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  1. Hi Jimmy, I cant remember you as you left in 74, but you might have known Steve Wright, Steve Chambers, Paul Doogan, Nicola Watts, Dawn Huntbach,Danny Boyes, Leon Needham, Kevin Britton, Colin Goddard, ....I'm Martin Kerry, used to live off Oakdale Rd near Tally Ho.
  2. Wonder if we have any local footy experts who can advise where I may find the history of the Nottingham Combination Cup winners? Particularly the early 1920's . Tried Notts FA and a few of the well known local sides Basford U, Carlton Town ( Sneinton FC) etc but no joy.
  3. All the Kerrys in Nottingham are related, we went to Nottingham & Derby between 1750 to 1840 from the Smalley/Morley/Breadsall area of Derbyshire during the industrial revolution.
  4. Kerry's are alive and kicking in Nottingham....PM me!
  5. Robert, your great granddad John was my great uncle, and my uncle Les Kerry is the cousin of Dick, Joe & John and one of the last of the cousins still with us. I do communicate with Terry Scicluna Kerry & his son Raymond has the Travellers Rest at Kilburn Derbyshire. all the Kerry's are related. If you PM me I will send you more details. Janet W is right we did live in Bakersfield/Sneinton/Carlton area, I lived on Dovedale and I think Janet used to babysit for me & my brother!!
  6. Opps. Mayor of Gedling is coming at 10.00 hrs to open and with the children sow poppy seeds from Flanders. This is open to the public!
  7. Do you have any family who lived in Carlton during WW1, photos, information, medals then come down to Carlton Central Junior School on Friday 28th March for our WW1 Heritage Day.
  8. My grand parents, Francis & Tom Roberts lived next door to the Union Pub on Union Rd. Grandad played the piano and grandma sang. If you lived on the rd you may remember Tom as he had a glass eye, he was badly wounded in WW2.
  9. Hi I am involved with Carlton Remembers WW1 and would be very interested in any info about the Zeppelin raid. On 28th March we have a WW1 Heritage Day at Carlton Central School so if you live in the area please pop in between 10.00 & 14.00. And my sister lives on Plikington Rd! Martin
  10. Bought my first pair of two tone stay press from Jeff, cost me a months wages!..(well that was 4 Saturdays on the family market stall) and also a pair of lime green socks..which I tried to wear at school, got to around 10.30 hrs before being spotted, knew I wasn't going to get away with it so had a pair of black socks in my bag. Wot a rebel eh....
  11. Greenwood Dale Bilateral School has been all but airbrushed from the Nottingham Academy History book. No reunions at the school have been held to my knowledge.
  12. Greenwood Dale Bi-Laterial 1971 to 1976.....loved 1975 to May 1976, then got dumped by my firstbig love! Great school thou, some brill teachers, Mr Bonnington, Mr Adey, Mr Graham & my best mate Mr Fletcher!
  13. PS if Janet W reads used to babysit for me! she'll understand!!!!!
  14. Who remember anything about the Basford & Bulwell Home Guard? I have a photo of my granddad Fred Kerry in uniform with the Foresters cap badge, but apart from that..not a lot. I have seen a Basford & Bulwell Home guard photo at the QRL/Notts Yeo museum at Thoresby but cant see grandad on it.
  15. Correct, Dovedale was the last road in Nottingham. I was born on Dovedale but had to go to Jessie Boot instead of Parkdale!