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  1. Yep RR, that was my mode of transport for quite a few years ....... Long Row, outside Lyons to Rolleston Drive Arnold.  Every 20 minutes, last bus from town was 22.50 and if I wasn’t on that my Dad was walking the streets looking for me! 

  2. Yesterday, apart from entertaining an elderly aunt ...... against Covid rules but a necessary action under the circumstances ..... my husband loaded my car up with various items to take to the council recycling centre on Redfield Road, the only one we’re permitted to use apparently, as City residents.  He arrived before they opened the gates and nobody else turned up in the meantime.  He asked one of the employees where to put 2 boxes of rubble and was told there was a charge of £8.  Who knew that?  Anyway, he grudgingly paid up but the guy asked for his postcode and said it wouldn’t cost anything if he was a County resident ...... doesn’t make sense that!  
    He then filled my car up (it had been running on fumes for a couple of days), took it to our usual car-wash in Radford, £10 inside and out and a lovely job and THEN went and had 4 new tyres fitted.  It’s like a new car now!  

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  3. Well we braved a cool April evening and sat outside Piccolinos, Weekday Cross this evening and had a very nice meal and drinks.  We had dressed appropriately but they’d put heaters by the tables so it was fairly cosy.  
    I doubt we would have bothered to venture out but friends rang last night and asked us to join them at 6pm this evening. 
    Had a bit of a rush to get out as we’d had my elderly aunt round for tea and cream cakes this afternoon.  Her two sons, my lovely cousins, brought her over for a change of scenery, even though we shouldn’t be mixing indoors she needed company and a distraction from what’s going on in her life.

    Her husband of 70 years has been in QMC since Good Friday, very poorly, refusing food and water so he’s on a drip.  She’s accepted that he probably won’t come home to her again, it’s so sad.

    Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to her house for a couple of hours.  I should think there’s nothing worse than being totally alone when, in her case, she’s had my uncle there 24/7 for the past 30 years,  

    I’ve always been very close to these two. When I was a toddler they used to take me out once a week and always bought me a toy.  As my Mum passed away over 30 years ago I’ve sort of looked upon my aunt as a surrogate mum, she’s always been there for me so now it’s time for me to be there for her.  

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  4. 1 hour ago, MargieH said:

    @philmayfield  I agree with Lizzie about getting a bus.  I appreciate you couldn’t get a bus into the city from where you live, but you could drive to the outskirts and park on a little road near a bus route (Sherwood area?) then catch one of the frequent buses into the centre.  

    Exactly Margie.  We have a bus every 3 or 4 minutes into and out of town right from the end of our road.  Mind you, in the past year I’ve rarely got on a bus, if I need to go into town I walk.  
    But don’t park on our road Phil, cluttering it up! 

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  5. Doubt very much if there’ll be anything I want or need in Debenhams this week so won’t be bothering. 

    I feel the same about restaurants and pubs opening tomorrow ...... as much as I enjoy eating out, I don’t want to be queuing and then sitting outside for the pleasure.  


    I’m at the hairdressers in the morning though, that’s something I can’t put off any longer as I’ve not been since beginning of December.  My hairdresser popped round on Friday to give me a ‘patch test’ as I have colour on my hair.  Apparently there’s a new directive ...... if one has had Covid or a Covid jab this test is necessary, something to do with the chemicals used.  Suppose someone has had a severe reaction when having their hair coloured, but seeing as hairdressers have been closed all the time we’ve been getting jabbed it makes you wonder how this has been discovered.  

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  6. I had a text msg this morning reminding me of my 2nd Pfizer jab at the Forest next Monday.  My husband had his 2nd AZ jab yesterday at the Forest.  He was in and out in 5 minutes, ignoring the instruction to sit down in the waiting area for 15 minutes.   

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  7. 3 hours ago, philmayfield said:

    I’ve just discovered that the soaps and comedy programmes are not being shown tonight. 

    Thank God for that!   I haven’t watched the soaps since the 1970s and Comedy/Comedians are awful these days, the only comedians I enjoy are Peter Kay (who seems to have retired) and John Bishop (his programme about Beluga Whales has been fantastic and heart-warming). 
    I’m a proud Royalist and in the past few months I’ve enjoyed lots of Saturday night TV programmes about our Royal Family, whilst my husband is watching football or boxing on another TV.   
    However, as much as I admire Prince Philip and feel so sorry for the Queen, I do think his passing has been overdone on the telly and radio today.  

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  8. I had a lot of admiration for Prince Philip, it couldn’t have been easy being the Monarch’s Consort for almost 70 years.  I feel very sorry for the Queen, she’s lost her right-hand man. Such a shame he didn’t make it to 100 in just a couple of months time. 
    I wonder if there’ll be a State Funeral with the virus still being centre-stage?    

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  9. Saw about 5000 of those in Aldi the other day RR, they must have bought a container load.  How was it?  Those Fray Bentos pies are handy to keep in stock, but I’ve never seen this version before. 

  10. Lucky you Beekay, we should have flown to the USA on May 17th but they won’t let us.  Got all our money back though, thank goodness.  
    Still awaiting a refund from a trip we should have taken on 17th March 2020, the first day that borders were closed.  

  11. I’m intrigued too BK, having only ‘done’ French and a year of German at school, many many years ago, I don’t know if those letters are Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or Russian.  
    Welcome young lady, give us a clue! 

  12. I was an able reader before I started school, it was Janet and John books in my day and I remember Mum gave them to my younger cousins after my brother had done with them.  Poor old Chicken Licken thought the sky was falling on his head!  Anyone else remember that? 
    I think the first children’s novels I had were ‘Heidi’ and ‘Little Women’.  These two books are still in our library, with my name and address written inside the cover, in childish writing! I always had a Rupert Annual at Christmas and then when I was a bit older I had ‘Bunty’ and ‘Judy’ annuals.  I was reminded by ube that I regularly had ‘Look & Learn’ delivered. I really loved that magazine and soaked up the interesting topics that were featured.  
    I recently acquired, for free, about 30 Children’s Classics.  Someone locally was giving them away so I offered to take them, thinking of our young granddaughter ....... but I’m not sure really ...... she’s certainly too young at present to appreciate them (she’s nearly 8) and having had a quick browse they’re a bit heavy going!  

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  13. I saw them at the Sherwood Rooms when they’d only just come on the scene.  We went there to see The Righteous Brothers and were so disappointed when we got there to be told they weren’t turning up.  But, wow, were we excited to see this new threesome The Walker Brothers!   We even tried to get their autographs, unsuccessfully.  Scott Walker had a fabulous voice, I was so in love with him hearteyes

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  14. Depends on their personal circumstances doesn’t it?  Half a million is a nice chunk of money to win but some people just don’t want to stop working, not everyone plays golf or has a big garden to look after and the worst thing anyone could do is sit and watch TV all day.  That amount would soon be eaten up by going on nice holidays or helping your kids get on the housing ladder.  

  15. When we lived down south we regularly went to a fabulous Italian restaurant called Graziemille which was part of the ‘Cock & Rabbit’ pub in the hamlet of The Lee, near Wendover.  A beautiful, idyllic hamlet of brick cottages and several magnificent homes, surrounding a pretty village green.  
    The reason I mention this is because The Lee has featured many times in Midsomer Murders, the pub being called the ‘Rose & Challice’ in the programme.  
    A lot of the filming has been done around that area, in fact our son’s friend’s house was used during one episode!