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  1. The time passed in this instance has got nothing to do with it. I was searching my domain to see what came up and found your cr@p remark and felt the need to comment! 1st one - fair point but nobody even gave it a chance!.... lmao.... even for a fiver! 2nd one - I can't see how I was critisizing anyone in that post - Mick & Co. was quite right to want verification. If you look back (again - and read it properly this time) I gave some history on how I came about it and then asked if anyone knew how I would get it verified because I would have no idea about that. I was purely trying to str
  2. Somebody don't know how to navigate ebay very well or is not very good at maths at all! I only have one copy of this and, as I keep on saying, it is 100% genuine! Flippin' annoys me when some people just think they know it all when they really have no idea! no1
  3. Mick & Co..... verification?? are you talking about whether it's genuine of not?? My parents went to see Edwin Starr back in the 80's one time, took my red vinyl 7" with them and came back with it signed. I was about 10 years old at the time. I've been into music since a very early age! It's 100% genuine! If anyone wants to e-mail me to discuss this further, my address is How would I verify this to prove it's genuine??? Please let me know because if there are no bids purely because of doubt then people are missing out! 2 days to go on this! I have nev
  4. Here: EDWIN STARR - H.A.P.P.Y. RADIO - RED 7" **RARE SIGNED** (item 180086475065 end time 25-Feb-07 23:15:09 GMT) 100% Genuine!!! A one-off piece of 70's memorabilia! DON'T MISS OUT!!!