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  1. Well done Brew, you’ll feel so much satisfaction when the room is fully completed. We went through similar upheaval before Christmas but had people in the do the hard work, which included new parquet flooring and decorating. Two months on, we still haven’t got everything back in the right place and can’t actually find quite a few files etc. But after almost 12 months of lock-down and brain stagnation we don’t actually care! The plus side was that we got rid of (shredded) bins full of old bank statements, utility bills, insurance documents going back to when we moved to Nottingham 16 year
  2. Suspect your neighbour hasn’t been so strict with isolation BK, poor man.
  3. Well alright then, seeing as we’re all admitting to having horrible things wrong with us in the past ....... I had scabies many many years ago, so long ago I can’t remember much about it. I think I had really itchy patches on my hands between my fingers. The GP decided it was scabies and prescribed some stuff to put in bath water and said we ALL had to go through a soaking procedure for 2 or 3 days, even though my husband and the kids hadn’t got it. Where or who the hell I got it from I have no idea but it cleared up within a few of days.
  4. It will never be known why this couple ended up in dangerous flood water, it can only be assumed they were disorientated because nobody in their right mind would even venture down that way in those conditions. Very sad.
  5. My husband might need to get to know you and your pal swe62, once lockdown is over! He’s got an issue with his head gasket (whatever that is )
  6. We’ve got a Morris 8 being slowly dismantled ...... would willingly sell if I was allowed!
  7. Oh that’s sad. After all this time I had thought that the eye witnesses had been imagining the whole episode. Won’t be a pretty sight.
  8. We’ve already got a clump of brave little daffodils flowering in the garden. The sign of Spring but still a few weeks of Winter to cope with.
  9. The Engineer, what a fascinating and incredible man John Douglas was. I’d never heard of him until now but I’ve just read through the obituary and found his life so interesting.
  10. Any news from the river search? Surely if a car did enter the water the specialist teams would have found it by now .....
  11. RobL, your nephew has been very fortunate to have recovered after all that time in ICU. Wishing him well and hoping he becomes stronger by the day.
  12. OMG, this comment reminds me of Edna ‘the original inebriate woman’. A neighbour who lived opposite us when I was a child in Arnold. She had the biggest dark ‘wheels’ on her lower legs from sitting on top of the fire. This childless couple had a pair of Lassie dogs that they bred but they drank heavily as well. She passed away at a young(ish) age sadly but he kept going for a few more years, during which he knocked our garden wall down while drunk. I got home one afternoon and found him attempting to re-build the wall, oh dear! When he heard I was getting married he assumed he was invite
  13. You’re obviously not a rebel Stuart ...... where’s your sense of adventure? If you wait for your letter and eventually get 3 (like many of us did) will you make 3 appointments? I didn’t take my letter because I hadn’t received one but I did take my NHS card to prove I was me. Still, it’s not a big issue, if you want a jab you’ll get one eventually.
  14. Small world eh? I got to know him as he used to live next door to a very good friend of mine, he used to cut my hair too!
  15. The cameras are out to get you down there Beekay. A young man delivered my husband’s new car last week and 3 days later we received, in the post, a Penalty Charge Notice ...... he’d driven our car in a Bus Lane ‘Canal Street near Greyfriar Gate Eastbound’ Just a few days before I’d heard that a friend got a fine in the same place. I never need to drive around there but I’m now very aware of the financial penalties of doing so!!
  16. You don’t need to have received the letter Stuart, I’d already had my jab before I received THREE identical letters from the NHS. All you have to do is go on the Swiftqueue website. I heard they’d lowered the age limit at the Hospital hubs today, I told a couple of friends straight away and they’re booked in for this Thursday, they haven’t had letters yet either.
  17. Yes Albert, your garden looks great, you obviously spend a lot of time tending the borders too.
  18. I never saw The Supremes in their day but did manage to see Diana Ross at the Arena a few years ago. What a Diva she is! Mary Wilson was a lovely lady and had great talent. A friend of mine (gay) has seen her perform at Butlins in recent years and been on stage singing with her, even posting a video of it on social media. Today he is absolutely devastated. We seem to be losing so many stars recently, performers who meant so much in my teenage years. It’s a sign of ageing I suppose. RIP Mary
  19. I did one of those test kits in the Autumn Col. I remember PP had one too. It’s nice to get the negative result anyway.
  20. Happy very special Birthday Barbara, hoping you had a smashing day ....... X
  21. That sounds a bit cold Ian, what’s that in real money? The coldest I ever remember experiencing here in the UK was -17C probably 30+ years ago when we lived down south. Our grandchildren are in Czech Republic at the moment, going to school in -11c. Thank goodness we don’t get such extremes in Nottingham.
  22. BK, I’ve had to inject my tum after a couple of operations a few years ago, I sat and jabbed myself, no probs. Just did it quickly, it was worse if I hovered and thought about it.
  23. I fear this wearing of masks malarkey is affecting my mental health. I’ve started talking (muttering) to myself when I’m out, mainly in supermarkets. Nobody will see my lips move but I’m hoping nobody hears me chuntering, making insulting comments about fellow shoppers, reminding myself what I need to buy ....... bit worrying really! I know I’m not alone with this problem because I admitted it to my best friend the other day and she said she does the same! Anybody else ready to confess?