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  1. alisoncc

    The Great '68.

    Drop in occasionally, Rog. Alison
  2. alisoncc

    The Great '68.

    I worked at the Midland Station, for W.H..Smith and Sons whilst still at school. Used to run the kiosk on the front of the station from 5:45am to 8:30am weekdays selling newspapers and magazines. Then run to school at Mundella. Kept me fit. Alison
  3. alisoncc

    The Great '68.

    That was at the top of our street. Summers Street t'was. None of the locals went there though. You got more chips for your money at the chippy on Waterway Street.
  4. Been a good fifty years since last had any contact with my Uncle Ron's family who lived at 1 Ridgemont Walk Clifton Estate in the 1950'/60's ...... His mum and my gran lived at 21 Brierley St in the Meadows. Alison
  5. alisoncc

    How many early memories do you have?

    Lots of memories. Remember being taken to the creche half way up Brierley St. Was on the left set into the Reccie. Would have been late 1947. My Gran lived opposite at 21 Brierley St. Later went to Queens Walk Primary at the bottom of Brierley. Remember sitting on my Uncles shoulder to see the Sherwood Foresters? marching up Carrington Street on their return from the war. I think they formed up down the Embankment and marched to Slab Square. My Dad served with the Lincolnshire Poachers, he brought back a German radio which blew up when he tried to get it going. Probably late 1940's walking to Sunday School at Castlegate Congregational Church from the Meadows. As usual running late so taking short cut through bombed buildings. Think the short cut went from Listergate through to centre of Castlegate where the church was. Still got scar on knee from falling over on broken glass there. Couldn't tell anyone as we had been TOLD not to take the shortcut as there were cellars that could collapse. I remember my sister and self picking our way through the rubble in our Sunday best. Remember pushing a tea chest on pram wheels up to the gasworks across London Road from Station Street to collect coke for the fire. Same tea chest and pram wheels went to Hunger Hills allotments to collect apples and pears from trees on our allotment. This was up St Ann's Well Road. Enough for now. Alison
  6. Don't know how true it is, but the coal cellars of the houses on Summers Street in the Medders used to flood with some regularity. The comment back then 1940's/50's was that the River Leen flowed under the houses, and when it was in flood so were our cellars. Alison
  7. Used to visit a favourite Uncle who moved there with his family from the Medders. This was before they had completed the first Clifton bridge. People would catch a West Bridgeford bus to the 'apenny bridge and walk across back to the Medders to shop. Going back the same way carrying their shopping. I used to walk all the way from Queens Drive. Often stopping enroute at Fareham Brook, spending time there and then going back home without making it to the Estate. If I recollect correctly having crossed the 'apenny bridge you turned right through a churchyard/cemetery and then you got to pass an apple orchard. Apples were there for the scrumping of.
  8. alisoncc

    Tracing long lost relatives

    Still thinking about it. Making effort to contact them that is. More looking for some clues as how I would go about locating them. Alison
  9. alisoncc

    Tracing long lost relatives

    Giving some thought to trying to contact some long lost rellies. I have their last known address which was on the Clifton Estate and and their names, but nothing else. My last real contact with them was in 1960. The guy was my Dad's brother and I believe they had two children, possibly after 1960. Any tips or suggestions as how to go about finding them would be appreciated, preferably via an online resource. Thanks. Alison
  10. Couldn't for the life of me remember my password, so attempted to message the Admin via the Contact Form at the bottom of the Home page. Underneath the message dialog, name and email address boxes is text stating "Security Check", but no security check is displayed. Completed displayed dialogs and hit send and it responds with "Security check not completed" or words to that effect. With no security check dialog displayed not possible to complete it. Alison PS Not a question about use of the forum, it's about "What should be on this site? - What's wrong wi it! - Suggestions for improvement".
  11. alisoncc

    Embankment and Memorial Gardens

    Thought the goldfish would have recovered by now. If not sorry, mea culpa. Would have been in the early fifties, when your truly and others suitably armed with penny bangers, matches, lumps of plasticine and empty jam jars would descend on the goldfish ponds. We would mould the plasticine around the bottom of a banger as a weight, light the fuse paper and when it was fizzing away drop it in the pond. The resulting explosion would stun the fish, enabling us to "rescue" a few for our jam jars. Made a tidy profit selling the now recovered goldfish to other kids at threpence a time, which covered the costs of the bangers. Was able to buy lots more fireworks this way than by hawking a "penny for the guy" barra around the streets. Alison
  12. alisoncc

    What did happen to Mundella?

    Young whippersnapper. Shouldn't you still be at school? Went to Mundella in 1955. Rev Calder was bossman and Barton Hart was our form master in 3rd form. Alison
  13. alisoncc

    First job from leaving School

    What a slack load of buggers. First job after leaving school, I was working before I left school. Ran a kiosk for W H Smith and Sons selling newspapers to early morning commuters on the front of the Midland Station. Used to open up before 6:00am and close by 08:30 am. This was in the mid/late '50's.
  14. alisoncc

    Peveril Street

    Saw this thread and thought - Wow I is an expert on said place in the 1950's. Then realised it was Peveril Street. The one I knew was Peveril Drive, which ran up the side of the Castle Rock into the Park Estate. From 1953 through to 1958 I traversed it every day delivering newspapers. My round started at the white gates that delineated the start of the Estate up to Park Drive and then circling around to the steps that went up to the Rope Walk and then back down to Peveril Drive. Used to love my paper round. Coming from a scruffy tenement house in the Medders and each day getting to cycle around beautiful large houses, huge gardens with well kept trees and flower beds. Magic. The gardeners used to burn pile of leaves in Autumn, the smell was gorgeous, and always knew Winter was near. Used to be beautiful in Winter when we had snow. It was always pristine white up the Park. Many of my nicest memories of Nottingham were of delivering papers up the Park Estate. Alison
  15. alisoncc


    Most of the people I knew down the Estate came from the Medders, and suspect far preferred to shop where they had shopped all their lives. Getting off a bus and shopping at the Central Market wouldn't have occurred to them in a million years. My Uncle and Aunt who had lived on Brierley Street would invariably head to Arkwright Street to get their rations, even after they moved.