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  1. For the past year or so my husband has left a small area of our lawn uncut, even though he’s rather OCD about his lawn and makes sure he has lovely straight lines up and down. We have a very eccentric near neighbour whose house is in desperate need of attention, not least painting, but several years ago his young next door neighbour thought he was doing him a favour and mowed his front lawn, which had been left to nature. The poor man didn’t realise that a neighbourly act had occurred and told me he just couldn’t understand why his ‘wild flowers’ weren’t growing very well. He never did di
  2. Congratulations Grandad! Welcome to this weird World baby girl x
  3. I reckon we would do exactly the same as you SG …… I’ve always been very wary of the 3 breeds that you mention, Husky, Akita and Rottweiler, in any case and certainly wouldn’t risk a puppy with them. Whenever I’ve seen any of those breeds out walking they seem to be in control of their owners, which isn’t a good sign. I think you know more about dog training than a lot of these folk who profess to be experts, just do what you know you can do best.
  4. Jonab, that’s terrible for you. Wishing you much better health soon. Thinking of you.
  5. He sounds great SG and is there to be a good companion. Well done for making the decision to get him. We’re still fighting the urge to get another dog ……
  6. Seems like your son has realised it’s a ‘special day’ Mary. I doubt whether it will be remembered by our two sons …… although last year they turned up together (200 mile round trip) for a quick Sunday roast, despite us being in lockdown at that time.
  7. My husband’s oncologist has suggested that our 2 sons get the PSA when they reach 50. The eldest is 44 and recently felt a bit out of sorts and had a blood test and asked for a PSA at the same time but the GP said no.
  8. Colly, my husband had Gleason score of 8 too, and like you the cancer hadn’t spread anywhere else. He’d had no symptoms but our GP was all for doing the PSA tests every 2 or 3 years and that’s how the cancer was discovered, when his PSA count had gone up significantly between blood tests.
  9. We’re overrun with cats in our local neighbourhood recently. All the neighbours seem to have at least two and since Jack went to Jesus they think they can come into our garden without fear of being chased out. We were away for a couple of weeks recently and we lost 2 Koi Carps from our pond, one had been mauled, I’m not accusing a cat but it’s certainly possible because I’ve seen a few taking a lot of interest, and in the past dry weather we’ve left the cover off the garden furniture over night and the cushions are covered in cat hairs. I don’t dislike cats but wish they’d stick to th
  10. Antique dealers car! I knew John Bly (of Antiques Roadshow) when we lived in Herts. Often saw him driving around in his Volvo Estate loaded up with his wares.
  11. Colly, my husband went through all of that about 8 years ago. He had radiotherapy and has been fine since. He had blood tests last week and has got an annual consultation this week with his oncologist. Don’t stress about it, all will be fine.
  12. Of course Home Ales must have researched the history of the area when deciding on names for their new pubs in the past 60/70 years. When they ran out of Robin Hood related names they decided on ‘The Eagle’ on Howbeck Road.
  13. Our son and a few employees, they paint the track markings several times a year, not just for the Formula 1 race.
  14. I know someone who’ll be there!
  15. I think you will find your grapevine information is wrong Phil.
  16. My husband had a full knee replacement 3 years ago. All you will need to do is be a good lad and do everything the physio tells you to do! His op was very successful and he was soon walking miles every day ….and still is (usually getting 10k steps in before I even get up in the morning)
  17. I’ve had one too. Been getting texts from a mobile number claiming to be HSBC telling me that a new payee has been paid £200 out of my account. Blocked the number but they’ve tried again using a slightly different mobile number. So annoying.
  18. That would be the same instructor Stuart, think he lived in a bungalow on corner of Rolleston Drive and Eaton Avenue. I think he smoked a ciggie throughout the lesson!
  19. I had driving lessons with a local (Arnold) driving instructor in a Vauxhall Viva in 1969, I think I had 20 lessons as he said “one lesson for each year of your life”. A chap at work took me out for a practice occasionally during lunchtime. Kind of him but I always thought there was an ulterior motive! I had my test around Arnold/Mapperley area and remember having to do a hill-start on one of those steep roads between Westdale Lane and Porchester. When we had a place in Florida we discovered that the car insurance was about twice as much without a Florida Driving Licence so my husba
  20. Looks fabulous Nonna, so pleased you had a catch-up with family and a change of scenery. We’ve been by the sea in Dorset for the past 18 days and it’s been great. Got back this evening but we hadn’t planned staying down there this long, we packed the car up on Saturday and got a couple of miles down the road and a warning light pinged up on the dashboard. As we had 200 miles ahead of us we diverted to the local Audi garage where they were only doing MOTs on a Saturday. A service engineer checked the engine and did a pressure test and said it was the thermostat causing the issue but
  21. I was a student at Digby from 1966-67 and used to go to the occasional gigs there but don’t remember this pair, but do remember Salty Dogs!
  22. Ben, I can so tell that’s you! Brilliant and fun photo.
  23. I was volunteered to sit on a Coroners Jury by my boss, the Personnel Manager (HR in today’s language) when I was in my early 20s. Police had come into my place of work, looking for volunteers. It was an interesting experience and I was only required for a few hours. There are only 2 cases I can recall after all these years, one was concerning the death of a young boy who’d jumped onto the back of a dustbin lorry, he didn’t fall into it but was run over and killed when the lorry reversed. The other case was about an old lady who’d been knocked down on a pedestrian crossing.
  24. Been to the beach with granddaughter and son. We decided to walk the mile or so to Sandbanks as we expected all the car parks to be full and that was a good decision on our part. Traffic was at a crawl and there was nowhere for them to park when they got there. However we had a lovely couple of hours in the sea and making sandcastles and actually the beach wasn’t as packed as we’d expected, everyone was having a good time. We got home and they went out on paddle boards, I don’t think I’m strong enough anymore for that lark and don’t think my balance is good either! Our eight year old can