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  1. What a star Emma Raducanu is ……. and what a fantastic win.  Real edge of the seat stuff and only spoiled by the mardy Fernandez when Emma needed treatment to her bleeding shin.   
    We thought we were having to subscribe to Prime Video to watch it but then found it on Ch4 and it was worth having a Saturday night in front of the box.  

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  2. You need to do a bit of Googling then CT, I’ve got a photo of me with him 2 years ago but I haven’t been able to post photos on Nottstalgia for a long time, not sure if PostImage has changed or that I’ve forgotten how to do it.  His best known recording was ‘Big Time Operator’ I think.  

  3. Bruce, I saw Zoot and his Big Roll Band at the Dungeon but not at the Boat Club.  
    Two years ago we went to see him at The Jazz Cafe in Sandbanks, Dorset.  He was there again this July, it’s a local venue for him as he’s from Bournemouth, but disappointingly we weren’t down there at the time this year.  The evening two years ago was brilliant, a wonderful relaxed event during which we had a 3 course meal, a far cry from being crammed into the Dungeon in the mid 60s.  I had quite a long chat with Zoot during the evening and he clearly remembers playing at the Dungeon and the Boat Club.  A lovely man and still a great performer who will be 80 next year.  Long may he continue, we’ll be seeing him again next July hopefully. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, philmayfield said:

    The Red Arrows have just flown over on their way back home to Scampton!

    They’ve been at the Bournemouth Air Show this weekend.  Bit of excitement (near tragedy) there yesterday when a bi-plane crashed into the sea at Sandbanks, just down the road from our place.   Both the pilot and a ‘Wing-Walker were pulled out quickly with only minor injuries.  

  5. 11 hours ago, Cliff Ton said:

    I suspect a lot of the money will have gone to consultants and advisers - people who are not actually connected to the real world. They will be the people who suggested what should be done - and how much the punters should be charged for the privilege of seeing the results of those decisions.


    I doubt if anyone on the council made had much say about what was done, apart from the decision to pay consultation fees to others.


    11 hours ago, philmayfield said:

    ‘Piss up’ and ‘brewery’ come to mind when observing the doings of the Nottingham City Council.

    Well it’s been a Labour Council for too many years, we City residents have the highest Council Tax bill in the country and that’s before the latest bombshell of the district heating company in trouble and needing £17.5m to upgrade the facilities.   Nottingham City needs to recruit proven businessmen (and women) to take the reins rather than ‘career councillors’ who don’t  know how to ‘run a brewery’

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  6. As well as the mis-management of Nottingham City tax-payers money that has previously been mentioned enough times on here (and elsewhere) I now hear that the Fletcher Gate multi-storey car park has scaffolding erected at a probable cost of £10,000 so that the outside walls can have graffiti daubed all over it.  Who wanted that?   

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  7. I’m not surprised it’s been cancelled.  The showmen, James Mellors in particular, will object to the City Council wanting to erect a fence around the fair and charging entrance fee.  The cost of the rides is ridiculously high already and if the public have to fork out to just get in then they won’t have lots of cash to spends on the rides, stalls, chips, hot dogs, candy floss, ginger snap, mushy peas and junk.    The Mellors Group have lost millions due to Covid, with the Beach and Goose Fair cancelled twice and the Christmas Market last year.  

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  8. 4 hours ago, Newarker said:

    I'm surprised there have been no comments on the ending of Paul Robey's show on Notts TV on Sunday, a reincarnation of his show on Radio Nottingham of course. 

    As I’ve commented before, Paul Robey’s Sunday lunchtime TV programme is of no interest to me, I have only watched it a couple of times.  I don’t have time to sit and watch TV at that time of day and to be honest I think Paul is good on the radio but not a good TV presenter.  

  9. There are a few breeds that should be given a wide berth and a few owners too.  We had a Golden Retriever when our boys were young.  Supposedly a good breed for families but he was such a Jekyll and Hyde character and we learned to respect his quirks. The worst thing he ever did was bite our 2 year old’s arm, who’d decided to go and cuddle him while he was having his dinner.  It was a really nasty puncture wound that had to heal from the inside out.  
    Our granddaughter was attacked by a German Shepherd Dog two years ago (when she was 6 and staying with her Czech granny in CR.). This dog belonged to her friend and our little one was running around the garden with the owner’s children.  It was a really vicious attack, mainly in her hairline so now there are no awful scars to see.  She was in hospital on intravenous antibiotics for several days and has no emotional scars from the experience thank goodness.  She loves all animals, especially dogs.  
    Oh,  and that GSD in Czech Republic is still alive apparently ……..