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  1. Yes Margie, I'm sure I could do it too ....... years ago I had to inject our ram (Rambo) with something or other to get him back on his feet and was over the moon when he got up and started chasing the ladies around again. I've had to give myself anti-clotting injections every day for a month each time after two operations. I'm dead brave!
  2. Just checked ours and get the same prediction Margie, wrong way round. Having had to administer insulin twice a day to our dog a few months ago maybe I’d be qualified to help the system and give the Covid jabs. Anyone fancy being my first patient?
  3. I didn’t find out til years later that my Dad wanted to take us to Oz as £10 Poms but Mum just wouldn’t wear the idea as she was very close to her widowed Mum and her 4 siblings. I do remember in the early 60s that Dad was offered a transfer of jobs which meant moving to Stevenage, Herts and Mum put her foot down even to that idea. My mother was certainly the boss in our house and when she passed away at the very young age of 64 my poor Dad was lost.
  4. I noticed that too and messaged him yesterday but he's not even read my message yet.
  5. Toad in the 'ole here, using up some Lincolnshire sausages that I would have chucked out tomorrow if they'd not been eaten today as I'm a bit obsessive with 'sell by' dates. The fireworks began around here a couple of hours ago, our Jack will be turning in his grave in the garden, he did used to panic about fireworks. At 9 o'clock we're getting togged up to stand out in the street with a bottle of Moet, we haven't decided whether we take out the best crystal, plastic champagne glasses or just drink from the bottle. Doing the 'celebration' early because there are a few children in
  6. Great news Loppy, really pleased for you.
  7. I just LOVE Billy Connolly, the funniest man on TV in the past 30 years. I’ve seen him live on stage a couple of times and so pleased I did because he won’t be performing anymore. Peter Kay, another comedian who we might not see again, is another big favourite of mine. All the rest of ‘em are rubbish and don’t even make me smile nevermind laugh.
  8. It was fortunate we weren’t permitted to ‘entertain’ this Christmas because we’ve had an unfinished 1000 piece jigsaw on the dining room table for about 2 months. When it was finally completed a couple of days ago I had to dust it before breaking it up!
  9. Just watching Forest on Sky. Hope visibility is better down on the pitch than it is through the TV cameras, I now know what it must be like with cataracts.
  10. Pleased you’re feeling better day by day Ben, you’ve been through a very difficult period in your life and you’ve bravely dealt with it and hopefully you’ll get some Spanish sunshine in the next few months, get your dancing shoes polished. We were supposed to be off to Northumberland tomorrow to stay with friends in a National Trust cottage by Hadrian’s Wall. Yet another holiday cancelled and we can’t even go to Dorset to our own place. Sorry to whinge, I/we are in a better position than millions who’ve lost their employment or are trying to keep their businesses afloat (like my sons)
  11. Today is my 8th Nottstalgian Birthday. On 28th December 2012 I was bored and began googling the names of clubs etc that I used to frequent in my teens and early twenties and fell upon Nottstalgia. I've met some lovely members at get-togethers, renewed a friendship that went back to the early 1960s and it's been an interesting and informative 8 years where I've learned a lot about Nottingham that I never knew before ...... but I'm more bored this year than I've ever been. I want some normality and freedom, the chance to meet friends, go for a drink at the local, dine out, go to the theatr
  12. It should have Leaded petrol but as that isn’t available anymore he needs to put a shot of Redex in when he fills the tank. He only filled the old gal up on Christmas Eve so hope he’s added the correct amount!
  13. And an ex-boyfriend of mine, Roger Davis, caught the 5th ball and then fell over the boundary.
  14. We had a lovely Christmas Day at our good friends beautiful apartment in the Lace Market. After a very relaxed morning opening presents we drove into town in the 83 year old Morris 8. A good day to be on the road with her as Nottingham roads were very quiet! My friend is an excellent cook (the original domestic goddess) and the day was so relaxing for us as she insisted she didn’t want or need any help. We took a taxi home at 11.30 pm and this morning walked into town to collect Little Mo, thankfully the roads were again fairly quiet. Must admit that I don’t enjoy going out in the car
  15. Oddly enough, we always told our dogs to get in their box when they were naughty or begging at the table etc. even though they had comfy beds rather than boxes! In fact our Ridgeback’s large bed (years ago in the kitchen) was so comfortable that I found one of our sons sound asleep on it when I got up one morning, with the dog lying on the tiled floor next to him.
  16. Right then, if you’re anxious to get the jab and over 80 get on the phone to QMC. Yesterday they had some spares left over from vaccinating the staff, my 90 year old friend heard this on the jungle telegraph, (via the back door) rang straight away and has got an appointment on January 3rd. My husband would be there like a shot but he’s only in his 70s ..... I’ve told him he’ll have to wait. Seems like our lives have been on hold, JUST WAITING FOR THINGS TO GET BETTER, since middle of March. If I was a pessimist I’d be ready to slit my wrists, fortunately I am an optimist and am looking f
  17. Got fingers crossed for you Catfan, hoping you don't get it.
  18. Does he still have any sort of business?
  19. A friend of ours had the jab last week, he’s only 76 with no underlying health issues but he snook in early because he happens to own a football stadium and offered his facilities to be used for Covid testing and vaccinations.
  20. I do see them abandoned all over the place, odd that you had to leave it at a bus stop RR, tonight I saw one dumped at the corner of Woodborough Road and Magdala, still with its lights on. Is there a truck constantly driving around collecting them? We’ve rented bikes in Miami and we had to use debit cards before the bike is released from the rack and then park it at any rack, and then the charge is calculated. I didn’t mean to quote all RR’s post!
  21. What a very talented young lady. Does she sell them Nonna?
  22. Sorry to hear that your Mum is poorly Gem, thinking of you and hope you have a peaceful Christmas x
  23. What a Carry On Ben ....... hope you’re starting to feel better x
  24. Just been googling and found that the owner of the property was a Miss Helena Ethel Gregg-Roberts, passed away 26th February 1972.