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  1. Nonna, the only Italian restaurant I know up Mapperley years ago was San Remo, opposite Breckhill Road. Is that the place you’re referring to?
  2. Is this the right time to wish you a Happy Birthday Phil? I must admit I’ve thought about getting a piano (or keyboard because we haven’t got room for a proper piano) We had a lovely upright piano years ago when our boys had a short-lived fancy for learning to play, but we gave it away to Wild Willy Barrett when we moved house. Our son has recently bought his 7 year old a keyboard and so far so good, she’s doing ok on it and long may it continue, it’s such a fantastic talent to have ....... where’s Pianoman btw?
  3. Having read this article about Eleanor Wadsworth I decided to Google possible information about my Sister-in-law’s late Mother-in-law who did the same work in WW2. All I found out about her was that she was Charles de Gaulle’s chauffeur when she met her future husband who was a Flight Lt in the RAF, he was also a Barrister and Conservative MP. No mention of her flying planes but I’ve seen various documents years ago that confirm that she did in fact. Until just now I never knew any of the family history and there’s even a Wiki page!
  4. Excellent effort PP, I know you’re committed enough to carry on all month. You certainly put most of our lot to shame.
  5. We should have flown to Miami last March 17th, the very day that the US borders were closed, and we’re still trying to get our money back from American Airlines! It’s just not even worth considering flying anywhere yet.
  6. Well hello Jill, nice to meet you! It sounds like you’ve got yourself a good hairdresser who knows your hair, and that’s good. The work she does doesn’t seem to be pricey either. I used to pay £70 for roots, cut and blow dry 16 years ago when we lived in Hertfordshire and it was the same when I went to a salon in the middle of Nottingham, then I discovered a good girl in Carlton and save myself £20 a time (every six weeks but unfortunately I should have had an appt yesterday and who knows when that will be rearranged) Assume you won’t get to Florida this winter, such a shame but yo
  7. Crumbs Ian, that’s cheap, but I think the Canadian cost of living is less than over here. Very generous tip though, us Brits aren’t such good tippers!
  8. I seem to recall hearing that they lived on Ribblesdale Rd when they first came to Nottingham (I say THEY, but somehow doubt Freddie lived up here).
  9. Phil, Freddie’s mum lived just along the road towards town, opposite the Miners Welfare.
  10. Before that Squash Club was built in possibly late 60s/early 70s there was an old house and a small wood on that corner. I used to nervously walk past there up to my friend’s house in Mapperley, it was dark and scary to me. My Art teacher at Carlton Le Willows, Miss Muriel Kent, lived in a bungalow where that odd, flat-roofed new build stands now. She had two large dogs, Great Danes I seem to remember. Lovely lady, must have liked me as I was always top in Art! She moved to Worthing many years ago but drove up for school reunions every 2 or 3 years, well into her 80s. She passed away
  11. Ah, yes Dave, I have a memory of him owning a squash club too. Possibly the one that was on the corner of Plains Road and Gedling Road?
  12. Wahay Beekay, thanks for that, you’ve helped me enormously, I’m up and running properly, thanks x
  13. I’m certain I have missed something on here in the past week or so, I know the new set-up has been discussed but my mind fogs over and I don’t bother reading the comments. Can you tell me in very simple terms what I need to do please.
  14. I sent Brew a PM on 30th December to check if he was OK and he’s still not read the message. Mind you I can hardly see that I have messages/notifications due to the change of colour of the symbols up top.
  15. I had a decent walk today too, in the afternoon sunshine. Up through Sherwood, into Woodthorpe Park (Margie’s old stomping ground), waved at Mrs and Mrs Catfan in their Ivory Tower, unbelievable number of dog-walkers in the park and can’t believe I never took old Jack there. Headed up to Mapperley Top and along Woodborough Road back into the safe environs of Mapperley Park! Roger averages way more than 10k steps a day but I’m rather lazy and only go on a determined walk a couple of times a week when in Nottingham ( it’s a lot more pleasant walking on the coast so clock the miles up when t
  16. A very Happy Birthday Mary, have a lovely cosy, isolating day, make your next birthday an extra special celebration.
  17. Regarding the vaccination programme, why can’t they do it like they administered the TB jab at school? Everybody lined up, sleeve rolled up, arm out ready and if somebody fainted at the thought of the jab (as happened in our school hall) we just stepped over them. Job done. A friend suggested a family ‘drive-thru’, windows down, entire family jabbed in a couple of minutes. What I’ve seen on TV recently it seems there’s too much chit-chat involved. A friend of mine took her 90 year old husband to QMC for his jab on Saturday and asked if she could have one at the same time and they oblige
  18. Belated birthday wishes, Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you Albert. You’re looking well !
  19. Well I never thought much of old Gerry and the Pacemakers but a shame he’s passed away nevertheless.
  20. On that note Catfan, I see a hundred or so idiots are demonstrating today in town against the lockdown. Wonder if Piers Corbyn is up here again?
  21. I had that issue with my yellow ‘sharps bin’ as the surgery wouldn’t accept it. The used needles have to go back to their origin, ie QMC in my case. A bit of a fag going over there but I did as I was instructed. On NYE I remembered we’d got an old box of Standard fireworks tucked away, seeing as our dog was terrified of the noise we’d never used them. I got the box out, the fireworks are a bit pathetic by today’s standards but we couldn’t be bothered to go outside to light them. So what do I do with them? Suppose one idea would be to put them in the general waste bin then wait for th
  22. Yes Margie, I'm sure I could do it too ....... years ago I had to inject our ram (Rambo) with something or other to get him back on his feet and was over the moon when he got up and started chasing the ladies around again. I've had to give myself anti-clotting injections every day for a month each time after two operations. I'm dead brave!
  23. Just checked ours and get the same prediction Margie, wrong way round. Having had to administer insulin twice a day to our dog a few months ago maybe I’d be qualified to help the system and give the Covid jabs. Anyone fancy being my first patient?
  24. I didn’t find out til years later that my Dad wanted to take us to Oz as £10 Poms but Mum just wouldn’t wear the idea as she was very close to her widowed Mum and her 4 siblings. I do remember in the early 60s that Dad was offered a transfer of jobs which meant moving to Stevenage, Herts and Mum put her foot down even to that idea. My mother was certainly the boss in our house and when she passed away at the very young age of 64 my poor Dad was lost.
  25. I noticed that too and messaged him yesterday but he's not even read my message yet.