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  1. Been for my jab at the Forest this morning, what an utter shambles! Arrived 1 minute before my appointment time and got my vaccination 55 minutes later. All that time I was hanging around outside in the cold. I appreciate that everyone working there is a volunteer but it was awful. Situation isn’t helped by people arriving half an hour early. Advice to anyone going to that site is wrap up warm and pray it doesn’t rain or snow.
  2. I too love Billy Ocean, the Rasta kid! Saw him at the Concert Hall a few years ago, he put on a good show. My husband saw him in Kingston, Jamaica where he gave a free concert for charity. I’d pay to see him again if he comes back to Nottingham.
  3. Oh no SG, I’m so very sorry to hear your news, that’s terrible for you. My heart goes out to you, I know just how you’re feeling right now having lost our little lad only a few months ago. He’s got no discomforts now and he’s flying high with his brother, they’ve both had a wonderful life thanks to your love for them. Take care and know that this little Nottstalgia community are very supportive especially during our sad times.
  4. As you now realise, those of us who have used the Swiftqueue website have not queue-jumped but instead have got in there to make sure we get the vaccine as soon as possible. As I’ve already mentioned today, I’ve had 2 letters prompting me to book the jab. Yesterday I told a neighbour about Swiftqueue and he got straight on and booked himself and his wife for next week, and then today he received THREE letters for himself and one for his wife asking them to book an appointment! A friend who runs a Facebook site for members of the 60s Dungeon Club posted the ‘over 70s vaccine’ info the o
  5. This morning the postman delivered two identical letters, dated the same day from the same place (Swansea), inviting me to book a Covid vaccination appointment. I've been booked in since Wednesday and will be down on the Forest Sunday morning for my jab. The same thing happened with my husband. He'd already had the jab last Friday before he received two identical letters. I wouldn't want to be in charge of delivering millions of vaccines but this is just a waste of money.
  6. Sorry to hear about your lad SG, I’m sure it’s a worry for you to be told he has a heart murmur, however years ago the vet told us our little Jack had a murmur (he wasn’t put on any medication though) but then a long time afterwards a different vet couldn’t hear or see a problem. We assumed he was just stressed at the time. The price of puppies has gone sky-high during lockdown, they’re a luxury item these days! I don’t think we’ll have another dog, I’ve decided we’re too old ........ or will be in a dozen years time when a dog would still need exercising. In any case, we always sai
  7. Most likely be Astra Zeneca which is the one my husband had at that site last week, it doesn’t need such cold storage. Friends have had the Pfizer jab at QMC where they have the freezer facilities. The NHS seem to have their knickers in a twist ..... I booked the jab for my husband last Thursday, he had it Friday. It was announced in the newspaper and TV that the Forest site was opening on Saturday and since he had the vaccination he’s had 2 letters from different parts of the country telling him he can now book an appointment. It makes sense to go the Swiftqueue route and do not wai
  8. My friend received her delivery from Morrison’s last weekend and a bottle of Vodka she snook onto the order arrived with the security thing still attached! Oh the frustration!!
  9. Sadly today Alan Askey passed away. He’d been in an induced coma for more than a week and today he lost the fight. Many will know him since the 60s when he was DJing at various Nottingham clubs and then he became very involved with the Commodore. Latterly he owned the Tudor Lodge Hotel (I think Margie and Paul stayed there on one trip to Nottingham) he will be sadly missed by hundreds who have known him as a good, kind man.
  10. Nor me! I’m guessing both those clubs opened in late 70s-early 80s? I was away from Nottingham by then.
  11. That might have made it more palatable I suppose.
  12. Ok, what I’ve always heard as ‘gorra gob on’ then. I’ve never used the expression though.
  13. We’ve had our haggis for dinner and I now remember why it’s been many years since I last tried it. I struggled ...... think I’ll leave that delicacy to the Scots for another few years.
  14. The majority in Arnold talked proper too! None of my family ever spoke with the Nottingham lingo, even the side of the family from the Meadows. Mind you, when calling a Nottingham friend I’ve always started with ‘Ay-up’. I understand all the words SG has posted but have never heard ‘gorra bag on’ ...... is it the same as ‘gorra gob on’?
  15. It was a very selective dump of snow in Notts. We had quite a lot a mile out of the city centre but a friend in Mansfield (where it’s always colder than Nottingham and more likely to snow) didn’t get any. A friend in Sutton-in-Ashfield did though. Friends in Farnsfield and Oxton did not get any. Just been out for a walk and it’s getting a bit slushy and could be a bit dodgy getting around tomorrow as we’ll be below freezing overnight.
  16. I remember that night Ben. Kurt said to me “Look at that bloke over there with the 3 piece double-breasted suit on, he must be boiling in that gear but whenever he comes in here he pulls a different bird”
  17. She was being nosey, wondering what was down those steps!
  18. I only remember the Whistle Stop being a bar, down some outside steps at the side of Victoria Hotel, used to go in there now and again in the early 70s. My friend got her head stuck in the railings there, but that happened in the 50s when she was just a little girl. The Fire Brigade had to get her unstuck.
  19. Welcome to Nottstalgia Paul, I used to go to them all back in the day, as did several other Nottstalgia members.
  20. I’ve got his autograph!
  21. Oh dear, what did she do to need a tetanus jab? I haven’t needed one for about 30 years when a rose bush attacked me. If she changes her mind about the Covid jab you perhaps need to struggle in with a Zimmer frame!
  22. They might give her the vaccine if she tells them she’s your carer!
  23. I think my husband did really well getting his jab at the Forest yesterday, seeing as the local news today said that vaccine centre was opening TODAY! All this talk of them only dealing with over 80s for the next week is rubbish too, I looked on the website this morning and it said they are vaccinating over 75s. It seems I’ll still have a couple of weeks to wait for mine but I will be patient ...... glad I’m not over 75 anyway!