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  1. Back in the 50's treats were rare, there was still sweet rationing when I was little but every Thursday, Dad's pay-day, he brought home a Mars bar each for my brother and me (and like Compo's they were cut into slices to make them last longer) and a Cadburys Dairy Milk for Mum. Only had fizzy drinks if we sat in a pub garden in the summer, always got a packet of Smiths crisps with the blue twist of salt too. We'd occasionally get an ice-cream if Mr Whippy came round, but the seaside was the place for ice-cream, summers were always hot then .........weren't they??
  2. Did anyone hear him talking to John Holmes on BBC Radio Nottingham one Sunday morning a few months ago? It was so good to listen to him, I imagine the interview could be played back again now, as a tribute.
  3. Well done Babs, I really enjoy reading your posts and am very impressed with your memory!
  4. That was well spotted Limey! I've used a typewriter, word processor and now computers for nearly 50 yrs and there has always been a QWERTY keyboard. The US laptop we have was confusing to begin with, the @ is on uppercase 2 but other than that there is no difference.
  5. In the past we've had squirrels digging up bulbs and plants we've put in tubs, but that's been in daylight, cos we've seen them do it. Why don't you get a basic CCTV set up? Alright for me to talk ....... we've had one still in a box for over a year now!
  6. I remember the name Little Eric but that's all. The Polish Club was where I first got drunk, on Barley Wine!! Dreadful stuff, and never touched it again! Would have probably gone to the Motown Night in March but will be in Florida and hopefully meeting up with Mudgie. I had the best times down the Dungeon in 65' 66 and 67 but doubt I would recognise anyone from those days now! Have a great night.
  7. We were there too Babs, had a hike around Chatsworth and along the Derwent. Gorgeous day once the fog lifted but the roadworks and temporary traffic lights were a real pain. We came back another way and did the journey in half the time :-)
  8. That's something I've done too but decided it's often not worth the walk to the postbox because the junk mail still keeps coming.
  9. For years a friend of ours always used pre-paid envelopes, those that come with junk mail. He just put a sticker over the address that was printed on them and re-addressed. He may still be doing this, I don't know!
  10. Why would that lot try to infiltrate our select club though? Are they selling Viagra etc?!!!
  11. I really don't know what I did to show me in Miami! Maybe at some point I looked to see if any members lived there. In the meantime I'll pretend I am sunning it and will put mesen back in Nottingham when I get back here!
  12. Is that me you're talking about? I just went on the map and it showed me in Miami !! I will be there next week but I'm definitely in Nottingham at the mo!
  13. 'Thankyou' when I hold a shop door open for someone, no-one seems to have manners any more
  14. Just a little bit of my family history ....... The Horse and Groom was in my family for probably 50+ years. My uncle ran it very successfully for 25 yrs and before that my Great Aunt and Uncle kept it. I spent a lot of time there, happy days.
  15. Not superstitious really, but I do avoid walking under a ladder, in case something falls on my head!
  16. My Dad played for County ........ when the club was only about 80 years old!
  17. Also called a Larsen Trap Michael. The trouble is you have to be aware of the legalities of using such equipment. It didn't really matter where we used to live! The reason why we wanted to control the magpies was because we kept guinea fowl that used to roost in a tree and lay eggs all over the garden and these eggs were a magnet to the magpies who of course were stealing songbird eggs at the same time. Hope you find a way of controlling your magpies!
  18. Glad you had a good evening Babs, hope to join one of your get-togethers in the near future!
  19. We were overrun with magpies when we lived in the countryside down south, we borrowed a farmer friend's magpie trap and it worked a treat!
  20. Never really thought I needed a bus but it could be useful driving around Nottingham ......... could use the bus lanes without the risk of getting a ticket
  21. It is possible Hippo Girl but when there's a band playing it's virtually impossible to talk to anyone! Normally been in there on a Friday evening for a while then go over to Horse and Groom.
  22. Good! Let them get rid of all the 60s monstrosities and build something more pleasing to the eye
  23. I'll look forward to that!! I won't miss any announcements, I'm already obsessed with Nottstalgia and forever checking the site.
  24. Unfortunately can't go tonight as out for dinner. Shame because we do go in the Lion sometimes and it would have been good to meet fellow Nottstalgians.