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  1. I have no recollection whatsoever of country dancing at either Kingswell Juniors nor Carlton le Willows.
  2. Finally got around to re-booking my Covid Booster that I should have had last Saturday when I was stuck in Marbella, thanks to Michael O’Leary’s tribe. The Day 2 PCR ‘negative’ result popped onto my Email this evening so I’m fit to go down the Forest Rec this weekend!
  3. That’s an interesting comment Deepdene Boy!
  4. Last Christmas one of our boys said to me that he’d like to buy his Dad a defibrillator ……. I agreed that it may be a very practical gift but didn’t think my husband would really appreciate the thought! I could understand why he had considered the idea because his best friend’s father (a good friend of ours) had recently suffered a heart attack on the squash court and was saved by a defibrillator. I hope I never need to wish we’d had one in the house!
  5. You’re bound to be nervous Colly but you’ll be fine. A few Nottstalgians (and my husband) have gone through this already and at least you’ve only got 20 sessions whereas those that have gone before had 37 trips. You’ll be sorted for Christmas! Best wishes to you.
  6. Many years ago we spent New Year in Rome with friends. New Years Eve we went to the Rome Opera House to see ‘Tosca’, insisting that our two men wore dinner jackets because we thought it was a recognised thing to do, but they stood out like a sore thumb, surrounded by very casually dressed Italians! Next morning, New Year’s Day, we caught a bus from our hotel to St Mark’s Square to see the Pope give his New Year address to the adoring followers. It was a cold, wet day, we were warmly dressed and the bus was crowded, we had to stand. When we got off the bus our friend Bill suddenly realised
  7. We’ve had an interesting, frustrating and expensive couple of days. we flew to Malaga last Sunday to stay in Marbella with friends and had a great time in warm sunshine, good food and plenty to drink in great restaurants and bars. They have a fantastic apartment only 3 minutes walk from the beach so it’s an ideal location. All went well until we decided to go for a quick walk to the little local market on Friday morning. Walking back to their place to pack and tidy up (as our friends were flying back too, after being out there for 7 weeks) …… Roger and my bestie were walking ahead o
  8. I had my Booster booked for yesterday but didn’t get to the appointment so need to book another one but have to do a Day 2 PCR tomorrow so may as well wait until I get the result of that.
  9. Thanks for that reassurance Engineer. I had Pfizer for my first two jabs and not even a sore arm, unlike the flu jab I had a month ago when my arm felt bruised for several days. I’ll get us booked in for the booster but expect we’ll need to wait a while anyway.
  10. We had our booster texts the other day too. My husband wants to get his done ASAP but I prefer to wait as we’re off to Spain next week and don’t want any side effects ……… I was perfectly ok after the other two but am thinking the Day 2 test we’ll need to do on our return might show I’ve got Covid (from the jab!)
  11. LizzieM

    Pete Farries

    That’s not the mate you brought round to tinker with Little Mo is it Swe, sorry I can’t remember that chap’s name. Condolences to you and his family, I know how hard it is to lose a lifelong friend.
  12. Too true Ian, but there are a few considerations to be taken into account with Little Mo ……. the journey to Dorset would probably entail an overnight stay somewhere in Oxfordshire, it’s not a comfortable ride and there are no seat belts so these days one feels a little vulnerable plus, although it’s easy to open the fuel cap it does take leaded fuel so we’d need to take a bottle of Redex on the trip too. I’m happy to let her stay cosy in the garage!
  13. Today we were out around Dorset in son’s car and thought it wise to put some fuel in it. Well we resembled Mr and Mrs Magoo. First problem was not being able to open the flap over the fuel cap. Pressed lots of buttons, a chap filling up next to us came to assist and had no luck so I googled the Land Rover main dealer but couldn’t work out how to use the car’s satnav. I put the post code onto my phone and set off. We ended up in the middle of town by the bus station, with no car dealership anywhere to be seen. Rang our son, who’s working in Tanzania, who told us to press a button under the
  14. Son’s Diesel LWB hybrid Range Rover started on the button first time, despite it standing outside his house since the end of July. We’ve travelled about 100 miles in it today, goes well, extremely comfortable ride but we won’t be getting one for ourselves, it’s like sitting in a National Express coach but with cosier (massaging if it takes your fancy) seats.
  15. Well done Margie, it sounds like you had a fabulous day. I think the majority of Nottstalgians will be in line for a Covid booster in the next month or so, it’s almost six months since I had my second jab. We both had our flu jabs 4 weeks ago, on the first day they were offering them at our local pharmacy. It was the first time I’d ever ended up with a sore arm!
  16. I sincerely hope that my son’s diesel Range Rover hasn’t accumulated any water in the fuel while it’s been standing outside his house for the past 3 months while he’s working in Africa. We’re going to pick it up tomorrow and use it for a couple of weeks as my husband has finally seen sense and realised that getting in and out of a DB11 isn’t as easy as it used to be and is totally impractical so he’s just sold it …….. I don’t like sharing my car!
  17. I think you might be wrong with that thinking Melissa, all the major filling stations, including supermarkets, sell top quality fuel. The supermarkets chop and change with their suppliers, obviously looking for the best deal, but I know for a fact that BP are one of those suppliers. A good friend of ours is a retired Senior Executive at BP and I’ve just been talking to him this evening about the current issues.
  18. Welcome SteveP! I spent a lot of time at The Dungeon, Beachcomber and Boat Clubs. Too much time really, I should have been at home revising for exams but n’er mind, I did OK anyway. My younger brother saw Black Sabbath at Arnold High School Youth Club in the late 60s, before they became big. It’s amazing to think how these performers who really make it big-time just start out in little local venues, the Jaybirds being a prime example!
  19. We’d taken little interest in the fuel panic buying and it hadn’t occurred to us that there was going to be a issue, even when we were driving home from Dorset on 19th September and a BP station we use regularly on the A43 at Brackley didn’t have any fuel. Then last Sunday at 4.30 am we set off to EMA to go to Corfu. Couldn’t believe the chaos on Lenton Boulevard. There were dozens and dozens of cars waiting to get into the BP garage, the entire length of the road, in both directions ……. at 4.30am! Glad the situation has eased while we’ve been away enjoying the sunshine, but we do need to f
  20. I was a bit too ‘grown up’ by then to be a punk and never went to the Sandpiper (although I did go to Pharoahs which was its predecessor and in the same building on Broadway). Peter Groves is a good friend of a good friend of mine!
  21. I still have a triangular metal badge and a certificate presented to me at Kingswell Junior School, Arnold in 1960 (guessing)
  22. You take care Nonna, hope the medication is already improving your cough.
  23. DJ, against my wishes he’s bought a 65” Sony with all the bells and whistles, with the sound coming from the screen, the reason for this is because we don’t need a sound bar (there isn’t room for one) this over-powering piece of kit cost as much as my parents house when they bought it in 1958. Mind you, the price does include a very nice wall bracket and the installation. Oh well, can’t take it with us! Ian, the Morris 8 gets the occasional airing, we went to the local in it a couple of weeks ago and it attracted a lot of attention.
  24. ‘How’s My Day?’ Well nothing particularly noteworthy occurred, but how was my Thursday just gone? We were in Lilliput, Dorset catching the last of the summer sunshine. The picture on the TV has been deteriorating recently but my twittering on about it has fallen on deaf ears so I decided to use reverse psychology and never mutter a word again. It worked a treat and on Thursday my dear husband suggested we go out to buy a new telly. We set off in MY car to John Lewis in Poole and due to his impatience he scraped one of the near -side alloys on a pavement. I was furious! Two minutes l
  25. That’s normal wherever you live, my brother-in-law moved to Canada in 1967 and his close friends have always been Brits. Our friends who live in Spain always hang out with other Brits, mostly Nottingham folk too. Our Czech daughter-in-law’s best friends are all Czech or Polish. It’s like a comfort blanket. Drive through Hyson Green or other areas of Nottingham and see the different nationalities stick together. None of us can say we haven’t got some foreign blood in us …… apparently I’m only 58% English and even have a touch of Arab in me! Let’s just rejoice that this beautiful, brigh