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  1. Hi , just wondered if you saw my post re Motax garage that belonged to Stan Sharpe ? .



    Email and phone number removed for members safety.


    1. jonab


      VERY unwise to publish personal information (email addess/phone no.) on a public website. All  sorts of nasty people around you know.


      It ought to contact admin to request that this info is removed.

    2. Kerrie_1969


      Thank you sorry I thought it was a private message .


      Much appreciated thank you 

  2. Hi , I am trying to trace the Sharpe family and I wonder if this is the same MOTAX shop that they owned .


    Could you please make contact with me on kerrie1969@gmail.com 

  3. Chick Wheelhouse died last year...he retired from the car trade a few years ago when Hlafords made an offer that he and his osn couldn`t refuse..
  4. Bob Churchill was a well known bomb site boy in Basford...
  5. Run by Dave Ibbottson...I used to do the record fairs for him,whilst he ran the shop...happy days..
  6. Yes it was..his son Dave stills runs the business,but now in West End arcade..
  7. I remember when one of Teds sons,Ross I think came to get fuel from our garage on St Albans Road (after they`d stopped selling) in his recovery truck...they used to do all the accidents recoverys for the Police...Whilst leaving the pump on autofill,I took a look in the wrecked car on the back to see to my horror a foot,still in the shoe that had been missed by the police and ambulance service...we quickly called 999 and they came very quickly to go and try and reunite it with it footless owner..
  8. This site later became Paul Haywoods car sales..he now has a classic car showroom at southwell..
  9. Jack Baugh was the head when I was at Berridge...a lovely gent..I think he lived on Ribblesdale Road in Sherwood..he used to be my Grandad Harry Cranes best friend and golfing partner...Some of the names I remember were Mrs Parrott and Mr Anderson..I was at the school from 69 to 73..then went on to Peveril..we lived on Birkin Avenue on the corner of Randle Street..
  10. Sadly,I never met my Grandfather..he died before I was born..I have pictures of him on his boats..I will try and put them on for you..