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  1. Well done PP.  Not sure I’d let my husband loose with the kitchen scissors on my hair but a couple of weeks ago I persuaded him to sort my roots out .... he didn’t do a bad job, it’ll do til my appointment on April 12th, the first day that hairdressers are open, yay!!

  2. 5 hours ago, Rob.L said:

    Interesting that whoever wrote that diatribe didn’t mention Harry’s two tours in Afghanistan, or his work with disabled veterans through the Invictus Games.


    There again, his uncle (who shall not be named) was also a Navy helicopter pilot.

    But since his soldiering days Rob, well in the past 3 or 4 years, he’s been manipulated and taken in by this young woman and we should all be able to see that what Meghan wants Meghan gets and to hell with the British Monarchy.  I’ve noticed that political views seem to dictate which side one supports.  Hillary Clinton has been on American TV in support of the Markles and on UK TV we’ve had the lovely articulate Diane Abbott ranting on.  I don’t normally get into political discussions but just explain why Socialists appear to support those two.  

  3. I agree with all the points you make SG and having spent several weeks at a time on my own when my husband has been working overseas I’m well used to being out late at night walking our late dog around the block for a last pee.  I did vary the routes we took because in the back of my mind I thought ‘someone’ might be taking note of where and when I’d be out.  It’s very quiet around our neighbourhood and I very rarely saw another person and I can honestly say that I’ve never had cause to be concerned. 
    However, thinking back to my youth, I had 2 or 3 scary instances.  I was followed twice from my late bus from town and actually slapped one lad across his face before he ran off.  Another occasion a chap followed me in a car at walking speed, exposing himself.  I lost him by running and running (I was very fit in those days) but by the time I reached home I thought my heart and lungs were going to explode out of my chest.  I recovered before I got inside because I knew if my parents had known what had just happened I wouldn’t have been allowed out again!  The most stupid thing I did though was get into a car with someone I didn’t know!!!   It was a dark, very wet evening and I was waiting at a bus stop by Carrington Lido,on my way home from work.  A car pulled up, the driver waved for me to get in the car. I honestly thought It was someone I knew,  but it wasn’t, I didn’t know this chap from Adam.  OMG, I was scared because he seemed intent on NOT taking me anywhere near my home.   I finally managed to talk him round and I must say he never laid a finger on me, but his intentions were clear!  
    Attacks and abductions on women are extremely rare but we must all watch our backs, no matter how old we are.  

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  4. I love 'em too and really wish I'd been able to seen them live when there was more than one left.  I'm forever asking Alexa to play The BeeGees!

      I do have a bit of a connection with a couple of them though.  Years ago our first laptop originally belonged to Maurice Gibb .......absolutely true!  We had a place in the Bahamas and the bar we used regularly when over there was owned by a really good friend of Maurice's and he'd been given a laptop by Maurice but didn't need it so sold it to us.  Then one time we were on the same BA flight from Miami to Heathrow as Robin Gibb and when he arrived into the airport lounge he sat chatting to us before the flight.  A lovely man, so laid back and 'normal',  and of course both BeeGees are sadly gone.   

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  5. Bit windy last night wasn’t it?  We’ve got a close-boarded fence blown down ........ I’ve been twittering on about it for a year or so, since I noticed it leaning with the weight of a lot of ivy/evergreen foliage.  I’ve (of course) mentioned many times the need for it being fixed but been told it’s alright, not a problem.  Oh well, now it’s going to be a major job including a skip and several new panels.   I’ve always lived by the saying “A stitch in time saves nine” but I know nothing!   

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  6. I like watching real-life programmes, I certainly can’t be bothered with the soaps.  Tonight, and other weeks, I’ve watched ‘Police Interceptors’ on Ch 5.  Tonight and also a couple of weeks ago the Notts Police were featured. I can normally recognise different areas of Nottingham and the County that they’re racing through, chasing baddies, but tonight I found it difficult to work out ....... but I think Bulwell was featured!! 

  7. I guess this was your first lockdown Birthday Margie?   A year ago tomorrow we went to a fantastic 90th Birthday of a very good friend of ours.  There were 86 guests at the party and we were all laughing and joking about the fact we were touching elbows rather than kissing and hugging, it was a token response due to the first few Covid cases being declared in the UK.  We never, in a million years, expected the nightmare to still be with us a year later.  Our lovely friend will be 91 tomorrow and fitter than most people many years younger.  

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  8. Well you didn’t miss anything startling Nonna.  Accusations of racism, bullying etc and depending which side of the fence you sit is how much you believe her.   My view has always been that she’s a manipulative young woman who thought she could take a leading role in our Royal Family and when she realised she was just a bit part she wanted OUT and Harry, surprisingly weak but obviously didn’t want to look like a failure, went along with her wishes and got out of the Windsor circus to get established in Tinsel Town, helped by the Royal connection. It’s a pity she made accusations but couldn’t back them up.  
    And ...... let me just relate a personal family ‘mixed race’ issue.  
    I have a niece, brought up in Canada, who married a very black Costa Rican and has lived in CR for 20 years.  She’s got two beautiful black children.  My brother-in-law takes great delight in showing everyone pictures of his grandson and saying “Don’t you think he looks just like me?”  We make light of it, there’s no racism and I’m positive there will be no racism in the British Royal Family ....... for goodness sake, the Commonwealth is made up of more black nations than white isn’t it?


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  9. I’ve never ever ordered a supermarket delivery, whilst I can toddle out to the local Lidl’s and Co-op or drive to a bigger supermarket I shall keep doing so.  As things are at the moment needing a bottle of milk or loaf of bread is a good reason for a walk.  
    I’ve just ordered a treat for myself from House of Fraser though, ssshhhh!!!

  10. I remember the Vulcan flying low over our house in Arnold, the first time was a bit scary, we’d never seen such a big wing span on a plane before.  The last time I saw one was at the Silverstone Grand Prix a few years ago.  An awesome sight. 

  11. I went for my eye test a couple of weeks ago, the opthalmologist said my prescription hasn’t changed in the past two years but he saw a small haemorrhage behind my left eye which he said could indicate Diabetes or cause risk of stroke if I have a vascular issue that may have created it.  He sent a report to my GP and within days I was called for BP check and bloods taken. That was over a week ago, my BP was really good and I’ve not heard from the surgery at all so assume my bloods were ok.  Hope so!!


  12. Wouldn’t really bother me walking through a ‘Knife Arch’ ..... unless I’d just bought a new paring knife, which is unlikely because our cutlery and knives have been good for 45 years! 
    However ..... I rarely go to Asda Hyson Green, I find it intimidating walking past all the beggars sitting outside. 

  13. 1 hour ago, katyjay said:

    @ube. Question for you. Julie asks,  do you know a boater named Chris  N Deucher? He is moored at Trent Lock. He is the author of a very useful instruction book called A Boater's Guide to Boating.


    There’s a Chris Deuchar on the Carlton Le Willows Grammar School FB page, I think it’s likely to be the same person.  

  14. I’m already excited for you StavGirl, you’ll be so busy once he arrives.

     I also envy you getting a pup, we’re finding it difficult not having a dog in the house, having always had at least one dog in residence.  However, we always said that when Jack died we were going to travel ...... can’t do that yet though can we?!  

  15. Welcome to Nottstalgia Leslie. 

    My Dad was at Cottesmore in the 1930s.  He passed the 11-plus (or whatever it was in those days) but insisted on going to Cottesmore because he was a footballer and High Pavement was a rugby school.