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  1. Carni, if I could work out how to post pics then I would. The last time I tried I really messed up my link to Nottstalgia. I'll give it another go, when I have my brain in gear!
  2. I saw some Humming Birds for the first time recently, no not in Nottingham (!) but in Jamaica. They were on, what a local called, a Jade Vine at Strawberry Hill. I did get a few photos of them but as the birds are so tiny it's very difficult to see them on the pics unless you know what you're looking for.
  3. My great-aunt was even posher ........ she said she was going to check the plumbing
  4. The last 3 or 4 years we've bought all our bedding plants and shrubs from Shirley's on the A60 near Ravenshead. They have a great selection in several large greenhouses but don't really know how their prices compare to Garden Centres because we've never checked. I've heard that Wilkos and B & Q are reasonable though.
  5. The local frog fanciers were always out in force in the Spring assisting safe passage across the main road to the village pond where we lived in Hertfordshire. One year we decided to empty our rather large pond to deepen it to help protect the fish from herons. We saved all the fish in large containers but there were hundreds of frogs and toads so we piled them into a couple of dustbins and took them up to the village pond. A chap came along and gave us a right old telling off, saying that we were not allowed to move the frogs from their local habitat. Was he correct? Anyway we then drove to t
  6. Ah so that's why they flattened the Market Square .............. so they could park buses on it.
  7. Carni, my parents lived in Netherfield when my brother and I were born, 1949 and 1955. We were delivered at The Firs in Sherwood.
  8. I think this new design is miles better than the previous one but I daren't click on a football story for fear of the blasting audio accompaniment. I wonder does that still happen?
  9. No it's called delegating to ensure the job's done properly!
  10. What was Maid Marion Way called in the days of that map then?
  11. Loads of places from my past ....... Ashwell Street Infants in Netherfield, the house where I spent the first 8 years of my life in Netherfield, Kingswell Junior School in Arnold, Digby College and the building where I worked for 8 years on High Church Street in New Basford.
  12. It was my Mum who hung the wallpaper in our house, don't think she trusted my Dad to do it right!
  13. A care home was built on the site of The Maid Marian in Arnold last year. The same Care Home company that built on the site of the demolished Golden Ball (?) by Bulwell Golf Course. However I can't see the Greyhound site being ideal for a care home, in the middle of Arnold right by the traffic lights.
  14. Where's Stu when you need him? He's our local Arnold, Daybrook, Redhill, Woodthorpe expert. Has he fallen out with us?
  15. Went past there a couple of days ago but I didn't notice. Not long ago since they spent some money smartening up the outside (well giving it a coat of paint!) Wonder if the car wash gang have moved off from the car park then, they've been there for years.
  16. With prize money to spend in the pub on Saturday night Rob !! :-)
  17. Excellent photos Beefy, could you see the colour of the pilots eyes?
  18. Haha! Bob, must admit that Lambley has never been a favourite village of mine but it does have a couple of decent pubs. Quiz Night at the Robin Hood last night, hosted by the new landlord, was good fun and well attended.
  19. Didn't wear all that gear, I was a Mod! White trousers with home-made red, white and blue circles on the bottom (like RAF symbols) and a navy nylon coat, until I had enough money to buy a navy full length leather coat.
  20. I've just had a good night out in Lambley and on the way there it was thunderstorms and torrential rain then hailstones as big as marbles .......... Thought it was supposed to be summer now
  21. We've got a Patterdale! Trouble is he gets so excited and frightens everything off with his barking before he gets to it (usually neighbours cats that are hanging around hoping to catch a bird)
  22. We had SOMETHING under our house when we lived in the countryside a few years ago. I was the only person at home, sitting quietly writing Christmas cards one evening when I heard pipes under the floor rattling. The next day I noticed that my Dyson vacuum cleaner had been chewed around the yellow plastic around the bottom. The vacuum cleaner was kept in the boiler room. Our farmer neighbour gave me some rat poison in plastic sachets, 5 in total, and said I should put a new sachet down when the first had been eaten. Every morning I checked in the boiler room and the whole packet had been taken a
  23. They're probably nesting underneath your shed. BUT how can you LIKE rats?!!!! You've got to get the pest man out as soon as possible Pixie, he'll find somewhere to put poison down so your cat doesn't get to it. We used to keep sheep years ago and we had evidence of rats but never saw them. The council rat-catcher came and did a good job for us.
  24. Shame you haven't got the liner in yet Compo, plenty of rain forecast in next few days :-(