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  1. They need to up their game Den, despite the Council spending millions on the big house on the rock it isn’t a fun experience for young families. Our granddaughter is bright and anxious to learn but she was bored in there. The only display she was at all interested in was all the Albert Ball VC paraphernalia, and that was because I was able to tell her that her Great Great Grandmother knew the handsome brave young airman and then showed her all my Albert treasures when we got back home.
  2. I wish my husband would grow out of that silliness PP. He buys a ‘posh car’ every couple of years, usually a 6 month old one, but if that’s how he wants to spend our hard-earned money rather than the tax man having it when we’re gone then it’s OK with me. Our kids will be fine and even now they don’t think twice about having the best of everything they want. How times have changed, I wouldn’t even consider buying our children’s clothes from M&S 40 years ago.
  3. When I got in my car (Audi S3) today the radio came on without even putting the ignition key in. This can’t be normal …… ?
  4. I agree with most of your comments PP, our 8 year old granddaughter came to stay for the weekend and we took her to the Castle. When I booked the tickets online on Thursday there were no slots left for the Cave Tour nor the Robin Hood Experience. This was disappointing because they are the kind of things that an 8 year old child would enjoy, rather than wandering through galleries. Never mind, we arrived at our allotted time, moved fairly quickly through the different galleries and did wonder where all the £30 million had been spent. I did enjoy the Paul Smith exhibition and would have sp
  5. I enjoy watching cricket but didn’t bother watching the ‘Hundred’ this evening. I’m not in the slightest bit interested in women playing cricket (nor football for that matter) I’ve also got a thing against female commentating on those two sports. I guess I’m not a ‘feminist’ then? When I was a kid there were only boys my age on our estate and I played football and cricket all day, every day in the holidays with the lads and I really enjoyed it. I’ve spent many many days at Trent Bridge and also had a serious boyfriend who was a County cricketer, but I just can’t watch women playing the ga
  6. My mini in the 70s had off-cuts of carpet in the foot wells so the road couldn’t be seen through the floor. Did me well though for a few years, I used to drive up to Nottingham from Oxfordshire with a toddler and a baby in the pram-top on the back seat and the pram wheels sticking out of the drop down lid boot, no number plate visible. Wouldn’t get away with all that these days.
  7. Fascinating article Graham, I’ve really enjoyed reading through it and learned a lot in the process. The Sherwood Police Stations in recent times have not really been proper stations as we used to know. I’ve been back in the area for 17 years and remember on my return to Nottingham an attractive looking station where the Crimson Tree Cafe now stands and after that there was a place below the Sherwood Library that didn’t have any staff …… just a buzzer or something on the outside, to summon assistance. Total waste of time but that has been a sign of the times in recent years. Gone are the d
  8. Our neighbour was at Wembley last night with his football mad 8 year old son. He also took him to the semi-final v Germany. He texted me today saying the following ”It was a total mess, whatever you may have seen in the news, having been there I can say it was actually much worse. Ticketless fans outnumbered those with tickets outside the ground and it was absolute carnage. I’d be surprised if it was less than 10,000 that managed to get in by storming entrances, piggybacking through turnstiles etc. The semi-final was one of the best atmosphere I’ve ever been a part of and I’ve been
  9. Interesting David, doubt many of us knew that these existed. What is good to see is a sensible, well-worded, grammatically correct piece of journalism too ……. something you don’t see these days, particularly in local newspapers.
  10. I’ve always thought that vets fees are a rip-off. It can be argued that the animal they’re treating can’t tell them where it hurts so in many ways the vet has to be more clever than a GP but the vet is also able to play on the owner’s emotions and love for their animal. Pleased for you that that palaver is over for another year Margie!
  11. Dogs know what’s happening before you know yourself. All our dogs have leapt into the car as soon as they’ve sensed we’re going somewhere. If we opened the cupboard where we kept the car keys they would go and sit by the front door. When we were going away for an overnight (or longer) trip the cases had to be snook upstairs to pack whilst the dog was out for a walk. We miss old Jack and all the other dogs we’ve had but we certainly have less restrictions these days …… except for Covid!
  12. Well, permit me to blow my own trumpet ……. I was Victrix Ludorum twice at school. However I’ve done very little running since leaving school but I can run for a bus when necessary!
  13. A friend of ours went out to get a few bits in his local supermarket in Suffolk last week and then he and his wife popped into Wagamama for a quick meal. Next day he got ‘pinged’ and told to isolate for 10 days. He was so annoyed, he’s had two jabs and no symptoms but he’s been stuck at home for a week already and wants (and needs) to get to work.
  14. My cousin would have been in your year too
  15. We need to get on with life and get rid of the fear factor. Keep washing your hands and wearing a mask inside shops but goodness me, let’s get this country moving again.
  16. My sister-in-law had PSP for a couple of years, she fell down stairs (blamed the dog) ended up in hospital where her illness was diagnosed, then eventually into a nursing home. We visited her several times, which was difficult to witness and it was a relief for everyone when she passed away. I didn’t like her anyway, and perhaps the feeling was mutual …… but that’s beside the point!
  17. Ube, your wonderful companion Tye will always be in your heart. I feel for you today, it’s not an easy decision to make but as Margie has said, she won’t know what is about to happen.
  18. When I see magpies in the garden I immediately think I should close the bedroom window in case they get in and pinch my jewellery!
  19. We were overrun with Magpies when we were country folk like you Phil. So much so that a farming friend lent us his Larsen Trap to get the magpie population down and save the song birds in our woods. Even here in Mapperley Park we have lots of magpies, pigeons and crows nesting in the street trees.
  20. I went into one of our spare bedrooms this morning and found a baby bird sitting on the bed, I obviously startled it and it began flying around the room, it looked like a baby Robin but without a red breast. He must have flown in the open back door and up the stairs. Fortunately that room has a glazed door out onto a little balcony and once opened the little chap flew back to momma. I then drove over to Costco in Derby to return an item I bought weeks ago. As I arrived in their car park I realised I’d not even brought said item with me! N’er mind I’ll go again tomorrow, I enjoy a wander a
  21. For the past year or so my husband has left a small area of our lawn uncut, even though he’s rather OCD about his lawn and makes sure he has lovely straight lines up and down. We have a very eccentric near neighbour whose house is in desperate need of attention, not least painting, but several years ago his young next door neighbour thought he was doing him a favour and mowed his front lawn, which had been left to nature. The poor man didn’t realise that a neighbourly act had occurred and told me he just couldn’t understand why his ‘wild flowers’ weren’t growing very well. He never did di
  22. Congratulations Grandad! Welcome to this weird World baby girl x
  23. I reckon we would do exactly the same as you SG …… I’ve always been very wary of the 3 breeds that you mention, Husky, Akita and Rottweiler, in any case and certainly wouldn’t risk a puppy with them. Whenever I’ve seen any of those breeds out walking they seem to be in control of their owners, which isn’t a good sign. I think you know more about dog training than a lot of these folk who profess to be experts, just do what you know you can do best.
  24. Jonab, that’s terrible for you. Wishing you much better health soon. Thinking of you.