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  1. 6 hours ago, radfordred said:

    Crikey I’d sold it to Mrs Red, she was packing, day trip to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, float in the Dead Sea , Nazareth, Haifa & Sea of Galilee, bleddy BBC News! 

    We did that 40 years ago ....... a day trip to Israel!
    We were on holiday in Cyprus and a tour operator within the hotel was trying to tempt people to take the trip. However she didn’t recommend the trip with our two young sons, aged 4 and 2.  But we did it, deciding that it would be the only time we’d consider going to Israel.   It involved an overnight ferry from Limassol to Haifa, onto a ‘luxury coach’, lightning tour around all the places we’d heard of in school RE lessons, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Wailing Wall, Mount of Olives, and the usual tourist trap of a visit to a diamond factory.  Then another overnight ferry back to Limassol.  It was interesting and pleased we did it but it certainly was hard work with the kids in tow. 

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  2. We’ve always enjoyed flying off on vacation and in fact we should have been flying to Seattle today, booked last November when we assumed all this would have been over weeks/months ago.  So that’s the third overseas trip we’ve had cancelled in the past 14 months. 
    I’ve got used to being stuck at home to be honest, haven’t got any enthusiasm to consider any trips in the near future.  We’ve got a trip out today though, up to a funeral at Wilford Hill, not a Covid death I hasten to point out.  

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  3. What is the date given for that map Stuart?  Mick was absolutely correct about Rolleston Drive only going part way along there but my friend who lived on Brook Avenue in the early 50s didn’t think the same.  
    the thing is, that plan shows roads/houses that were built in the early 1960s, after Winthorpe Road where I lived.  I’m talking Valletta, Shirley Road, Farm Road.  In fact after the few houses on Rolleston Drive that were part of the same estate, Winthorpe was the first road to be built, then all the roads off it and then the rest of the estate towards Coppice. We kids used to play around the building sites, often being reprimanded by the workers.  There were no houses at the end of our garden for a long time and as I was the only girl around lots of boys I became a good footballer and cricketer!  

  4. Mick, with help from an ex-Arnold friend who has a better memory than me and who spent her early life in the pre-fabs, I’ve got the geography sorted out.  Kiddier Avenue ran from Rolleston to Coppice. There was also Kiddier Walk.  Most of the pre-fabs were on Brook Avenue, my friend lived at No. 15. Another old Kingswell friend lived at 3 Kiddier Walk.  Her surname was Staples.
    The fields between there and Allen Solly were called Wollater Fields. We all remember the big concrete pipe that had the brook running through it.  Diameter so big that we could walk on the walls through it, without getting our feet wet. 
    Then the New Road was built, to join up with Brookfield Road,  as a back route for us lot up the hill to get into Arnold.  

  5. Mick, yes she suggested that you were you!  I was going to PM you later on with other names mentioned ..... I don’t think it’s fair to give names on an open forum of people who are likely to still be alive, in case they ‘google’ themselves.  My friend is the twin, her brother sadly passed away a couple of years ago, he went on to Bramcote Tech. Grammar, she went to Church Drive Girls.  
    Will be back later! 

  6. Been in touch with my Nursery Rd Hurst friend and it’s a different family, there were two apparently!  My friend’s brother went to Robert Mellors but a similar age to the other one.  As I went to Carlton Le Willows I couldn’t understand why I had never seen my friend’s big brother on the school bus.  
    The top (Rollo) end of Brookfield road, from Allen Solly factory up to the Major Oak was, and always will be, called ‘the New Road’ by the locals! It was of course built across the fields we played on many years ago.  My brother and his little friend set light to that field one afternoon ..... don’t ask!! 
    I remember cricket being played on the field between Allen Solly factory and Rolleston Drive, also gathering conkers along there.  
    The only family I remember in the council houses at Coppice Road end were the Garratt’s.  ;) They lived on the corner. 


  7. 4 hours ago, radfordred said:


    Conservative Caroline Henry gets the gig as Nottinghamshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner.

    Thank goodness for that, my vote counted on this one.  Pity we didn’t have council elections in the City too.   
    I don’t know why we need a Police & Crime Commissioner either, why can’t the Chief Superintendent do that work?  

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  8. 5 hours ago, Arnold Mick said:

    Incidentally, Liz, originally Rolleston Drive (Rollo) was not a through road to Coppice Rd but was Rollo at Gego Rd end and Kiddier Ave (?) at Coppice end. Might have been a couple of years older than you but did you know a Dave Stapleford who lived in the original houses on Rollo?

    When we moved to Winthorpe Road in March 1958 the road was unpaved, the weather was awful and the removal van couldn’t get up the road to our new house.  Even Rolleston Drive was a relatively unmade road, I remember the white road stone being laid before the asphalt. Kiddier Avenue was the little prefab estate at the end Rolleston Drive, corner of Coppice Road. A schoolfriend lived there and then they moved to Killisick (what an awful name eh) I used to run through Kiddier Ave every day to catch the bus to school. 
    The stream down Brookfield Road, which would be the same as the one you mention on Killisick, was another place us kids played.  Some thieving sod nicked my lovely Triangle scooter from under the bushes between the stream and Rollo.  I was devastated.  
    I don’t rememember the name Dave Stapleford, did he live up Coppice end, in the council houses?
    I have an old schoolfriend who lived on Nursery Road, did you know the Hurst family? 

  9. 5 hours ago, Arnold Mick said:

    Liz - the area you and Phil talk about (now Greendale) we used to call Joners (Jonahs?) 

    Yes Mick, we always knew it as Jonah’s and also did a bit of scrumping while down there. I had a friend whose Dad had an allotment down there and also remember going on a ‘nature walk’ from Kingswell in the area.  I remember there being a very simple bridge made of a railway sleeper or similar across the stream.  I don’t think that trains were using that line when I started going down there, if they were then I never saw one, but we did dare each other to go into the tunnel. 


  10. I’m with Nonna on this subject.  Our little Jack hated cats and would sit looking out of the window waiting for a neighbourhood cat to come into the garden. He would bark and jump up us until we opened the door to let him into the garden to chase them off, he never caught up with the cats though, they could hear him getting excited before the door was open.  
    Anyway, now Jack is no longer, our garden is a magnet for all the local felines, marauding through the borders or patiently waiting by the bird feeders.  A new neighbour has moved in recently too, with a cat.  
    I don’t hate cats but I think we’re either dog people or cat people. Over the past 46 years we’ve had 4 dogs and 1 cat.

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  11. Today I went into town to join the ‘owt fer nowt’ rabble in Debenhams closing down sale.  I’d not even considered going in but a friend rang to tell me she’d just been in the shop and it was worth a trip.  
    Even though I’ve never been very keen on Debenhams it sounded interesting.  
    I made some brilliant buys ....... 4 100% cashmere sweaters, usual price £170 each and I nabbed them for £70 TOTAL.  2 super-king sheets, reduced from £130 each to £39 each.  Then I bought some Christmas tins of biccies for £3 each, reduced from £14.  Nice useful tins too, when we’ve eaten the biscuits! 
    What’s not to like, except that those poor shop assistants are all out of work on Monday.   

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  12. I agree with you Nonna and my two boys had all the baby vaccinations, except one, and can’t remember which that was but it was my Mum who got worked up about the bad publicity it was getting.  My Dad’s youngest brother had Measles TWICE in 1937 and died.  My husband says he had a mild dose of Polio in the early 50s when there was no vaccination or sugar lump offered. He had no lasting effects though.  
    Unfortunately our daughter-in-law is anti-vax and refused to get our granddaughter vaccinated.  She’s been sending me videos and other anti-vax rubbish for the past year, thinking she can convince me to agree with her, I ignore most of it.  She’s Eastern European and difficult to cope with ........ can’t get involved as we don’t want family upset!  

  13. I used to rather enjoy listening to Paul Robey’s radio programme on a Sunday while preparing the Sunday roast but since it’s moved to Notts TV I can’t get too enthusiastic.  I’m too busy to sit and watch the TV at that time of day and the old photos do seem to be put on there in a bit of a random fashion without much information.  Paul is much better on radio than as a TV presenter, lovely as he is as a person.  

  14. I had some beautiful running spikes from Redmaynes while at school, white kangaroo leather with red stripes, they were the biz!  
    A friend’s dad was something to do with the company. My friend sadly died on the rugby pitch when he was only 23 but his brother is MD of Gunn & Moore I believe.

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