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  1. Yes Compo, my memory isn't so bad after all. Do you mean benches on the 'V' where to two roads met? I don't really, but in the late 50's and early 60's I went swimming every day at the old Arnold Baths and straight from there I would go to a little bakers round the corner on Front Street and buy a hot cob, no butter though! If indeed there were seats in that area I expect I would have sat on them but really can't remember.
  2. Thanks Cliff Ton, everybody was right, but for some (me included) the memory goes back a little further, to the 50's.
  3. Good for you Pixie. Trouble with us is we decide at the last minute to go to the pictures so don't have time to plan the refreshments!
  4. Thanks Stu, that's settled an argument, I was familiar with Arnold more in the 50s and early 60s whereas friends have always insisted that Woolies was where Iceland now stands.
  5. Where did you take that pic from nnsc? Looks like you were in a helicopter!
  6. The Pick n Mix at the Showcase Cinema complex on Clifton Boulevard (where we always go because of the car park) is a right rip-off. You can get quite carried away filling your bag and then having to fork out about a tenner when it's weighed, lol
  7. It helps my argument Carni but Poohbear and Babs think it's on opposite side of road. I need Stu and Cliff ton to find some photos of Front Street pre 60/70's please.
  8. They can't afford to drink all evening AND into the early hours nowadays.
  9. Hope the holiday did you good Jackson! They're still there but disappear round the corner a lot. Apparently they've all been practicing flying but even though I watch several times a day I'm yet to witness it. All I ever seem to see is the 3 of them running up and down the runway flapping their wings
  10. Compo # 34 comment ....... I was talking about the old Arnold Woolies the other day with friends and I think it was on Ravenswood Road and Worrall Ave side of Front Street, near the Cross Keys, with steps going up to it. They insisted it was on the other side. What say you? Other nice old buildings long gone at the other end of Front street are the Library and swimming pool, demolished to make way for Sainsburys and then Wilkos.
  11. We'll make your day tomorrow Compo when the Skills coach arrives at your gate for beer and BBQ
  12. Yeah, welcome Sheridan, hope you enjoy your trip back to Nottingham. It's still The Queen of the Midlands, despite everything!
  13. Yes you are lucky, they seem to be very scarce these days. During the winter we saw a couple around where we live in Mapperley Park, just wandering about on the pavements, it was our dog on his late night walk that sniffed them out. Not seen them again for quite a while. Before that it had been years since we'd spotted one, even though we used to live in the countryside. I remember my younger brother bringing one home when he was a kid and putting it down on the kitchen floor and masses of fleas jumped out of it. Mum went mad!
  14. Think it began with C, would it be County? I also think it's still open. I remember my Mum telling me about that place so never went in there, just spent a lot of time in the Flying Horse after it was done up. Mum also told me that 'ladies of the night' would frequent 'The Trip' and have 12/6d on the sole of their shoes!
  15. Welcome to Nottstalgia Mary, be careful because this website can take over your life, lol !!
  16. Sounds good, c'mon gang let's rent that charabanc and get going, if we set off from Slab Square on Friday afternoon we might be there for Saturday lunch!
  17. Suppose it's possible if you were hanging around the bottom of Westdale Lane at dawn! And if they hadn't upgraded to electricity yet, which somehow I doubt. I think they still have the gas lights in The Park to retain the quaintness.
  18. Yes Mick, I think The Park still has gas lamps. Rather quaint eh?
  19. I can honestly say that I never had to catch the Paddy Bus. I was always on the last bus from the Square to bottom of my road in Arnold, it left town at 10.50pm. Except one time when I had to get on a later one and walk about a mile home and got harrassed by a dodgy bloke on the walk from the bus stop. Luckily I was pretty fit and ran away from him. Another time I met a lad at the Palais who lived right near me and he offered me a lift home, I gratefully accepted but then found out he had to take his girlfriend home to Clifton before going home to Arnold. Well ........ my Dad was pacing the st
  20. I was at school with a Baird-Parker (Stephen), at Kingswell in Arnold and I think he then went to Carlton-le-Willows Tech. Remember seeing something in the Post when I was up here visiting my Dad, before we moved back to Nottm, that there was some sort of major aggro at St Mary's Church in Arnold during a wedding ceremony which involved the family. It's not a common name, must be the same clan.
  21. Sounds great value for money, often considered something like that but concerns about my 'delicate tummy' make me think again, lol
  22. Ah yes, Mecca Village was the place to go for a late night coffee. Quite a novelty to drive out to the motorway in the 60's just because we could.
  23. I think the day of the Coronation is my earliest memory, I was 3, going on 4. I went with my Mum to a neighbours house to watch the event on a tiny television that had a big magnifying glass attached to the front. We got our first telly in 1955 about the time I started school so I would run home every afternoon to catch Watch With Mother !