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  1. Did all that Brew. Just getting stuff notarised in the UK isn’t easy, of course in the USA and Caribbean there’s a Notary Public on every street corner, our Accountant in Jamaica is a Notary as well, but here they’re a bit thin on the ground.
  2. The Royal Mail is great when its advertised services work properly. Recently we had a really important document notorized on a Thursday that needed to be in Jamaica pdq. It so happened that a friend was flying to ‘the Jam’ on the next Monday so we sent it ‘Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day By 1pm’ on that Thursday. It arrived in Cheltenham on the following MONDAY lunchtime, 3 days late. The friend had left home in Cheltenham at 6am for the airport. We then had to arrange for the document to be picked up by FedEx in Cheltenham and brought back to East Midlands Airport (!) to be flow
  3. Really sorry to hear about your poor lad SG and hope he fully recovers quickly, for your sake as well as his. Hope your tests come back clear too !!
  4. We used to go in the ‘L-Shaped Room’ around that time too
  5. My friends and I spent many a Saturday afternoon upstairs in ‘Le Causerie’, hugging a bottle of Coke and making it last for hours.
  6. Sorry about that Annswabey, a good slap round the chops would have sorted out any problems!
  7. I’m utterly fed up with hearing about all these ridiculous and mostly historical claims from the sad ‘me too’ brigade of middle-aged/old women who no doubt lapped it up at the time of the ‘offence’. Like Ms Sparrow, I couldn’t even begin to count the times such ‘terrible’ things happened to me but then, as a teen/early twenty-something it was fun, fun, fun every day to be the only girl working with around 50 Design Engineers. I enjoyed my work environment so much that I was there straight from leaving Secretarial College til the day I got married and left Nottingham. Nothing could have co
  8. We took a wander down to the Fair about 4 years ago, it’s only a 15 minute walk for us. Went on the Big Wheel and took in the sights, sounds and smells and it was ok. Fairs don’t hold much attraction for us since taking the kids to Disney a few times 30+ years ago, they know how to do it over there.
  9. Watching the TV coverage from the Cenataph and feeling very emotional and proud. We haven’t lost any immediate family through war but days like today and the individual interviews, especially with seriously injured ex military personnel makes me feel very humble and thankful for the thousands of brave people who have protected us.
  10. When we moved to Nottingham 17 years ago I took advice from my private Periodontist (gum specialist) in North London for a dentist in Nottingham mainly because my teeth are good but the ‘foundations’ need regular sorting. He suggested Chris Gray, a retired Scottish Rugby International and the one I’ve been using in Wollaton for many years. He’s ‘private’ and when my husband asked me to check if there were vacancies at the practice for him he was offered NHS. Now my lovely gum man is retiring! I really don’t think there’s much difference financially between Private and NHS treatment but havi
  11. If you heard our firework display Catfan you must have very good hearing!
  12. We still miss our little Jack so much, even after over a year, but it’s so much easier to listen to all the fireworks being let off for Halloween, Diwali, Bonfire Night and now on random occasions up until some time in early January 2022. I have a confession though ….. friends were here earlier this evening and I’d found a small box of fireworks that we’d had in a cupboard for many years so we all went into the garden and let them off. Nothing special and rather disappointing but they brought back memories of being kids, before fireworks were ridiculously spectacular and noisy. Wish we’d ha
  13. Yes, they gave me an ‘Exit card’ at the Forest that I had to hand in as I left and I daren’t leave before my allotted time! Not surprised about the males being susceptible to faint, they’re not as tuff as us gals.
  14. Definitely have to wait the full six months after both Astra Zeneca and Pfizer second jabs Nonna. We got a text message to tell us when to book the Booster. A friend of ours hadn’t received the text and rolled up at the vaccine centre and was told he was too early …… he was only 1 day too early!
  15. Colly, my husband had the occasional issue of not having had enough water before his radiotherapy sessions so had to drink more and then he had to stop off for a wee half way home at a supermarket.
  16. We’ve travelled from Folkstone to London Victoria on the Belmond British Pullman as the final leg of our very special Orient Express trip a couple of years ago. The Pullman had a brown and cream exterior and a beautiful interior to each of the renovated Art Deco carriages. We were served champagne and delicate tasty sandwiches …… you know …… rather like we would get offered on East Midlands Railway!!
  17. Although I’m not sure that this thread is one to keep adding to because there could be (are) members here who will find reading the comments very upsetting due to suicide being too close to home, however I’ve known a few people who’ve gone and done it. One being a handsome young man in his early thirties, a good friend of my sons. He had everything going for him …. lots of money, a successful company, a loving family and loads of friends, also a pretty girlfriend who found him hanged. Another one, a tragic 70-ish man who took himself off into the Lincolnshire countryside and put a hose
  18. As posted last Tuesday, we had a negative result from our Day 2 PCR test following our trip to Spain the week before. All good until last Thursday when we were both ‘pinged’ to inform us we’d been in close contact with someone with Covid. I wanted to just ignore it, especially as we’d got tickets for the theatre that night …… and on the link on the text it told us we didn’t need to isolate if we’d have 2 Covid jabs. Then our friends we travelled with from Spain rang to say they’d been ‘pinged’ too. So off we all trouped to the Forest for yet another PCR test. Whilst there I had my Booster
  19. I have no recollection whatsoever of country dancing at either Kingswell Juniors nor Carlton le Willows.
  20. Finally got around to re-booking my Covid Booster that I should have had last Saturday when I was stuck in Marbella, thanks to Michael O’Leary’s tribe. The Day 2 PCR ‘negative’ result popped onto my Email this evening so I’m fit to go down the Forest Rec this weekend!
  21. That’s an interesting comment Deepdene Boy!
  22. Last Christmas one of our boys said to me that he’d like to buy his Dad a defibrillator ……. I agreed that it may be a very practical gift but didn’t think my husband would really appreciate the thought! I could understand why he had considered the idea because his best friend’s father (a good friend of ours) had recently suffered a heart attack on the squash court and was saved by a defibrillator. I hope I never need to wish we’d had one in the house!
  23. You’re bound to be nervous Colly but you’ll be fine. A few Nottstalgians (and my husband) have gone through this already and at least you’ve only got 20 sessions whereas those that have gone before had 37 trips. You’ll be sorted for Christmas! Best wishes to you.