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  1. My friends and I never ventured out of Nottingham to other clubs, we had neither transport nor the money, but we were regulars first at The Dungeon and Boat clubs then progressed to The Beachcomber (didn't you have to be 18 to get in there?), then Hippo, 99 on Trent Bridge and Babel. Zak and Kurt owned 99 and Babel ..... Had dinner in the company of Zak about 5 yrs ago! The 99 was a good place to meet cricketers and footballers ;-)

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  2. Few people had cars on our road in those days and in the winter, especially 1963 us kids would sledge down the middle of the road (steep hill). There was a miserable neighbour with a car who would throw ash across the road so we would come to a grinding halt. My Dad still lives in the same house and even these past few days have been really dodgy on that road so I can understand why that man tried to stop us making the road even more treacherous! Brilliant times though and my Dad made us a sledge from a Blue Peter plan!

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  3. Anyone been into the new Micropub on Mansfield Road, Carrington? We popped in there this evening, it's a nice cosy place (only seats about 20 people), bit like a cafe, selling 4 different real ales and a red and white wine. Two of the guys who own it were there and were very welcoming. It's so close to home it might have to be our new local !!

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  4. I also had a driving instructor who smoked like a chimney. He lived on Rolleston Drive, Arnold. It was 1969 and a Vauxhall Viva. A chap at work would take me out practicing at lunchtimes in a Ford Anglia (with the funny back window). During those weeks of learning to drive my boyfriend at the time had an Austin Healey 3000 which he persuaded me to have a go in up in Derbyshire somewhere. I did drive it but was very nervous with such a big engine in front of me!! My test route took in Arnold and Mapperley with a hill start at the top of Kent Road, coming out onto Porchester Road. I passed after 20 lessons and within days drove to Glasgow to visit a friend. Driving has never phased me but I've always hated parallel parking and still avoid it like the plague :-)

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  5. Yes absolutely Mick. Two of my aunts moved out of the family home but still stayed on Queens Grove when they got married. I remember Mum telling me how the piano was floating on the ceiling when the Trent flooded in 1947. I remember the row of toilets up the yard, with newspaper cut up for loo paper and as the years went by the whole street began to smell of curry as the Asian immigrants began to move in!! Yes, there was a great community spirit in those old areas of Nottingham, not like today ...... Or maybe it's just where I live that folks don't talk to their neighbours?

    Incidentally, the family lived there because it was 2 mins from the railway station which suited my Grandad as he was a shop fitting electrician for Boots all his working life, travelling all over the country as Boots set up their empire of high street shops. I have a shoebox full of postcards he sent home from every corner of the British Isles where he was working. They don't make fascinating reading as he was a man of few words!

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  6. Hello tingly. Here's something which might help you a bit.This map is from 1899 (which I guess is the time of your mum's father), and if you look at Traffic Street at the Wilford Road end you'll see there is a "Timber Yard"..... and near the Arkwright Street end there is a "Saw Mill".And you can also see a Timber Yard off Waterway Street WestSeems like the area was full of wood-working placestrafficstreet.jpg

    Just seen the old map of The Medders you put on here Cliff Ton ...... Thanks! My mum grew up on Queens Grove and my Granny lived there til her death in 1963. It holds lovely memories for me as we visited several times a week and she fed us stew and chips regularly! But oh my, what a dump it was down there! My Mum and her siblings would meet Granny in The Grove pub (now The Vat and Fiddle) every Friday night, they all liked their pop!

  7. I remember Shirley Issam, they lived just a couple of doors away, we were friends. I don't remember Lesley even though we are same age. How about Joan Varley? She was a bit older than me but I have a photo of the two of us on Burton Rd playing fields. Also there was a Jennifer Higton, blonde or ginger hair (got photo of her too) happy days but can't remember too much as we moved when I was 8.

  8. I did knit a dress (with cable pattern!) as a young teenager and then made some cardies for my two babies 30 odd years ago. Never attempted any knitting since then though, not sure I remember how to do it. My granny was brilliant and used to knit Arran sweaters for a company in Scotland. They paid her peanuts for each garment but she didn't care. All the men in the family got an Arran sweater at some stage too!!

  9. My mates and I went in the Flying Horse regularly in the early 70's, great place. Met my future husband there and we've been married for 37 years now! Wish it was still there, it seems that everything from my past has been either closed down or demolished, including Infant School, Junior School and workplace.

  10. I started there in that position on £6 8s 6d and got a 10 bob pay rise within weeks, that was in 1967. After giving my mum board I spent the rest on going out clubbing and clothes, as all teenagers did then (and now!) Mind you, I did manage two holidays in Majorca that summer of '69. Looking back I did quite a lot on £12 a week, lol.

  11. Oh wow! Those newspaper cuttings are so interesting to me. But first of all, I watched the moon landing at The Elm Tree, Hoveringham with a crowd of friends. Never realised until recently that it was middle of the night ...... We must have had a lock-in!!

    Anyway, the Clerk/Typist vacancy at Thorn Bendix was MY job! I'd had that job for 2 years and was given a promotion, not sure why they wanted somebody a lot older than me in the position though! On to the cricket score cards ....... I went out with 2 of the cricketers a couple of years later. I can't believe that clicking on this link could bring back so many memories, thanks.

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  12. I lived at the bottom of Dunstan Street on Norman Villas from 1949 til 58 then we moved to Arnold. That row of houses was demolished to make way for the Link Road many years ago. Don't have too many memories of my time there other than Ashwell Street Infants, going out of the back garden and over a dyke onto Burton Rd playing fields, waving to the 'steam train' drivers from there! Walking along the dyke with Mum and Dad to the Royal Oak (as was) and sitting outside with a bottle of pop and packet of Smiths crisps with salt in a blue wrapper. Remember going regularly on the train in the guards van to Nottm Midland Station with Mum and baby brother in his big coach-built pram and when we got to the other end we had to go in a cronky lift with a big iron sliding door to get up to street level. Maybe it's still the same, never needed to find out though, haha! I'm on a mission now, to find an old 'News Book' written whilst at Ashwell Street school. I know that various friends are mentioned by name ..... I'll be back!

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