surgeon arranged the written application and was at our property 6 weeks and 1 day after the deadline date. We’ve got a massive pile of logs now too! I so wish some of the London Plane street trees around our property would get a dreadful disease so they could be felled, we’d then get some sunshine and light into our garden. I’m not a ‘tree-hugger’ …….!
  3. Nottinghamese was never spoken in our house when I was growing up, even though I grew up in Arnold, my Mum was from the Meadows and Dad from Lenton. It’s only since returning to Nottingham 19 years ago that I make the occasional Nottinghamese comments, such as calling my husband ‘duck’! I remember when we first came back here and he (being a Southerner) looking aghast when a shopkeeper called him duckie! To be honest when living in the Home Counties for 30 years no-one could tell where I originated from, which I was happy about, our local accent isn’t harsh like Scouse or Brum but I like b
  4. Hope things go smoothly for you Stavertongirl, a very stressful time! We used to move every 4 or 5 years when we were a lot younger, always searching for something bigger and better, but don’t think I could face the upheaval now.
  5. I’ve always been a big fan of Tina, initially when she was with Ike. I bragged for many years that I’d seen them at The Dungeon in the mid 60s but then found out that it was actually Charlie and Inez Foxx I’d seen! We didn’t see her perform live until 2000. This was meant to be her Farewell concert at the soon to be demolished Wembley Stadium. She of course couldn’t give up performing and in 2008 we saw her at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, we just HAD to be there, thinking that she wouldn’t ever perform in the UK again. A brilliant night but the seats weren’t the best as we bo
  6. Think Forest will need a goalie too. What about Pickford if Everton go down?!
  7. Yes CT, when we saw Albert at a meet-up last year he was struggling health-wise, bless him, such a lovely man.
  8. How worrying for you Nonna, we saw the terrible devastation caused by the floods while watching the news yesterday and we were hoping it wasn’t affecting you, you’re a bit further north than the worst flooding aren’t you? Fingers crossed that the rains cease soon and your beautiful part of the World enjoys a hot and dry Summer.
  9. I remember a day out at Duxford with our boys and two of their friends back in the 1990s. There was a Concorde on display, a bit of a carcass without seats and showing miles of electric wires. The kids loved it all but then, when we got back to my car, someone had totally blocked us in but luckily some strong men were on hand to lift the offending car out of the way!
  10. You’re obviously not mixing in the right circles any more Phil, my husband and kids have to get their DJs out of moth balls at least twice a year.
  11. You get yobbish football fans of every team, particularly when there happens to be two well-known teams in the same city but I really do think that Notts and Forest supporters generally respect each other. However, football supporters could learn much from the way Rugby Union fans conduct themselves at games.
  12. McArthur Glen at J28 on M1 is the best outlet locally, you can easily get there via Mansfield
  13. The exhibits have been moved around but George the Gorilla is still there!
  14. Went out for a superb Sunday lunch with our oldest friends to The Woodlark in Lambley, where we eat quite regularly and they never disappoint. Next month ‘The Lambley’ in the village is due to re-open, for the umpteenth time and hope the new owners will make a go of it. We were chucked out of there (twice!) several years ago, the landlord should never have been in the hospitality industry, both times we ended up in the car park wondering what the hell we’d said or done!!! Oh and it’s our 48th Wedding Anniversary today.
  15. Have an enjoyable visit @Gem, at least it looks to be a dry week down here. Don’t know of any ‘special events’ going on but Wollaton Hall has a temporary exhibition by sculptural artist Willard Wigan, miniatures assembled inside the eye of a needle. We haven’t been yet but intend to. Wollaton Hall is free to enter, apart from car park charges. Shame the City Council can’t give free entry into the Castle!
  16. Seems a steep fine plus 3 points but he was doing 25 in a 20 zone so 25% over speed limit. I’m glad, never liked the bloke anyway!
  17. Ah that’s really sad Margie, maybe it’s just an ‘off day’? Might it improve? Don’t suppose it helped when I sent you a totally black picture last night
  18. A friend of ours owns Davisella House on Manvers Street and within the building is a large Snooker Hall that is very well used When the Island Quarter student flats are occupied with Chinese students then the Snooker Club will get even busier!
  19. @Mary1947. No we don’t need an extension on our house, we downsized considerably when we moved to Nottingham and wouldn’t want a big property again. Our previous house was like a leisure centre with everything that teenage boys wanted, including a proper snooker room. We’re too old to be bothered with all the maintenance and upkeep required now. Our sons look back on their growing up years and aspire to have the same and they’re working on it!
  20. This is the first time I won’t be voting either but only because we’re away and we didn’t arrange a postal vote because we should have been back home by now. Our crosses wouldn’t make a jot of difference to the outcome of Nottingham City Council elections sadly.
  21. A couple of houses ago, and more than 30 years ago, my husband acquired a coin-operated pool table from Pitstone Cement Works Social Club which was not far from where we lived. I hated it! It stood in the middle of a little sitting room and resembled a coffin and was far too big for the room, a couple of pictures on the wall were smashed by cues too. He originally wanted it set up in the main sitting room but I played up when that was suggested and it was disposed of within a few months.
  22. I’m like Cliff Ton in that I will watch snooker on TV intermittently. When there’s a big tournament that goes on for many days I don’t have time or inclination to watch for hours at a time. My Granny and her sister lived together in their later years and were absolutely glued to the TV when Snooker was on, they just sat there knitting and watching. At our previous house we had a Snooker Room and we inherited a beautiful mahogany antique snooker table which was used a lot by the family and their friends. It was a real party house which was lovely because we knew where the boys were and got t
  23. Only a couple of days ago did I get a King Charles III 50p coin yet they’ve been in circulation since December 2022 and around 5 million were issued. I was quite excited to get it though!
  24. You’re always such a busy little bee Rog, makes me tired just reading what you achieve, before I’ve even had my breakfast! We’ve had a frustrating few days in Lilliput, trying to get tradesmen synchronised here to sort out jobs for us, but so far the heating engineer has sorted out the underfloor heating that didn’t work last time we were down here. Our lovely aerial guy came and fiddled with the televisions which for some reason needed re-programming which then enabled us to watch the Forest game last night and our electrician arrived to do a couple of little jobs, including some new s