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  1. we went there in the late 50s after my dad died, me and my sister ran away, the police found us on the beach, I remember have a uniform on and marching over to the church on Sunday.tried to find the place when on a visit to skeggie many years ago but since found out it was pulled down
  2. I went to Bentinck senior girls from 59 to 63 don't remember her name I remember miss warren mrs peck I was a smith I lived on Kirkstead street
  3. Are you still around, nottsgirl? I think I live pretty close to you in the Ottawa Valley. 

  4. my mam used find stuff in house to sell to the rag and bone man so she could buy some food.times were tough ion those days
  5. i was born at 14 lily st off dame agnes street in 1948 lived there till 1958 went to sycamore infants and elms junior then went to live at Hyson Green.anybody remember the bottom rec,the chip shop and Griffins shop on Dame Agnes street.
  6. I am new to this site,still trying to find my way around it, i lived on Kirkstead st in Hyson Green from 1958 to 1963 went to bentinct secondary school, before that I lived on Lily street in St Anns. i have lived in Canada since 1977 came as a nanny,then met my hubby here. stil have family in Nottingham,I still get homesick after all these years.try and get home every 3 or 4 years,lots of changes,not much of kirkstead st left,none of lily st,even the bottom rec on sycomore road has changed,by the way my maidien name was there any photos on this site.