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  1. 8 hours ago, Rhymester said:

    Where they definitely in a jeep rather than an open top bus? It looks as if there were two occasions they did this. I presume one would would have been when they were awarded Freedom of the City.

    I don’t know the answer to that about there being two occasions.   I lived in Buckinghamshire in those days and just happened to be in Nottingham visiting my parents so went with my Dad and the kids to join in the excitement!  The Torvill shop was not on Valley Road but on a road running parallel and having looked on a map it was probably Scotland Road.  We stood on the corner of that road and Nottingham Road so got a good look as the Jeep went slowly round the corner.  It was very special to have been there.  Nottingham is rightly proud of that talented pair.  

  2. Margie, I’m going on what a friend told me today that she’d seen something on TV or Internet that one can take a LFT several times in the same day and each time the result can be different.  I was relieved ours was negative  and wouldn’t have risked having another go at it!  Our 19 year old grandson has tested positive again. No symptoms.   He was isolating  for 10 days in August.  This virus is getting ridiculous now, the economy is being wrecked by what is now nothing worse than a bad cold.  Will this mean that every time someone has a cold they have to self-isolate?  Our sons’ company had the normal construction industry 2 week shut-down for Christmas and New Year, opened up again on Tuesday and lots of employees are not in work ‘due to Covid’.  Businesses and the economy can’t go on like this.   

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  3. Yesterday and overnight we were in London with 10 other couples, all old friends, the men have had an Investment Club for the past 24 years and twice a year the WAGs are invited for special events ……. we have a garden party at one member’s Manor House in the Summer and in January we stay in London and pull in a show and meal. Last year was messed up with Covid and this year’s trip was a bit touch and go until the last minute.  We all did Lateral Flow Tests yesterday morning before setting off for London , all tested Negative except the member who’d been organising the trip for the past few months!  Felt so sorry for this couple but I do wonder whether if they took the test later in the day it would be Negative.   
    London seemed very quiet and very few guests staying in our hotel, maybe because tourists are not coming to the UK, but we WERE in The Dorchester though!  

  4. Poor you Colly!  I keep hearing of so many people with the virus and feel lucky, so far, that I haven’t had it.  I woke up on Christmas Day with a full-on cold, but no headache.  Sneezing and nose-blowing all day but the next day I was perfectly OK, not even a runny nose, when I was thinking I was adding to the statistics.  Done a couple of LFT since and am clean.  Makes one wonder how accurate they are though.  This new variant isn’t bad (apparently) and is little more than a cold.   

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  5. We saw you @MargieH driving round and round that roundabout this morning!   We drove to Milton Keynes yesterday to spend time with the family and came back home this morning.  
    As for the negative comments, I think it’s matured into a pleasant city and a decent area for families.  Our son was living in St Albans when they realised a bigger house was needed for their growing family.  They couldn’t afford what they wanted in ‘Snorbans’ but could in MK, on a quiet little lane with a handful of individual  style houses and a paddock across the lane.  There’s a network of cycle paths, lakes, parks, Grand Union Canal, woodlands and lots of entertainment venues.  I never imagined that the area I used to drive through regularly 40 years ago would turn into such a pleasant area.   I’m not saying I’d want to live there though !

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  6. We were watching the same TV channel this evening DJ, far better than re-runs of old comedy shows.  Can’t brag about ‘knowing’ the Kanneh-Masons but they are near neighbours and we see them all around and we exchange pleasantries!  Can you just imagine living in a house with seven kids learning a musical instrument?!  It was bad enough when our two were  having piano lessons many years ago.  I really regret not having lessons at the same time but when the boys packed it in we gave the piano to Wild Willy Barrett when we lived in the same village.  

    The Pavarotti programme was wonderful and so interesting.  We had front row seats at Wembley Arena to watch him perform, can’t remember the year, then a private dinner at the Grosvenor Hotel in his presence, and all the guests got to speak to him.  The evening cost an absolute fortune but so worth it because it’s something we’ll never forget ……. hopefully!